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Natalie Portman, Elmo and the Elephant play "The Princess and the Two Elephants."
Design Team:
Ed Christie • (designer/original builder)

The Elephant (known more recently as Horatio) is an easily excitable pachyderm from Sesame Street. In recent seasons he has been performed exclusively by Joey Mazzarino, but in previous appearances he was performed by Dave Goelz, Martin P. Robinson, and David Rudman.

In 1992, the Elephant sang "The Elephant Elevator Operator", celebrating his job. He filled the entire elevator car, which frustrated the people who wanted to ride in the elevator, but he still enjoyed traveling up and down. This appearance was one of the few Sesame performances by Dave Goelz.

A year later, when Sesame Street went "Around the Corner" for Season 25, the Elephant continued his employment, making recurring appearances as "Otis the Elephant Elevator Operator" in the Furry Arms Hotel. This name was a reference to the Otis Elevator Company.

For years, the Elephant didn't have a specific role on the Street. He regularly appeared as a "spoiler" in various situations, coming through a scene and creating some kind of clumsy havoc. He is often seen wearing a tutu, and also usually speaks in a high, screechy voice.

In episode 4116, the Elephant came "all the way from Staten Island" to Hooper's Store to be a student at Alan's pretend school, though it was not explicitly stated that he lives there. This episode also revealed the Elephant's limited rhyming abilities, when he attempted to rhyme the words "cat" and "Albuquerque."

While the character has mostly served as a generic elephant, often voiceless, he has been named on occasion. Grover refers to him as "Stevie" in a Global Grover segment first seen in Episode 4033. In the 2004 direct-to-video special A Celebration of Me, Grover, the Elephant says his name is "Frank." For Season 38, he has take on a more prominent role as Horatio: in Episode 4136, he places an ad in the newspaper as "Horatio Elephant," and Gina addresses him as Horatio in Episode 4140. Horatio has made other appearances throughout the season.

The Elephant was originally designed as a large hand puppet. He was later made into a full-bodied costume by adding legs.

Book appearances

See also

  • Fluffy, Oscar the Grouch's pet elephant

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appearances: Van Buren
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The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Horatio is a very large ghoul from the Reservation who almost resembles a super mutant. One could surmise that in his smooth skin days he could have been an offensive lineman for pro football or a professional wrestler. Either way, his size carried over to his current ghoul form.

Horatio was one of the followers Willem Clark brought back from his trek into the wasteland almost two hundred years ago. He was so grateful to Willem for brining him back to the Reservation, that he devoted his life to him. At first, Horatio was a bodyguard to Willem. But over time, and when slave trading became regular, Willem put Horatio in charge of all slave trade and slave security. No human would think of revolting against a giant of a ghoul who looked so, well, REVOLTING – at least that was Willem’s reasoning.

Horatio does not have much to say unless the player has slaves to trade, or the player knows of a potential slave route. Other than that, Horatio will get quickly irritated by an inquisitive player and suggest he either leaves or becomes a slave. If the player is particularly strong and healthy (STR > 6 and END > 6), then Horatio will try to convince the player to inquire about a little experiment that has to do with procreation. Sound interesting, human? Then come with me… *play diabolical music*

One extra – If the player is female and particularly homely (CH < 4), then Horatio will take an interest in the player, possibly shacking up, if the player chooses. Doing so will get the player into the Town area faster than normal. If the player performs particularly well (EN > 7), then Horatio will become enamored with the player and act like a puppy near her. This would allow freer movement within the Town and possible access to Sub-Level 1.



Appearances in games

Horatio did not appear nor was mentioned in any of the published games, but was to appear in the cancelled Fallout 3 project by Black Isle codenamed Van Buren. It is not certain if he will appear in any future Fallout game.

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This article is about the deceased resident of Asgarnia. For the current duke of Lumbridge, see Duke Horacio.
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Not Applicable
Quest NPC? Not Applicable
Location Buried near Thurgo's hut.
Sells items? Not Applicable
Skill requirement? Not Applicable
Quest requirement? Not Applicable
Gender Unknown edit
Examine Not Applicable
Notable features Deceased resident of southern Asgarnia.

Horatio is a deceased resident of southern Asgarnia, likely of Rimmington or an isolated farm. Horatio is buried in the church near Thurgo's hut south of Port Sarim. You can examine his gravestone, which reads "Alas poor Horatio, I knew him well."


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City of Heroes

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Rick Davies

Technology Hero Liaison
Zone Atlas Park
Coordinates (-80, -784, -928)
Level Range 1-4
Introduces Tony Kord
Enemy groups Clockwork

Rick Davies is a City of Heroes contact located in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park at coordinates (-80, -784, -928). Rick Davies is a Technology origin contact. His level range is 1-4. He can be found within City Hall.



Contact Introduced By

None, Rick Davies is the initial contact for Technology based heroes in Atlas Park.

New Contact(s)

Tony Kord is a good person to know. He knows what's happening in the city, especially where the Clockwork are concerned, and he'll often suggest solutions. Tony's company is in Atlas Park, so he usually hangs out there.

Deal honestly with Tony if you want his help.


Technology Hero Liaison

Rick was one of the first heroes in Paragon City to use powered armor. He fought the Rikti under the code name Horatio, but the injuries he received ended his career as a hero. Never one to rest on his laurels, Rick began working with DATA, the Department of Advanced Technological Applications. DATA is a section of the Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs. Rick threw himself into helping new heroes with their struggles against Paragon City's many criminals. His sister, Susan, is also a hero liaison. Rick loves tinkering, therefore the Clockwork are of the utmost interest to him. Rick has recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend Caitlin Murray, and the two have set a wedding date for this spring.

Initial Contact

This city needs her technology heroes more than ever. You look like you're up to it.


  • Inspirations
  • All level 1 training enhancements


Retrieve the sprocket piece from Sarah Peters


DATA, the Department of Advanced Technological Applications, wants to understand the Clockwork better. One of my contacts in the field, Sarah Peters, has a critical piece from one of their sprocket units. Would you retrieve the Clockwork sprocket piece from Sarah?

Thanks for helping me out with this, I'll owe you one.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Get piece from Sarah Peters


Sorry, there must have been a mix up. I just handed that piece to a hero from SERAPH. I do have a tip on some Clockwork locations where you might be able to find another one. Start with this office. It shut down after the Rikti attacks, and it's a prime location for a Clockwork base. If that doesn't pan out, there's a warehouse you can try.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat all Clockwork in office
    • Defeat all robots in warehouse



Sprocket piece
This critical piece of a Clockwork sprocket should prove useful to the scientists at DATA. They are always looking for new technology to examine and adapt.


Solid work on this. I really appreciate your determination. You are going to do just fine here in Paragon City.

External Links

  • Rick Davies at Red Tomax's Guide to City of Heroes

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