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inside: Pennsylvania Avenue
map marker: (Penn. Ave North)
cell name: zDCint08a
ref id: 000BB019

Just called Hotel, this location is used by the Brotherhood of Steel as an outpost and can be found at Pennsylvania Avenue, near Penn. Ave/Georgetown Metro (and White House). It does not have a map marker.

Outside the hotel on first arrival, 3 Brotherhood of Steel Paladins are fighting Super Mutants. There is no special dialogue or quest activation, although you can either help them or watch them fight alone against the super mutants.

Inside the hotel, there is a rigged shotgun and a lone paladin sleeping on the bed inside. Setting off the shotgun awakes him/her, but they do not turn hostile. They begin to walk around the rather small hotel.


Notable loot

  • Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual


Be aware that obtaining the skillbook inside is considered stealing, unless you have Broken Steel and you've completed Take it Back!.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

"Recover HP and Status Abnormalities for both character and GFs by staying overnight. Saving is also possible at this location."
—Game Instruction Manual

Hotels in Final Fantasy VIII act as the Inns from the previous Final Fantasy games, serving the purpose of fully curing the party members of all ailments, including KO, as well as fully replenishing all HP for 100 gil. Each room also features a Save Point for players to record their game data.


Hotel Layouts

Balamb Hotel

Located in the small seaside resort of Balamb Town, Balamb Hotel is the tourist's destination for overlooking the peaceful sea. It is also recommended that while staying there a person should try the town's local Balamb Fish. An article about the hotel, along with the rest of the town, is featured in an issue of Timber Maniacs.

A seaside decoration scheme permeates this hotel, lending a calming, tranquil air. Rooms come with three beds, chandelier lighting and a balcony overlooking the oceanside. The soundtrack Breezy helps to maintain the atmosphere.

During Galbadia's occupation of Balamb the hotel was used as a base of operations until SeeD intervened, allowing the hotel's owners, a hard working man and his family, to move back in. Later the hotel's foyer serves as a meeting place for a confession between the Library Girl with a Pigtail and Zell Dincht.

  • Items - Timber Maniacs Magazine, Combat King 003

Dollet Hotel

Situated in the central square of Dollet, Dollet Hotel is a regal building of western European design. A television screen is located atop the building overlooking the square, a reminder of the days before the end of the Sorceress War after which all over-the-air frequencies were scrambled beyond retrieval. After Galbadia manages to break the frequency problem and bring such media back on-line, the display presumably becomes functional again.

Dance with the Balamb Fish, a soundtrack played while in
Dollet, lends the hotel a slight regal bearing, as does the hotel's furnishings of carpets, roses, curtains and cozy combination of wood and stone. Each room features three beds with skylight lighting and desk space. An article about the hotel, along with the rest of the town, is featured in an issue of Timber Maniacs.
  • Items - Timber Maniacs Magazine

Timber Hotel

A hotel in Timber with a unique train theme. The entire hotel is modeled after a train station, the town's main train station. With the reception desk tagged as an information booth the foyer, accessible from the street via an automatic door, possesses a toll gate (named "Gatey") that bars anyone from enter passed the foyer without paying. The foyer also features a model train set that travels through the hotel. Model trains constructed by the original owner of the hotel were sold at the Timber Souvenir Shop before he mysteriously disappeared after the war (whether it was the Sorceress War or Galbadia's initial occupation of Timber is unknown.)

Each room comes with two beds, a train station-themed bench and a coffee table with seating for three. The Hotel's model trains also make guest appearances along one wall of the room at regular intervals. The reception desk is currently run by Francesca DiMarco. The original owner's daughter can also be found observing her father's trains in the foyer.

  • Items - Timber Maniacs Magazine

Galbadia Hotel

This regal hotel is situated in Deling City, within the city's major business district. This hotel possesses a small lounge and bar downstairs from the foyer. Julia Heartilly began her career as a pianist in this bar before her hit song Eyes on Me was announced.

Each room contains desk space, meticulously clean design and artwork. The rooms posses three beds and an exceptional view of the Deling Archway across from the park.

  • Items - Timber Maniacs Magazine

Flower Restaurant

Located in the quiet town of Winhill, the Flower Restaurant features a café-style restaurant on the first floor with rooms for boarding on the second floor. The reception desk is located at the foot of the stairs. Two ex-Garden students, the town's modern day monster hunters and village guards, have board and keep here.

The boarding rooms are surprisingly large in comparison to other hotels. Featuring three beds - one single and a double bunk-bed - each room contains a dresser, tables, a cabinet plus decoration to give that vibe of living in a cottage.

Drunkman Alley

As ramshackle as the rest of Fisherman's Horizon, Drunkman Alley also serves as the town store, selling potions and status recovery items cheaply. A computer with a BBS can be accessed at the front of the store.

Each room contains a triple-bunk bed, desk space as well as improvised seating and shelving space. The hotel also plays the town's theme Fisherman's Horizon to create a soothing atmosphere.

  • Items - Timber Maniacs Magazine

Shumi Hotel

The first shelter upon entering the underground Shumi Village, the Shumi Hotel is a quaint, cozy place designed for the overnight stay of traders who are the village's main visitors from the outside.

Run by a diminuitive yet innovative Shumi, each room of the hotel possesses three beds of unique design along with unique lighting fixtures and a Music Player enabling the player to play any soundtrack they have heard in the game so far.

