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Discontinued items and holiday drops are items that can no longer be obtained through the game and, therefore, their numbers are not increasing. However, some of these items may still be obtained through trading with other players. These items are now very few in number and are very expensive. Most of these items are holiday drops that were released years ago.

These rares are also a very important part of RuneScape's economy, many players work hard with skills to achieve a long-term goal of owning a rare and discontinued holiday item. For the most part rares either hold their value or grow, like that of a stock. In some special occasions, such as the "Unbalanced Trade Removal" update the price of rares will drop, but players can be certain that if they hold a rare long enough it will eventually be worth it because no more rares will ever enter the economy. Items such as Armadyl Godswords have high prices compared to other non-discontinued items, but will eventually fall because it is possible to get more of them, and in the case of tradeable holiday items, this is not a possible reason for the price to lower. A big concern that some players have about buying a holiday item is that in the future they might release an update to make them untradeable or even remove them, though it is unlikely that Jagex would ever do that.


Holiday Drops

Holiday drops are items that are dropped on certain holidays, such as Christmas or Easter. These items are also few in number and are very expensive. Holiday drops that are wieldable are often worn by players to either show their wealth, for fashion, or to show how long they've played. Previously, holiday items were tradeable. However, to prevent players from holding onto the items and selling them for a small fortune, Jagex currently makes all holiday drops untradeable.

Before December 22, 2003

When RuneScape Classic was still known as RuneScape, Jagex decided that they would drop items randomly across RuneScape on certain holidays.

On Easter, Halloween, and Christmas, Jagex would drop a certain item. For example, in December 2001 during Christmas, Jagex dropped 'Christmas Crackers'. These Christmas crackers could only be obtained during a certain day during December. When a player walked around RuneScape, they may have seen a Christmas cracker pop up out of nowhere on the ground nearby. This was how the items were dropped.

Originally dropped for fun, Jagex kept this going on for a few more years. An item would be dropped every Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. Unfortunately, players began to notice that these items could not be obtained any more unless they were bought from other players. Seeing this, players began to buy the holiday items low, and then sell them at an incredibly high price. This started the rise in the prices for holiday items. Players were also angry that they missed the drops. Players would complain to Jagex demanding that they redo the drop. Jagex decided to make the next few drops untradeable. However, this only enraged players even more.

Jagex, realising what was happening with the Christmas cracker, decided to stop holiday drops, as players were becoming too greedy. On 22 December 2003, Jagex put an announcement on RuneScape's main page, saying that they were ceasing holiday drops. From then on, items were not dropped on holidays.

After December 22, 2003

A year passed and no holiday drop was made. However, on 21 December 2004, Jagex changed that. Santa Claus was placed in the game and gave a Yo-yo to players who talked to him. After the Yo-yo, Jagex introduced tasks players had to complete to obtain the holiday item, starting with the Rubber chicken.

Replacing Holiday Items

If you have lost your item or destroyed it, you may be able to get it back if it is non-tradable. Ask Thessalia in the Varrock clothing store south-west of the main fountain for your Bunny ears or Scythe back and she will happily oblige. If you have lost your Zombie head, you can dig in the Lumbridge Swamp with a spade to obtain another. If you have lost a Marionette you can get another in a box near the entrance to the Christmas workshop of the Christmas 2005 event and Halloween 2006 event. All other such items can be obtained by speaking with Diango in the Draynor Marketplace. Diango will replace most non-tradable holiday items, including:

Discontinued items

For a list of Holiday rewards, click here.

