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Star Trek: Swiftfire

This page lists technology from Star Trek: Swiftfire. Each of the following entries is specific to Star Trek: Swiftfire continuity. These may be separated into individual articles as more information becomes available.


Decoy probe

A Decoy probe was a type of countermeasure used to fool another party to the actual location of a starship. The probe would be launched and travel at warp producing the same warp trail and signature as the vessel that launched it. ("Change in Command")

Enigma implant

The Enigma implant was a device designed by Section 214C to infiltrate the Borg Collective's hive mind. Based on a mind probe the device was implanted within the brain of individuals and was designed to be undetectable to conventional neural scans. The implant was meant to remain dormant and only be activated once nanoprobes invaded the subject's brain. Once active it was hoped that someone outside the collective would be able to access the hive mind through the implant and allow Starfleet to study the Borg. Several thousand individuals were unknowingly implanted with Enigma before the project was cancelled in 2367. ("Section 214C")

Falcon drone

A falcon drone was a automated aerial scout used by the Starfleet Marine Corps. Small and equipped with a chameleon projector it was difficult to detect. It would be used to scout ahead of a force as they moved, though they provided limited effectiveness against the Jem'Hadar due to their ability to shroud. ("Semper Fidelis")

Holographic counsellor

The holographic counsellor was a Starfleet hologram designed to function as a ship's counsellor. Created around 2373, the HC owes its existence partly to the success of the Emergency Medical Holographic program. The template of the first HCs was based on Gloria Martina, a pioneer in the specialisation. The holograms were aware they were holograms and could manipulate an operating holodeck. ("Always on My Mind")

Kor'tel assassin knife

Kor'tel assassin knife was a type of knife designed for assassinations. They were small, elegant knives and easy to conceal. They had an internal sack that could be filled with poisons that could be injected into victims. Originally made in sets the knives had become collector's items in the late-24th century since the production of the weapons had long since ceased. ("A Rough Time")

Memory blocker

A memory blocker was a electronic device that when applied to some humanoid species could suppress memory centres within the brain. The Dominion possessed these devices and one was used on Terri Letac after she was captured so that she did not retain the memory of her capture. ("Always on My Mind")


The MiG-42 was a Russian designed stealth airplane from the early or mid-21st century. It appeared to be based on the MiG-29. It was considered a deadly adversary but not quite as capable as the latest model of the F-22 Raptor used by the United States of America at the time. ("The Front")

Multiphasic tachyon scanner

The multiphasic tachyon scanner was an advanced sensor technology developed by the relatively primitive Echlans. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

Transporter wristband

The transporter wristband was a device used on the USS Swiftfire-A in 2373 during the ship-wide war games. The device worked by producing a field around the wearer, which when disrupted by a very low powered phaser blast would then result in the person being beamed to a different location on the ship. ("Deployment")

It was later adjusted to create a temporal shield around the wearer. ("Regression")

Type 3S phaser

The Type 3S phaser was a phaser rifle designed for use by snipers. It was an extremely quiet weapon and when fired the blast was all but invisible. ("Pressure Points", "Semper Fidelis")

Umbrella shield drone

The Umbrella shield drone was a Starfleet drone designed to offer protection to Starfleet forces from artillery attacks. The drone was basically a hovering deflector shield generator that deployed a force field above ground forces to intercept projectiles. ("Semper Fidelis")

UV dust

UV dust was a countermeasure used against the Jem'Hadar's ability to shroud. Indistinguishable by the naked eye with the use of optical sensors when it was despreased in a significant quantity appeared as a fuzzy white line. Any being that walked through it would collected it on the sole of their feet and deposit it back on the ground as they walked. ("Semper Fidelis")

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