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The Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion was one of the feuding states that rose from the ashes of Xim the Despot's Empire a century after his death. The capital was Desevro.

The Union was destroyed in 23,900 BBY following the end of the Tionese War, fought by the Union against the Galactic Republic and the Hutts. A that time the former worlds of the Union (with the exception of Desevro) joined the Republic as a member sector with Tion as the capital.


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Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion
Political information
Type of government

Communist / Federation / Oligarchy

Head of State

Grand Tion

Head of Government

Grand Tion


Grand Tion

Executive branch

Grand Tion

Legislative branch

Thirty Seven Families

Judicial branch

Supreme Council

Societal information


Official language




State religious body


National holiday
  • Union Day
  • Tion Week
  • Red Day

"Sins of Democracy"

Historical information
Formed from

Empire of Xim

"Live for the Union, Fight for the Union, Die for the Union."
—The motto of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion

The Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion was a politcal entity located in the outer sectors of the Outer Rim Territories. Through the use of its strong military, the Union attempted to bring the galaxy under its rule, and return the galaxy to what it was like before the fall of the Empire of Xim to the Huttese Empire. A Communist state, the Union believed that every part of its civilians lives should be regulated and controlled, including their job, their living arrangements, the economy, and their education. The Union's leaders were elected by the civilians of Tion, and were elected based on whether they had the best interests of the Tionese people at heart, having an aversion to, and being against the interests of the Hutts and the "warmongering" Galactic Republic, both economically and philosophically. The Union observes that democracy weakens and eventually destroys governments.






Thirty Seven Families

The Thirty Seven Families was the central legislative part of the government of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion. It was unicameral and its members were unelected, position was based on heredity and position in the government. The members of the thirty seven noble families of Desevro, the thirty seven noble families of Tion, and important members of the Union's government comprised this legislative branch of the Union's government. Though the members of the noble families had their position within the Thirty Seven Families based on heredity, government officials could only gain a position through hard work, immense skill, and an appointment from the Grand Tion.

The Thirty Seven Families could legislate, but it required the votes of fifty five percent of its members in order for a resolution to be accepted. The Grand Tion also had a large portion of control over this branch, as he commanded the power to veto, or block, any resolution. Vetoes could not be overriden in anyway by the Thirty Seven Families unless there was a ninety percent majority ruling in favor of the veto. Though its members could never band together to override a veto, and the Grand Tion had almost absolute power over the government.

Supreme Council

The Supreme Council was the judicial branch of the government of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion. It was convened twice a Tionese month on Tion in the capital city known as Tionica in order to hear and make decisions on the most important, but various judicial cases in the entire Union. They dealt with cases such as rebellion, piracy, taxes raises, tax cuts, and other criminal acts. Though the Supreme Council had no visible political power, the Council was required in order to pass any law, declare war on any other politcal entity or government, or pass other legislation. Even though the Council wielded this power it was still defunct, as the judges were appointed by the Grand Tions based on the similarity of views between themselves and the judges. Thus making the Supreme Council just a puppet organization that would approve every law or order that the Grand Tion would like to pass.

The Supreme Council was composed of fifty elder statesmen, and military leaders who were either to old for active duty, or who were too lazy to pursue any other task with vigor. As such, the various members of the Supreme Council would not aggressively act on a case. The entire judicial system would take months if not years to complete or pass a decision on even the most simple of cases. Many judges could be bought as well, meaning that more often than not criminals were not punished unless the Supreme Council was given a directive by the Grand Tion saying for them to do so. At least sixty five percent of the Supreme Council had to approve a declaration of war. Only twenty five percent had to approve of a law, and only forty percent had to agree in order to approve an order of the Grand Tion. Thus making it easy for the current Grand Tion to manipulate the Council into doing everything exactly as he or she wished.


The political head of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion was the Grand Tion, who was popularly elected by the citizens of Tion and Desevro based on whether they had the best interests of the Tionese people at heart, having an aversion to, and being against the interests of the Hutts and the "warmongering" Galactic Republic, both economically and philosophically. The leaders of the Union observe that democracy weakens and eventually destroys governments and constantly strive to eradicate democracy, as well as preserve communism. All leaders of the Union were from Tion, as it was the capital of the Union, except for the current Grand Tion, Volodya Sarayev, who was a civilian of Desevro, and who acquired power due to the deaths of the former leaders in rapid succession.