File:Disk of returning.PNG Disk of returning Previously in RuneScape there was an area known as 'The Black Hole', where rule breakers were held. Normal players could visit this area by purchasing this disk, and spinning it to return from the Black Hole.
File:Half full wine jug.PNG Half full wine jug Due to a change in the Cooking skill in the past, Wine was changed so it has 1 swig, not 2, only people with half jugs at the time of the change had these.
File:War ship.png War ship War ships were predecessors of playable toys from RuneScape Classic. They were rendered untradeable upon transition to RuneScape 2, and are considered among the rarest of items today. The war ship was once found in Glough's house in the Gnome Stronghold during The Grand Tree quest. It was only available on RuneScape Classic but some people kept them during the transition to RuneScape 2 and still have them in the current game.
File:Amulet of accuracy.png Amulet of Accuracy On RuneScape Classic but not the main game, the Amulet of Accuracy can be considered a discontinued item. The Amulet of Accuracy is a tradeable reward from the Imp Catcher quest, and it can only be obtained once. Since no new accounts can be created on RuneScape Classic, no further amulets can be introduced, thus essentially making it a discontinued item (however, it is suspected that a finite number of existing Runescape Classic accounts have not yet completed this quest). In RuneScape 2, each new player can obtain this item upon completion of the Imp Catcher quest, providing a supply of this tradeable item.
File:Snowballs.PNG Snowball During the 2006 Christmas event, players could pick up snowballs. However, the snowballs disappeared after leaving the Island of Karamja. Afterward, they melted some time between 25 January and 17 February 2007. Snowballs can now be made and then thrown at people when shaking a Snow globe. Note however that this is just an emote and they cannot be given to others like a gnomeball.
File:Unid.gif Unidentified herb Prior to the herblore update in 2007, instead of 'cleaning' and herb you would 'identify' it. All unidentified herbs looked the same, you would need a certain herblore level to identify the herb. These were replaced with 'grimy' and 'clean' herbs. In the bank, all 'unidentified rannar weeds' would be in the same stack, as well as all unidentified tarromins.
File:Empty ghostbuster.png Ghost Buster 500 During the 2006 Halloween event, players used a Ghost Buster 500 to defeat various ghosts that had taken up residence in Diango's workshop. Ammunition for the Ghost Buster was available in different colours that matched the types of ghosts. After defeating a certain amount of ghosts you could report back to Diango for your reward. The rewards can be found in the Halloween items section on this page.
File:Easter egg1.png Easter egg In the 2007 Easter event there were several piles of Easter Eggs in the Chocolate Kebbit Bowling Area that you could take eggs from. Once the event was over the eggs all "melted away" once you logged back into the game. A message in the chat box informed you of this. They were also rewards of the 2008 Easter event. After completing the main event, the player could do more tasks to receive chocolate eggs. They again melted.
File:Rabbitmould.PNG Rabbit mould In the 2007 Easter event, the Easter Bunny asked you to retrieve his Rabbit mould (which he used to make chocolate rabbits) for him. You had to attempt to retrieve it, whilst dodging Nigel, an angry, shovel wielding farmer. Once the event was over it was removed from the game.
File:Sweets (Animated).GIF Sweets In Halloween 2005 there were children in Lumbridge asking for candy. You could obtain it by scaring the little kids with a zombie head. Once the event was over, the candy melted into chocolate dust, even if you had it in your bank. The candy was not tradeable and healed 3 hp. However, Purple Sweets are now available from Treasure Trails.
File:SleepingBag.png Sleeping bag The sleeping bag was used with the fatigue system in RuneScape Classic. Since RuneScape 2 does not use fatigue, sleeping bags were removed.
File:Shantay disclaimer.png Shantay Disclaimer The Shantay disclaimer is a basic item that used to be given to players when passing through the Shantay Pass. It is was a disclaimer, saying that no responsibility is taken if the player dies in the desert. It was always pretty much a useless item, and its only use was to abbreviate the guard chat by two clicks if you carried it through on a subsequent passage. This was replaced by the Shantay Pass which acts as payment to get through the pass.
File:Bascketeggs.png Basket of eggs In the 2005 Easter event players received a Basket of Eggs. The player would equip the basket and right click on a player then select "give egg". Once the player handed out enough chocolate eggs they would then go and talk to the Easter bunny to claim the rubber chicken as a reward. The baskets were removed from the game after 4 April.
File:Axe handle.png Woodcutting axe head and handle A random event was once in the game that caused a players' axe head to fly off the handle while woodcutting. The player would have to find the head nearby and replace it before another player took it. The event was removed in July 2007, and with it the handles. If a player had a head of an axe in their inventory, the handle would regrow.
File:Armadyl pendant.PNG Lathas' Amulet The Lathas' amulet is a now-discontinued quest item from the Plague City quest series. It was given out as part of the reward for Biohazard in RS-Classic. It was supposed to be a way to know if King Lathas had found a way west into the forests of Isafdar (The amulet's jewel would change from green to red when the Underground Pass quest was released). The player was then required to visit King Lathas for his or her next quest.
File:Old Sea slug (Item).png Sea Slug A Sea slug was an item that players could pick up using the Telekinetic Grab spell in RuneScape Classic. If dropped, players could only pick it up again using another Telekinetic Grab spell. The sea slug as an item had absolutely no use.
File:Odd cocktail3.png Odd Cuisine Before a significant update to the Gnome Restaurant minigame on 7 August 2006, players could potentially ruin a dish by adding the wrong ingredients in the wrong order. Doing so would result in an Odd cocktail, Odd batta, Odd gnomebowl, or Odd crunchies. The Odd cuisine healed a small amount, raise Strength, but lower Attack.
