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Final Fantasy VI Boss
Holy Dragon
Japanese ホーリードラゴン
Romaji Hōrī Doragon
SNES Name White Drgn
PS Name WhitDrgn
GBA Name Holy Dragon
First Encounter
Second Encounter

The Holy Dragon is a boss in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is one of the Eight Dragons. It only attacks with the Holy spell, which can be Reflected. As such, if the party is equipped with Reflect Rings, the player cannot lose this battle. The Holy Dragon wastes turns casting Dispel to get rid of the Reflect as well. Even though it only uses normal magic, it can be silenced, rendering it completely immobilized for the rest of the battle.

Although the Holy Dragon has no weakness, his HP is the lowest out of all the Eight Dragons, so the fight should end quickly if the party has powerful spells.

The Holy Dragon is one of the few bosses to appear on the Veldt and have a Rage. As such, the Holy Lance that is obtained by defeating the Holy Dragon is obtained in such a way as to prevent the player from stocking up Holy Lances.

The Dragons' Den Version of the Holy Dragon uses Curaga freely on itself as a counter attack, usually healing itself for 6,000+ HP. In addition, it uses a Dualcast-like combination of Heartless Angel and Saintly Beam back to back, killing any party member that isn't immune to or absorbs the Holy element. Thus, Reraise is strongly recommended in this fight. The Holy Dragon also has an Auto-Regen, allowing it to heal itself even more. When defeated, the party receives the Zanmato, Cyan's ultimate weapon.

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