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DC Comics

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Real Name
Leonard Smalls, Jr.
Current Alias




Head of his own criminal organization, Coalition, formerly Paris Bloods, Blood Syndicate, Star Chamber, Pyre's Brigade (leader)

Thomasina Jefferson (mother), Leonard Smalls, Sr. (adoptive father), adoptive mother (name unrevealed, deceased), adoptive sister (name unrevealed), adoptive brother (name unrevealed)


Base Of Operations
The Hot Spot, old Downtown Dakota; formerly The Blood Syndicate's abandoned factory, Paris Island, Dakota City; later Utopia Park, Paris Island





Marital Status

Crimelord, former gangmember, former chief of security at Utopia Park


Place of Birth

First appearance



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


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Marvel Database

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This is the Holocaust disambiguation page.

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Star Wars Fanon

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The Star Wars wiki of fan invention.

General Holocaust was a former clone in the Grand Army of the Republic. He was impossibly clumsy and this led to self-loathing. He believed he was useless and this emotion was amplified when he apparently died and his troops left him behind. He was burned and renamed himself General Holocaust. He later assisted Siss in the attempted overthrow of the Republic, but was apparently killed in the explosion of Mt. Corvast on Sarapin. He returned more burnt than ever and had to don special armor to survive. He attacked Coruscant twice: the first time, the fire still trapped in his body burnt his lungs out, but he escaped and returned with new ones. The second time, his heart burned and he died for good.



History During Clone Wars

The clone who would become Holocaust was sent along with Echuu Shen-Jon in the reclaiming of Sarapin. In the first few days of the battle, the clone effectively botched several attempts to build a camp, earning his own self-loathing and the anger of General Shen-Jon. In the final day of the battle, the clone found a holocron and tried to bring it back to camp; however, he failed and broke his leg. This caused him to sink into a tar pit. Desperate to escape and thinking that his men would be leaving without him, the clone fired downward, thinking he was shooting up and he could shoot his way out. This blast triggered a volcanic explosion and he was blasted out of the pit. His skin was lightly burned but horrifically scarred, and he awoke a few days later. He ran back to camp, only to find the ship gone. However, the holocron, which had been near him, was gone. He thought that they had taken the holocron and ignored his body and then left, but actually, the explosion had knocked the holocron into one of the lava rivers. The clone went to the Mt. Corvast Citadel to live, and he waited out his days as the War slowly came to an end.

The CIS Ship

The clone, now calling himself General Holocaust, lived in Corvast for many years. As the Clone Wars ended, CIS ships were shot down across the Galaxy to show its end. One day, a ship crashed on Sarapin. Thinking this a blessing as his supplies were running low, Holocaust salvaged what he could from the ship, expanding Corvast in the process. Soon, the entire mountain was covered by an enormous mechanical facility. Finding a deactivated B2 Super Battle Droid in the wreck, he decided to use the frame as a prototype to build his own private army of battle droids. He did so and his army was twice as large as the one the CIS had formerly possessed.

Darth Siss

In 13 ABY, Holocaust was contacted by Siss, a male clone of Zam Wessell. He wanted to join forces with the General to fight the Republic. Holocaust agreed and the two created a massive battle droid army. The Republic attacked the facility and Holocaust himself led the droids into battle. He had to personally retreat, however, when the Republic troops flanked the facility and destroyed most of it. Luke Skywalker then set off a pack of grenades in the facility's main power core and the building exploded, taking Holocaust with it and apparently killing him. He actually jumped from the tower into the lava river below.

The Return of the King

Six months after the battle, Holocaust's body, charred and blackened beyond repair, washed up on the shore of a distant Sarapin continent. It took him another six months to crawl back to the ruins of Mt. Corvast, where a few surviving battle droids lurked. Forging armor similar to their former master, General Grievous, Holocaust was born again in the suit. Unbeknown to the general, however, the fire was trapped in his suit and was slowly burning him, although he didn't notice. He quickly plotted a revenge attack on Coruscant, and within a few months, he had built a sizable fleet to attack the planet. In the Third Battle of Coruscant, his fleet attempted to break the Republic blockade, but his was beaten back. When Skywalker and his sister, Leia Organa Solo, attacked his capital ship, he collapsed. The fire had burnt his lungs beyond repair. He retreated after being spared by the Skywalker twins, but he returned his mechanized lungs. The attack only lasted minutes, however, when the fire burnt his heart. Finally, the Clone Wars veteran collapsed in a heap. His forces were destroyed shortly thereafter.

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