The first Grand Tion, Viktor Yakimenko, was a logistics and supply agent for the Empire of Xim during the Hutt-Xim War, selling and buying arms, equipment, technology, and vehicles for the Empire of Xim, as well as secretly diverting some of the funds and bought items to Tion and Deservo, as he anticipated launching a revolution after the war was over to take advantage of a weakened Empire of Xim. However; Xim received word of these shipments and attempted to assassinate Yakimenko, but the assassin succeeded only in blowing off Yakimenko's right arm. Yakimenko, had by then, acquired enough funds for his new government to begin short operations against the Empire of Xim. This started the Union, and the following Grand Tions were elected based on their former jobs, dedication to the cause, political alignment, and military stances.

A Communist state, the Union believed that every part of its civilians lives should be regulated and controlled, including their job, their living arrangements, the economy, and their education.

Known leaders



The Union Armed Forces used many popular and efficient weapons that were available during its time period. Union Forces were extremely well equipped and organized for an Outer Rim power, and primarily made use of Cruentusian War and Hutt-Xim War era weaponry, vehicles, munitions, equipment, fighters, and battleships in their constant wars with the Galactic Republic, the Huttese Empire, and the Livien League. Some of the most common equipment employed by the armed forces of the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion was the J22 assault rifle, KAM-28 assault rifle, Zulkrum-class heavy interceptor, and the Drakuv-class assault tank. It also vigorously employed nuclear missiles, including the Tsarka bomb, KRUD missile, and later on in its wars, the Crystal bomb.

Small arms

A KAM-28, standard issue sans bayonet
Two views of a Flammkrieg
A BN-3
A KAM-44
A Viper Tank.



Bombs and missiles


The Union Armed Forces used and employed exceptionally brutal tactics during its wars, rivalled only by the genocidal tactics of Xim the Despot during the Hutt-Xim War. Many of these methods included: wiping out entire villages, cities, and planets, killing innocent civilians, wiping out entire races, and launching bombs and clusters of rockets at civilian targets and other areas in order to destroy a planet's infrastructure and create as many casualties, and as much chaos as possible. Though, the Tionese government would never release the exact reasons for their employ of brutal, and inhuman tactics, many military strategists believed that it was done to spread fear among the local population and military forces, as well as to force quicker submission from the enemies of the Tionese.

The main tactics of the Union Armed Forces while attacking a planet seemed to include landing large dropships and transports in heavily wooded and/or swampy areas in order to provide camoflage and cover from enemy air attack. The main thrusts of its armies were at political centers and major cities, that were crucial to the enemy war effort or industrial capacity. Civilian neutrality was not observed and many civilians were killed during the Union's countless wars. Nuclear bombs, and missiles were often employed on planets in order to destroy enemy opposition without forcing the Union to waste large amounts of manpower, time, equipment, and funds on unimportant planets.

As well as employing brutal military tactics, the Union also made use of clever and manipulative political tactics that included: setting up and supplying local oppostion forces, helping rebels and moderates rise to power in governments, and diverting foreign attention elsewhere by cleverly manipulating politicans and generals on other worlds to create wars in order to divert foreign attention away from the Union and its genocidal wars of conquest.


Union propaganda used in the Galactic Republic to forment unrest and revolution.

Union propaganda was used both as an inspiration tool for the masses of peasant and serfs within the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion and as a clever tool of manipulation used to secretly demoralize enemy populations as well as inspire enemy forces to join the Union's own armed forces and fight the spread of democracy. Union propaganda appealed to many people who did not support democracy as it called for the poor, landless citizens of planets to fight in the name of the "mother planet" and to fight for communism, the glorious government. Though the Union propaganda was very successfull on enemy worlds, it had even more of an effect amongst enemy populations and rebel groups fighting against democratic governments. It inspired the rebels and ordinary civilians to rise up against capitilism and the upper class people often found in democratic political entities. Though the vigorous application of propaganda, the Union formented rebellion and unrest in enemy territory, as well as inspiring its own people to fight for the "glorious mother planet".

Propaganda was a huge player in Union politics, both at home and abroad, and was one of the premier weapons of the Union, alongside its military and industrial capacity. Union propaganda, more often than not, called for an end to the caste systems and class divisions common in the galaxy during this time period. Used as a keen politcal tool, Union propaganda often led to revolutions in nearby planets and governments, causing an explosive growth of communism in the galaxy.


