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Hookah tobacco[1] is a San 'Shyuum (Prophet) stimulant that is smoked via water pipe.

Although the drug allows San 'Shyuum extra focus and mental acuity for a short duration, later reactions to the drug can include an extreme headache. A quick-acting herbal tea is available to deal with the side-effects.

Because it is not native to Earth, it is impossible that Hookah is actually related to true Earth Tobacco. Instead, it is likely just a substance with similar qualities.


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Jabba smoking his Hookah pipe.

A hookah pipe was a large water pipe device used for smoking various substances, such as Marcan herbs or other intoxicants. The pipes were designed to be quite ornate and used the same basic components; the bowl, water jar, and a length of hose with a mouthpiece on the end.

Jabba the Hutt, the infamous kingpin of the Outer Rim, almost always had a hookah with a removable lid by his side. On the top portion was a gas substance which he would inhale and exhale. It had a long tube on the very top that he would hold to smoke the substance. This was one of his many trademarks.

On the bottom portion of Jabba’s pipe was a feeding bowl. In it were live creatures that Jabba would occasionally eat. He would have the pipe removed for special occasions, such as a dance number from one of the bands he employed, going on a trip to make deals, or when he would go to sleep. Otherwise he would be smoking the concoction constantly.

Other Hutts, such as Aruk, Bogga, Boonda, Borvo, Ziro Desilijic Tiure, Orko, Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo, and Durga Besadii Tai would smoke a hookah pipe on occasion. Obi-Wan Kenobi also kept a water pipe of free-form tarnished chrome in his home on Tatooine.



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