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HoloNet News Vol. 531 #50 was just one of many in-universe Holonet News issues published shortly before the release of Attack of the Clones. This issue was released April 4, 2002.


  • NEWS:
    • Senator Moe Killed in Blast
    • Garbage Launcher Misfire Kills 48; Closes Desrini
    • Isard Spearheads Republic Intelligence Reform
    • Lahara Sector Secedes
    • Senators Implicated in Slave Ring
    • Legislative Youth Program Role-Plays Vote
    • Sensor Technology Dispute Settled in Takeover
    • Ministry of Science Continues Hypermatter Studies
    • Kashyyyk / Trandoshan Talks Break Down
    • Shots Fired in Andoan Space
    • Jedi vs. The Force of a Mother's Love
    • Jedi TradeChips Spark Controversy
    • Nuna-Ball League Looks to Expand
  • LIFE:
    • Priole Danna Festival Cancelled
    • Gormaanda's Culinary Corner: Glowblue Noodles & Chav
    • Troig Seeks Separation
  • OTHER HEADLINES: Content available to paid subscribers
    • Senator Grebleips to fund Extragalactic Survey, See NEWS E 15
    • Inside Fashion: Capes are Still Hot!, See LIFE G 44
    • A Thousand Years of Peace: By What Calendar?, See EDITORIAL G 14

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