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Series: Enterprise
Written by: Michael Sussman
Directed by: Allan Kroeker
Production information
Episode no.: 4x03
Production no.: 079
First aired: 22 October 2004
Date: 2154



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After their successful Xindi mission and an unexpected detour into an alternate timeline where Temporal Cold War factions helped Nazi Germany conquer America, Captain Jonathan Archer and his weary surviving crew finally return to Earth. As Enterprise undergoes repairs and refitting, Archer is debriefed by Admiral Maxwell Forrest, Ambassador Soval and others, and is reunited with a former girlfriend, Erika Hernandez, who has been appointed captain of the second Warp 5 starship, Columbia (NX-02).

After reacting in anger when Soval asks pointed questions about the Xindi mission, Archer is ordered by Forrest to take some rest and relaxation leave. He chooses to go mountain climbing and, to his initial chagrin, Hernandez invites herself along. Archer experiences a flashback in which he dreams that he's attacked by reptilian Xindi, and Hernandez tries to help him come to terms with his experience. In return, Archer tries to warn Hernandez that space exploration isn't as romantic as she thinks it is. Before long, the two briefly rekindle their romance. Upon resuming the debriefing after returning to Starfleet Command, Archer keeps his emotions in check, and ultimately receives an unexpected "thank you" from Soval.

In a subplot, Dr. Phlox and his fellow Enterprise crew learn that some people on Earth not only still hold a grudge over the Xindi's attack on Earth, but that all aliens are sharing the blame, as Phlox discovers when his presence in a pub results in a brawl.

Meanwhile, T'Pol - who has been invited to accept a Starfleet commission - takes the opportunity to travel to Vulcan to visit her mother, T'Les. When Tucker mentions that he doesn't really have a home to go to (although a later episode mentions his parents survived the Xindi attack), T'Pol invites him along.

On Vulcan, T'Pol learns that her mother has resigned from the Vulcan Science Academy as indirect punishment for T'Pol's role a few years earlier in exposing a secret monitoring station at the P'Jem sanctuary which had been used to spy on the Andorians. The only way for T'Pol to restore her mother's position and honor is to marry Koss, a member of an influential family with whom T'Pol had been engaged prior to her posting aboard Enterprise. Despite protests from Tucker (who reveals to T'Les that he is in love with T'Pol), T'Pol reluctantly agrees to marry Koss. Just before the marriage ceremony begins, however, T'Pol quickly kisses Tucker on the cheek.





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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

The Sanubia Sands
"Isn't there an easier way?"
"No complaining!"
Tidus and Rikku

Bikanel is an island to the west of the Spira mainland in Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. It is primarily a large, arid desert; but like most deserts, there is an oasis, featuring palm trees and a drinkable water source.


The Desert

The Bikanel Desert also known as the Sanubia Sands is the home of the Al Bhed and the Cactuar species. Bikanel Island had hosted at least one large city in former times, most likely in the time around the Machina War. As the signs are all in Al Bhed Language, it seems that the former city of Bikanel was already an Al Bhed city. According to Rikku, that city was destroyed by Sin, which is why the Al Bhed were scattered throughout Spira. Prior to Tidus' arrival, Cid has reunited his people and built a new, smaller Al Bhed City, known as Home.

In the north-east of the desert, a sandstorm is raging. By locating the ten Cactuar Gatekeepers scattered throughout the desert, they will quell the storm and offer some nice prizes.

After the Eternal Calm

In Final Fantasy X-2, Al Bhed are hard at work excavating the desert for machina. Yuna and her friends can assist in the work if they choose to. The desert is divided into several expanses which the Al Bhed have mapped for safe digging: western, southern, northern (protected by the powerful fiends Zu and Sandworm), eastern (watch out for the Rogue Machina), and central (the largest expanse, requiring a chocobo for safe travel).

Other areas available to visit are the Oasis and the Cactuar Nation, where the leader of the Cacti, Marnela, asks the Gullwings to search all over Spira for the ten Gatekeepers and return them to Bikanel. There is also an ancient and powerful fiend called Angra Mainyu dwelling beneath the sands of Bikanel after being sealed by the Cactuar millenia ago.


The Siege of Home

Home is an underground fortress hidden in the middle of the Bikanel Desert. It was built under the direction of Cid and was the home of the Al Bhed until it was attacked by the Guado and forced to self-destruct. Two years after this event, Home is yet to be rebuilt.

Final Fantasy X

An attack by Sin in Macalania transports Yuna and her guardians into the desert. After everyone but Yuna regrouped, Rikku told the others of a secret place in the desert called Home where the Al Bhed live. However when they found it, it was under siege from the Guado.

They made it to the Summoners' Sanctum at the heart of Home where they hoped in vain to find Yuna. They were soon forced to escape via Cid's airship before he ordered the evacuation and then termination of Home.

See Siege of Home for more


The upgrades for Rikku's Celestial Weapon can be found in the desert. The Mercury Crest is located in a shifting sand pit; and the Sigil is received as a reward for completing the Valley of the Cactuars side quest.

Places to go

  • Bikanel Desert - AKA Sanubia Sands
  • Bikanel Home - Al Bhed home (Final Fantasy X)
  • Cactuar Village - (Final Fantasy X)
  • Cactuar Dungeon - (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Cactuar Nation - (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Oasis - (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Northern Expanse - (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Southern Expanse - (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Eastern Expanse - (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Western Expanse - (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Central Expanse - (Final Fantasy X-2)


  • Village of the Cactuars (Final Fantasy X)
  • The Cactuar Connection (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Excavation (Final Fantasy X-2)

Enemy formations

Bikanel Desert


Musical Themes

"Scorching Desert"
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme that plays while in the desert is called "Scorching Desert".

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From Lostpedia

"United States in Lost" redirects here. For real life USA broadcast and fan information, see: United States of America.
Main American Characters
Important American Companies

(* born in the U.S., but lived overseas most of his life.)

Wikipedia has information related to:
Flag of the United States
Location of the United States
Lost locations in the United States


Characters/Locations by State

See world locations for the same listing (and locations in other countries) by city instead of state.


  • Sawyer, his mother, and father lived in Jasper, it is where Cooper conned the Fords out of $38,000 ("The Brig")















  • Ben repeatedly lied and claimed this identity, saying that he owned a mining company from Minnesota.
  • Set photos revealed that the hot air balloon had a sticker from the sponsor, Minnesota Metallurgy. (behind-the-scenes fan picture)
  • Kate had a Minnesota license plate. ("Born to Run")
  • In the polar bear cave, a Tonka truck was found on the ground by Locke. TONKA brand toys are made by the "Mound Metalcraft Company" in Mound, Minnesota. Mound is located on the same Lake (Minnetonka) as Wayzata. The word TONKA means "Great" in the Sioux language. ("Further Instructions")
  • Nikki played a fictional character named Corvette, described as "the pride of St. Paul". ("Exposé")



  • Kate changes her car's license plate from Nebraska to Ohio. ("Born to Run")


New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Dakota


  • Kate changes her car's license plate from Nebraska to Ohio, and enters a motel, presumably in this state, to shower and receive a letter. ("Born to Run")








Employed by the US

For members of the United States (and other) military, see

Main article: Military

See also

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Home may refer to:

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Converted freighter Home.

The Home was an old Tsukkian water freighter owned by the founding members of Reekeene's Roughnecks. It was later converted into a Rebel base during the Galactic Civil War.

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  • Rookies: Rendezvous


External links

  • Hyperspace Webstrips on (backup link on
  • Weekly Annotations - Pablo Hidalgo's Star Wars Blog
    • Rookies: Rendezvous — Week Two Annotations

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