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Series: The Original Series, No. 52
Author(s): Dana Kramer-Rolls
Publication information
Publisher: Pocket Books
Published: Paperback - December 1990
Pages: 278
ISBN: ISBN 0671666622
Date: 2274


Introduction (blurb)


Back Cover

A dispute over a planet and its primitive people leads Captain Kirk and a Klingon Commander to pit their ships against each other in battle. But the fight is stopped by a mysterious and powerful alien being named Weyland, who decides to punish three Enterprise crew members with their own history. He places Sulu in feudal Japan during the period's most important and bloody power struggle, Scotty in 18th century Scotland on the eve of the revolt, and Chekov in WWII Russia.

Now the three time travelers must face overwhelming dangers as they are pulled by conflicting forces: their allegiance to their homelands, their duty to the Federation they serve, and the demands of history.

Inside Cover

Lt. Pavel Chekov and John C. Kirk faced the firing squad...

The Nazi SS man smiled into Chekov's face, his jaw jutting outward in a cocky grin. "Do you have any final words?" asked the SS man.

Chekov smiled, inwardly pleased at his composure during what were undoubtedly his last moments on earth. "Your Führer is going to kill himself, and your precious Reich is going to stand as a symbol of all that's vile," he said evenly.

The Nazi shoved them against the wall and stepped away. Chekov took his place next to Kirk as the American muttered, "Don't worry."


"No." Kirk showed the hint of a smile. "I'm working on a plan."

Chekov looked at the firing squad before them, raising rifles and taking dead aim.

"I can't wait to hear it. . . "




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USS Enterprise




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