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This article is about the HoloNet News website. You may be looking for other meanings, see HoloNet News (disambiguation).

HoloNet News is an official Star Wars website, which was created in order to build hype for the 2002 theatrical release of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The site consists of various in-universe news articles detailing galactic events leading up to the beginning of the film.

In addition to coverage of major events with a clear bearing on what occurs in Attack of the Clones, the site includes a number of articles that tie into other elements of the Expanded Universe. Many of the articles also contain numerous in-jokes and other obscure references. In addition to being available as a website on the internet, the contents of the site was archived and released as DVD-ROM content on the 2002 DVD release of Attack of the Clones.

The site and its articles were authored by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens, with illustrations by Joe Corroney.



Twelve issues were published, all of which were part of volume 531. Each issue and article is given an in-universe date based on the dating system used after the Ruusan Reformation. is divided into seven subsections:

  • NEWS
  • LIFE

In addition, one section allowed for a five-day Weather Forecast based on a six digit planet code that was entered. The link will produce a random weather page regardless of the digits or even if no numbers are entered. High and low temperatures and weather graphics would display, alongside a written report that would detail problems and warnings such as coronal flaring that could end in mass unicellular extinctions, recommendations of EM shielding, seismic shifting, or frog showers.



The site was replaced with entries of Republic HoloNet News in Star Wars Insider 65.

On October 3, 2008, began continuing HoloNet News in an audio format, designed to follow the events of The Clone Wars TV series.[1]

Notes and references

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