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Hollow Tree
File:Hollow tree.PNG
Members only? Yes
Woodcutting level 45
Woodcutting experience 82.5 or 357.7
Farming level Not Applicable
Farming experience Not Applicable
Examine It's hollow...

Hollow trees are non-farmable, members-only trees that grow in the Haunted Woods and the Hollows area of Morytania, east of Canifis. The Priest in Peril quest is required to access them and Woodcutting level 45 is required to cut them. When chopped, hollow trees will either give no item and 82.5 experience, or Bark and 357.7 experience. The former is much more common.

Hollow trees aren't particularly popular for training, as willows are faster Woodcutting experience and bark is not as valuable as logs, but they have two other uses. Bark is one of the materials used by the armoured wizard in the Wizards' Tower to make Splitbark Armour. The trees can also be useful for recovering Prayer points when fighting werewolves or banking in Canifis during Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble, due to the ability to burn the bark in the nearby Haunted Woods Torches to recover 10 prayer points per piece of bark.

Cutting them can be somewhat dangerous due to the leeches and vampires nearby, but leeches stop being aggressive when players reach combat level 105 and there aren't any vampires in the grove nearest to Canifis, close to the entrance to the Werewolf Agility Course and Skullball course.


  • In the 23 September 2009 update Hollow trees' experience rate was increased and the torches were added, making them much more useful than before.
  • Hollow trees look similar to the style of the trees in The Lorax and other Dr. Seuss books.
  • There is a Hollow Tree in level 4 Wilderness near the river. This place is a famous playerkilling spot.

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