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weight: 1 or 4 pounds
value: varying
weight: 0
value: 0
base id: varying

A holodisk or holotape is a high-density, laser-readable, manufactured-crystal computer data storage device produced by Wattz Electronics, based on Tape Holography technology, storing their information safely for extended periods of time. They can hold over 4,000 gigabytes (4 terabytes) of information[1] and weigh 4 pounds.

It can be used either in stationary computers or in your Pip-Boy.


To read a holodisk in Fallout or Fallout 2, left-click the disk in your inventory and hold the mouse-button, then select the open hand-icon (use). Enter the Pipboy, click the status button and hunt down the file from the list on the right.

In Fallout 3, picking up a holotape will automatically add it to the Notes section under the notes tab of your Pip-Boy 3000.

In the games


  1. Vree dialogue file in Fallout
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A holodisc.

A holodisc, also holodisk or holotape, was a disc-shaped device onto which holographic messages, as well as hologrammic ones, could be recorded. It was possible to encrypt the content of a holodisc.

Morgan Katarn had recorded a message to his son Kyle revealing the location of the map to the Valley of the Jedi and the truth about Kyle's Jedi potential, and encrypted its content. Only WeeGee could decrypt it, though Rebel computer wizard Wires managed to decrypt it for Jan Ors so that the holorecording could be played in a very bad quality.

Shortly before the Battle of Yavin, a copy of the Death Star plans was obtained through a prison riot aboard the Death Star. Rebel prisoners managed to steal a copy of the Death Star plans and beam it to a Rebel cell stationed at a base on Polis Massa. These plans would be transferred to a holodisc, and this holodisc would play a key role during the subsequent Imperial raid on Polis Massa. When Imperial forces stormed a command room located further in the base, they retrieved the holodisc. After returning it to a captured communications center, they were forced to hold of Rebel forces for a couple minutes as the computer needed time to uplink the data to the Imperial network. During this, the Empire discovered that this holodisc was a decoy, but it did lead Darth Vader to the whereabouts of the plans, which were now in the custody of Princess Leia aboard the Tantive IV.


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This article uses material from the "Holodisc" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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