Economical concerns in the Union were of high importance. As trade provided the Union with all of its funds. As a result, the Supreme Council was called upon to come up with a system of taxation, and a Union currency, as well as being called upon to come to a decision over the highly charged political matter known as slavery. The Union's economy was based solely on trade with the Galactic Republic, the Huttese Empire, the Livien League, and other Outer Rim Territory worlds. As a result of the Union's communist government, the Union maintained its own large shipping fleet, as well as allowing the few private companies and corporations to have small fleets that were constantly checked by Union Customs' Agents. Major transport and merchant concerns attempted to increase efficiencies, and lobby with the Thirty Seven Families, Supreme Council, and Grand Tion for more economical rights, the practice of capitalism, and other economical and financial concerns. Unions were formed in order to help the government control prices and to help the government exercise control over the civilian population and the corporate world.


The Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion's laws stated that all native born Desrevrans and Tionese were required to only pay property, commercial, and sales tax, and even then only fifty percent of the regular tax rate that was forced on non natives. Non-natives that were humans were forced to pay property, commercial, sales, and income tax, but were also required to pay the full percent. Every commercial item was taxed a certain amount which was determined on each planet by the Tionese beauracracy that governed and ran each planet controlled by the Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion. Non-humans were required to pay the commercial, property, sales, income, and military poll tax, as well as being forced to pay a poll tax for not being human. This "racial" poll tax forced all non-humans to give up seventy five percent of their average daily income to the Union government.

Sinairs collecting taxes.

All taxes were collected by specially appointed tax collectors known as Sinairs, who were appointed for a term of one year to collect the taxes, and were allowed to keep one percent of all taxes collected as a bonus to their regular pay. As a result, many tax collectors grew rich off of their position, and this increased the already rampant corruption in the Union. All hyperspace lanes and routes, as well as trade routes, within the Union's territorial space were subjected to large tariffs. This generated much needed income for the Union, and funded the Union's military expansion, as a result when piracy was rampant, Union Military funds were cut.

In times of war, the poll tax and military poll tax was extended to all citizens of the Honorable Union in order to help keep the Union and its military running and fighting against its enemies. Also in times of war, non-humans were forced to pay fiften percent more than they had originally been paying to the Union government. Thus, during wartimes, bankrupting most of the non-human civilian populace within the Union. All of the Union's tax laws were codified, and were constantly reviewed by the Supreme Council, Thirty Seven Families, and the Grand Tion.


Slavery, in all and many forms, was practiced in the Honorable Union. This practice, by the time of the rise of the Galactic Republic, was so institutionalized by the Union and its people that it withstood all Republic attempts to demolish and destroy it. Slaves were bought from the Huttese Empire, a fact that often kept the two political entities as allies because of the Union need for labor, and the Huttese Empire's need for the funds generated by the slave trade with the Union. Other slaves were gathered by Union controlled merchants that would hunt down and gather slaves in the more lawless regions of the galaxy. Republic, Livien, and other political entities' soldiers who survived torture, and questioning were converted into slaves, and were forced to work on the Union's civil projects and provide labor for all military operations by the Union.

Special raids would sometimes be conducted into enemy territory for the special purpose of collecting and capturing slaves and bringing them back to the Union's territorial space. Another common form of slavery within the Union, was known as indetured servitude, voluntary slavery, or debt slavery. Indentured servitude was where a citizen that was down on his or her luck and was unable to pay his or her debts was forced to work in hard labor camps in order to pay the debt off to the Honorable Union and its creditors.


The Supreme Council, after being asked to come up with an official currency for the Honorable Union, developed the gulagi, or the modern Union currency. The gulagi was the one and only currency to be used throughout the Union and all of is territories, no other form of currency was excepted or used. The use of other currencies was strictly illegal and subject to a large fine of fifty percent of your income for the remainder of the year that you committed the crime during. The gulagi could be found in three forms: credits (square shaped chips), credit chips (circular shaped chips), and credit sticks (long, rectangular sticks). These forms of the gulagi, as well as several other forms that had been created throughout the Union's history, were the most common type of currency in the Union and the Outer Rim Territories, and could be used to buy and sell items across the Union's space and on its territorial possessions.

Metal coins, known as gulagi II, were introduced during the Unification Wars fought by the Republic, and were short lived. These were also used by the Union, but only during its later years. The Union's currency was the most widespread in the galaxy, including the Core Worlds, Outer Rim Territores, and large portions of the Unknown Regions. The gulagi were even found centuries later in ancient ruins on Csilla, the capital of the Chiss Ascendancy. All gulagi and gulagi II were stamped with a likeness of either the current Grand Tion or one of the former Grand Tions. Because of its dominance, and the widespread usage of its currency, the gulagi and gulagi II were the standard by which other currencies in the Outer Rim Territories and Unknown Regions were measured. The basic unit was the credit.

This article uses material from the "Honorable Union of Desevro & Tion" article on the Star Wars Fanon wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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