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The Holy Grail

Official Name



Lead Designer

Place of Creation
Prehistoric South America

40,000 BCE (approx)

Current Owner

Previous Owners
Dragon King; Arthur Pendragon; Shining Knight; Premier Tojo; Rheelai; Jesus Christ; Joseph of Aramathea;

First appearance

Image:Quote1.png Galahad, Tristan and all the rest gladly sacrificed their lives defending their honor, their quest, and this... the Holy Grail. Image:Quote2.png
-- The Shining Knight



The Holy Grail is said to be one of the most infamous and sought after of arcane holy relics. According to Christian doctrine, the Grail is the cup used by Jesus Christ during the Last Supper. It is also the recepticle that caught Christ's blood during the crucifixion at Golgotha.

The origins of the Grail date back to the time of the first Ice Age and the waning years of Neanderthal man. A Neanderthal shaman named Rheelai was one of the first of his kind to master the art of metallurgy, and forged the Grail out of solid gold. Rheelai and his tribe were slaughtered by a clan of Cro-Magnon warriors and they took possession of the cup.[1]

The Grail was not seen again until the time of Jesus in the early 1st century AD. Some thirty or so years following the death (and apparent resurrection) of Christ, Joseph of Arimathea allegedly took possession of the Grail and it was believed to have been housed somewhere in Glastonbury Tor.

The Grail surfaced again around the 6th century AD when Sir Justin Arthur delivered it to Arthur Pendragon, King of the British land known as Camelot. The Grail became a powerful tool in defending Camelot against the forces of the evil Morgaine le Fey.[2] It is possible that immortal conqueror Vandal Savage may have learned of the Grail at this time as he was alive and present in Camelot in the years leading up to its fall.[3]

Following the fall of Camelot, the ruins of the city were taken over by the Sheeda and their evil leader Mordredd the Dead. Seeking a weapon that might drive Mordredd out of their lands, the surviving knights, Bors, Peredur, and Galahad aided the Dwarrow men (dwarves) to contruct an artificial Holy Grail - essentially a primitive version of the atomic bomb.[4]

Vandal Savage was the mastermind behind the Illuminati, whose primary objective was to take possession of various mystical artifacts such as the Grail and the Spear of Destiny.

Fringe elements of the Illuminati, including the Knights Templar and their later successors the Order of the Rosy Cross devoted their lives in search of the Holy Grail.

It is believed that the Grail may have been brought over to the United States during the late 18th century. Vandal Savage and the Illuminati took a special interest in the actions of Colonial General George Washington, and even attempted to assassinate him.[5]

The Holy Grail turned up again centuries later during World War II. On December 8th, 1941, the Dragon King delivered the Grail to Japanese emperor Tojo. Channeling the power of the Grail, Japan was able to project a sphere of energy that would ultimately corrupt any super, or metahuman invaders, insuring the safety of the Japanese mainland from threats by the super-hero community.[6]

The current whereabouts of the Holy Grail are unknown.


  • The Holy Grail is also an important relic featured in the non-continuity Camelot 3000 maxi-series.
  • Surviving members of the Neanderthal tribe who first created the Grail evolved into the Yeti, who in turn, crafted a second Grail. However, it is assumed that most stories relating to the Holy Grail correspond to the first Grail crafted by Rheelai.[7]

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This article is about the quest. For the item, see Holy grail.



Official quest description: King Arthur is sending out his knights on a quest for the famous Holy Grail.

If you are a Knight of the Round Table go to King Arthur for further orders.

Release date: 23 July 2002 (Update)
Start: Speak to King Arthur in Camelot.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium-Long
Members only: Yes
Items needed:
  • At least 120 coins (2 times to Brimhaven and back) (or if you want to use charter ships, about 1,000 coins, or none if wearing the Ring of charos(a).)
  • A Halberd or a weapon with a high attack speed ( Highly recommended for fighting the Black Knight Titan )
  • Possibly some food
  • The sword Excalibur (obtained from Merlin's Crystal quest)
  • Runes for teleporting to Camelot are also helpful
  • An Amulet of Glory or The explorer's ring (3) is helpful for teleporting to Draynor village faster
  • High Agility for a quick running restore can be a great help.
Monsters to kill: Black Knight Titan (level 120)