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From Lostpedia

There are several hotels and motels seen on Lost.


Sydney Hotel

This hotel is located in Sydney, Australia. It's name is unknown. Charlie, Hurley, Steve, Michael and Walt all stayed there at the same time, the night before their flight.

  • Charlie stayed at this hotel with a girl he met in "the bar" the night previous to the crash. They are both heroin addicts and it is revealed that the girl only stayed with Charlie for the drugs, and had no interest in him at all.
  • Hurley set three alarms in his room the night before the crash, all of which broke (i.e., the alarm clock broke due to the plug socket burning), which made him wake up late the day after.
  • As Hurley is rushing to get on the flight, he tries to get in an elevator in the hotel, but as the door opens there are too many people in there and he runs down the stairs opposite. (A reference to the Collapsing deck accident.) Charlie is also in the elevator and shouts at Hurley saying, "Some of us have a bloody flight to make!"
  • It is unconfirmed if this hotel is the same one at which Christian Shephard and Ana Lucia stayed.
  • In the bonus features of the Season Two DVD set, the hotel is a stop on the Lost Connections.
  • In the video game Lost: Via Domus, Hurley mentions that he stayed at the Hotel Persephone, which you learn whilst playing the game, is in Sydney. It is unknown if this is the same hotel as featured in the show, and if the name Hotel Persephone is in canon.
The Flightline motel's sign
The Flightline motel
Christian gets out in front of the Lynford.

Flightline Motel

The Flightline motel, located near an airport, was seen in episode "Lockdown", during Locke's flashback, and also in "Born to Run", when it is visited by Kate.

  • Locke's father, Anthony Cooper, rented a room here, and Locke was to meet him there after retrieving $700,000 from Cooper's safe deposit box.
  • Helen followed Locke to this motel, then later said that she would not marry him.
  • At one point, an Oceanic Airlines airplane flies overhead of Locke in the motel parking lot.
  • It is also where Kate stops in her flashback in "Born to Run". She tells the desk clerk "I'm expecting a letter, 'hold for guest arrival,'" and gives the name Joan Hart.
  • The Hale Hana Apartments on the east end of Waikiki was used as the filming location for the Flightline Motel.[1]

Lynford Hotel

The Lynford hotel was a location in season 3's opening episode "A Tale of Two Cities".

  • Jack followed his father Christian Shephard to this hotel, believing he might find a romantic rendezvous—instead he found his father at an Alcoholics Anomymous meeting in one of the hotel meeting rooms.
  • The filming location for the exterior of the Lynford is actually a hospital (St. Francis Medical Center), and the same entranceway also served as a filming location for the exterior of St. Sebastian Hospital.[2]

Seoul Gateway Hotel

The Seoul Gateway hotel features in flashback scenes during the episodes "...And Found" and "The Glass Ballerina".

  • The hotel manager, Mr. Kim, interviews Jin and gives him the job of doorman at the hotel.
  • Sun is introduced to Jae Lee in the hotel by Mrs. Shin, a "matchmaker".
  • Jae Lee's father is the owner of the hotel. Jae Lee is expected to take a role in managing the hotel.
  • Jin resigns from his job after rebelling against Mr. Kim's classism. He leaves immediately and as he walks alongside the river he bumps into Sun.
  • The Royal Garden at Waikiki was used as the filming location for the Seoul Gateway. [3]
The Westerfield Hotel

The Westerfield Hotel

Seen in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", this is the Los Angeles hotel where Locke stayed under the pseudonym "Jeremy Bentham". The name of the hotel is almost certainly a reference to the Westerfield Club, which featured prominently in the Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., a one-season western/comedy/science fiction television series co-created by Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse which ran for one season in 1993–1994.

Other hotels & motels

  • The Asiana hotel—where Jin had been employed as a waiter before working at the Seoul Gateway. ("...And Found")
  • The Sage Flower motel—off Highway 19, Sioux City, Iowa—where Sawyer sent Cassidy after telling her that their lives were in danger. ("The Long Con")
  • The motel in Iowa where Kate dyed her hair. ("Born to Run")
  • The hotel in which Jack and Sarah got married. ("Do No Harm")
  • The hotel where Kate and Kevin Callis spent the night before their wedding. ("I Do")
  • The hotel where Jin confronted Jae Lee, before Lee leapt to his death. The lobby and street exterior of this hotel appeared to be different from that of the Seoul Gateway Hotel, so was either a different entrance, or a different hotel.("The Glass Ballerina")
  • The Hotel Earle where Tom likes to indulge himself in the penthouse, and where he convinced Michael to work about a freighter to save his friends. ("Meet Kevin Johnson")

The Lost Experience & Bad Twin

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ST Expanded

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A hotel is an establishment that can supply short-term lodging.

Hotels in Star Trek fanon

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

Hotels were buildings in which visitors to a given city or planet could stay. Such buildings were continually utilized by Lobar Aybock.



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SWG Wiki

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From SWG Wiki

A structure located in some static cities. While it serves little function in the game, it can be a good location for a group to meet for various occasions. A small performing area is included, with a stage, tables, and seats. Some gambling games are also available, although the betting limit is 1000 credits. Also, some hotels have Event Promoters, which is the only way to rent Player Event Perks.

The Hotel is similar to a cantina in that entertainers can give inspiration buffs while dancing or playing music in the hotel.

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