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This article is about the HoloNet News source. You may be looking for other uses of "HoloNet News".
"And it is because Republic HoloNet News goes into the homes of families like these that today nearly three hundred and twelve trillion citizens listen to our broadcast."
Rule Davenbay

HoloNet News (HNN) was a HoloNet channel that provided news across the Galactic Republic.


Based on Coruscant, HoloNet News was in its 531st volume in 22 BBY, meaning that, assuming no interruptions in publication and that one volume represented one standard year's worth of news, it began publication in 553 BBY.

With the tagline "The Information Sources For The Republic," the publication was segmented into news on business, regional sectors, Jedi, sports, and common Republic life, as well as general news headlines. A number of placed advertisements sponsored the publication, and full feed annual subscriptions were available for 45 credits in 22 BBY.

On 5:23 22 BBY, HoloNet News's channel was seized by Republic Executive Directive 93021-84121 for use by the military. During, and for a short time after, the Clone Wars, HNN made sporadic updates. Shortly after the war's end and the creation of the Galactic Empire, HNN was finally folded and replaced with the new Imperial Holovision. After the Battle of Endor, Holonet News Network was put back on the air under the New Republic and the Galactic Alliance.

To appeal to all audiences, HoloNet News released HoloNet Kids!, "The Information Source for the Young Republic."



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