  • Speak to King Arthur and he will tell you about the Holy Grail, and tell you to ask Merlin about it.
  • Speak to Merlin. Go up the stairs(not the ladder) of Camelot Castle to find him. He tells you to go talk with "Someone in Holy Island" and Sir Galahad.
  • Now you are going to Entrana, so don't take any weapons or armour, including the explorer's ring. To get to Entrana take the boat from Port Sarim. Alternative methods include using the Abyss to access the Law Altar, and walking from there, or, if you have level 50 Runecrafting, purchasing a Law Teleport tablet will work similarly.
  • Speak to the high priest of the church. He will say the Holy Grail is no longer here. Then a strange old crone will appear and say that Fisher King is in trouble, and that you will need to find 6 Mysterious statues around the world and go to where they point when you have a Magic whistle. But actually you don't have to find any Mysterious statues to proceed.

Helping the Fisher King

  • Now head to the third floor of Draynor Manor and go into the southern room. You need to have the Holy table napkin with you, or you can't see the whistle respawn. Pick up two magic whistles. They will not be visible until player walks into this room.
  • Now get ready to fight. Have the magic whistle, Excalibur, weapon and armour, and some food with you. Head to where the 6 stone faces point, which is on the north-west part of Brimhaven and north of the gold mine, where a tower is standing. Go under the tower and blow the whistle and you will be teleported to the Fisher King's Realm. A great way to fight the monster would be a poisoned weapon, seeing as the monster doesn't move.  


  1. Black Knight Titan
  2. Fisherman
  3. Stairs to king
  4. Stairs to Holy Grail
The black knight titan
  • Now you need to get across a bridge to speak to the Fisher King. The Black Knight Titan stands there and won't let you through without a match. The Titan can hit up to 15 so be prepared. If possible use the Protect from Melee prayer. Take him down to low life, and then wield Excalibur to finish him off. He is impossible to hit with range. If you don't use Excalibur for the final blow, then you must face him again. He doesn't move, so you can walk away at low health to eat without being damaged. If you happen to lose the battle and run away, when you come back he will still be damaged. You can Halberd him, which makes the fight very easy. An alternative method to fighting him without food or prayer is hitting him and running back a few squares before he can strike you. A player can avoid getting hit even once if they are fast enough.
    • You can fight him again after passing though but you will pass back across the bridge.
  • After you have killed the knight, cross the bridge and head to the fisherman by the river and talk to him. Ask the fisherman how to get into the castle.
  • Now head up the hill to the castle and take a Grail bell. Ring it and you will be inside the castle.
  • Head upstairs and speak to the Fisher King. He is very sick and wishes to see his son once more. The son's name is Percival and he is a knight of the round table. Now blow your whistle again to be teleported out.

Finding Percival

  • From now on, you no longer need food and armour, so put them in bank to save running energy.
  • Head to Camelot and speak to King Arthur. Though he does not know where Percival is he gives you a Magic gold feather which points to the gold boots Percival is wearing.
  • Blow on the feather and it will guide you towards Goblin Village. Go there now.
The Fisher King
  • Once there, head into the east house, open the sacks and you will find Sir Percival. Tell him his father wishes to see him. Percival doesn't know how to get to the castle so give him the second magic whistle.
Holy grail on table.
  • Head back to the Fisher King's castle once more, by blowing the whistle under the tower, north-west of Brimhaven (you don't need to fight Black Knight Titan this time). Now head to where the Fisher King should have been, and you find Percival as a king, and the land restored.
  • Head back downstairs and go up the staircase on the other side of the castle and climb all the way up. Now you can take the Holy grail. (Attempting to take a second Grail gives "You feel that taking more than one Holy Grail might be greedy") Then blow your whistle.


Holy Grail Reward


Music tracks unlocked:


  • The Black Knight Titan is based off a major character in the original King Arthur legends.
Wikipedia has an article about:
  • The Grail Bell is the same image as the servants image on the construction guide.
  • You can say, 'I seek the Holy Grail." to The Fisher King. This was said by King Arthur in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.
  • After saving Percival, the sack can be prodded and still grunts.
  • After completing the quest, Fairy ring BJR will take you to the Fisher Realm.

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