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Honor Guard Ultra
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Personal guards of the Prophets


Protecting important individuals and places


Covenant, later Covenant Separatists


Honor Guard Ultra is a Covenant Sangheili rank. This rank commands the 'lower' Honor Guard Elites that protect the High Prophets. This rank is equal to the rank of Brute Honor Guard Captain. They are part of a special unit called the Light of Sanghelios.

They are likely more skilled than their subordinates, with many years of experience in the Covenant Honor Guard, which is particularly impressive considering the prodigious combat abilities of any in the Honor Guard. Although they may be the same unit as the standard Honor Guard Elites. In the cutscene The Sacred Icon, a Honor Guard Elite is seen giving a crimson Honor Guard helmet to a brute while wearing white armour, that of a Honor Guard Ultra. Also in the same cutscene, only Honor Guard Ultras are seen leaving the room. The reason is unknown, but the helmet may cause the color change between the two.


These Honor Guard Elites sport the same ornate armor as the rest of the Honor Guard, with the exception being that the base armor they wear is white instead of crimson red. This color is consistent with the Ultra Elites of the regular Covenant army, hence their title. Because of their skill in close combat and rank over the rest of the Elites, they were likely killed first at the start of the Great Schism, similar to what happened to the Councilors.


Honor Guard Ultras have never been directly seen in combat. A lot of players believe that one appears at the end of the level Gravemind, but this Elite is actually the glitch known as the "Honor Guard Councilor", although the Elite will sometimes spawn without a Councilor helmet.

Five Honor Guard Ultras are seen in the cinematic of Sacred Icon when they, along with regular Elite Honor Guards, are stripped of their position, giving it up for the new Brute Honor Guards. One is seen giving his helmet to a Brute.

In addition, possibly three Honor Guard Ultras are seen to be killed fighting the Brutes around the middle of the level Gravemind. They wear Honor Guard armor but without helmets, as they no longer held that position when they were killed. They seem easy to kill, likely getting shot in their head.

Sangheili Ranks
High Council Councilor
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Honor Guard Sangheili Honor GuardsmanHonor Guard UltraLight of Sanghelios
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Regular AristocratMinorMajorUltra
Civilian KaidonOracle Master
Heretic Heretic Sangheili MinorHeretic Sangheili MajorHeretic Leader

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