File:Broken plate.png Broken plate A few days after the 2005 April Fools' Day event, if you spun a spinning plate, you may drop it, and it would break into this. Due to player complaints, Jagex removed the broken plate, and plates now cannot be broken. However, Jagex never removed the already broken plates from the game, though they are untradeable, they are discontinued. It is unknown how many of these plates are left in RuneScape.
File:Gublinch shards.PNG Gublinch shards Gublinch shards were part of the 2006 Christmas event. They were obtained when a player threw a snowball at a Gublinch. They could be placed into cages on Musa Point to get the Christmas Holiday Rewards.
File:Chocolatechunks.PNG Chocolate chunks Chocolate chunks were used in the 2007 Easter event. They could be obtained by smashing Chocolate kebbits and were given to the Easter Bunny for part of the Holiday reward. To smash them, the player used the Easter eggs on it by bowling them. They are also used in the 2008 Easter event after getting your Chocatrice to attack a creature.
File:Servants skull.PNG Servants skull The Servants skull was obtained during the 2007 Hallowe'en event. Players had to navigate through the garden of the Grim Reaper, and bring it back to him. If players died while wearing this item, they had to obtain it again.
File:Scynicshaping.png Grim's Lost Items In the 2007 Hallowe'en event, players are asked to find certain personal possessions for Grim and put them in their proper spots. First search the table to get The grim reaper's diary in the inventory, then read the diary to find out where everything goes. The items are a Last will and testament, Grim's robes, Hourglass, Eyeball, Scythe sharpener, 'voice of doom' potion and Human bones.
File:Grim reaper diary.PNG Grim Reaper's diary The grim reaper's diary is obtained during the 2007 Halloween event. It directed players where to placed the items found in the lounge area. It cannot be taken out of Grim Reaper's house while doing the event. When player completes the event, player cannot re-enter the house. Currently, it cannot be found in the bookcase of a player-owned house.
File:Top hat.png Snowman top hat The Snowman top hat is used during the 2007 Christmas Event. Players could put any of the 5 hats, which include Dragon snowman hat, Pirate snowman hat, Barbarian snowman hat and Dwarf snowman hat, to finish the Snowman.
File:Ice Blade.png Ice sword The Ice sword was used during the 2007 Christmas Event to make a Snow warrior. To get one, players should talk to a Snow imp, only the ones who can be found at Land of Snow.
File:Holly bow.png Holly bow The Holly bow was used during the 2007 Christmas to make a Snow ranger. As the name suggests, it has holly on its tips. To get one, players should talk to a Snow imp, only the ones who can be found at Land of Snow.
File:Winter Staff.png Winter staff The Winter Staff was used during the 2007 Christmas event to make a Snow mage. To get one, players should talk to a Snow imp, only the ones who can be found at Land of Snow.
File:Bucket of coal.png Bucket of coal A Bucket of coal was created during the 2008 Easter event by using an empty bucket on the pile of coal in the Easter Bunny's warren. If a player stayed inside the warren with a bucket of coal in their inventory and waited until the event was over, they would appear outside, without a bucket of coal.
File:Chocatrice egg.png Chocatrice egg The Chocatrice egg is created during the 2008 Easter event by dipping a cockatrice egg in molten chocolate. It may be hatched into a chocatrice during the event.
File:Wrapped candy.png Wrapped candy Wrapped candy was obtained during the 2008 Halloween event by trick-or-treating the NPCs in Draynor Village, Port Sarim and Rimmington.
File:Popcorn balls.png Popcorn balls Popcorn balls were obtained during the 2008 Halloween event by trick-or-treating the NPCs in Draynor Village, Port Sarim and Rimmington.
File:Chocolate drop.png Chocolate drop Chocolate drops was obtained during the 2008 Halloween event by trick-or-treating the NPCs in Draynor Village, Port Sarim and Rimmington.
File:Cooked turkey.png Turkey Raw turkeys could be obtained by killing turkeys during the 2008 Thanksgiving event. Players could then cook it, to obtain Cooked turkeys. The turkey could also be burned, which resulted in Burnt turkeys. They heal 2 hitpoints when eaten.
File:Cooked Turkey drumstick.PNG Turkey drumstick Raw turkey drumsticks could be obtained by killing turkeys during the 2008 Thanksgiving event. Players could then cook it, to obtain Cooked turkeys. The drumsticks could also be burned, which resulted in Burnt turkey drumsticks. They heal 2 hitpoints when eaten.
File:Turkey book.PNG Turkey book The Turkey book is a book that players could obtain as part of the 2008 Thanksgiving event. It gives clues on where to find ten Hidden Turkeys around Gielinor, which players could find and spy on. If they spied on all ten, they would unlock the Give Thanks emote. Players could obtain the book from the cook's brother in Lumbridge Castle. Strangely, if you lose it you can't get it back, unlike most holiday items.
File:Frog Token.gif Frog token A Frog token once was a reward from the Frogs random event. It could be exchanged for a prince outfit, princess outfit, or a frog mask by taking it to Thessalia's Fine Clothes shop in Varrock. Once the player had received the prince outfit/princess outfit and Frog mask, the player could buy additional copies of the outfit or mask. After the massive update to random events on 25 February, 2009, all player-owned frog tokens were automatically converted to Random event gift.
File:Regular Cabbage.PNG Cabbage As part of the 2009 April Fools event, normal Cabbages were replaced with a special type of cabbage which could be eaten (it healed 1 hp as usual), wielded, or tossed to other players. After the event was over, they were replaced with the normal Cabbages.
File:Lily of the valley detailed.png Lily of the valley The Lily of the valley was an item introduced in Spring of 2009. It could be picked from various places around the world map and was untradeable. However, after the event was over, they were discontinued.
File:Minecart ticket.png Minecart ticket The minecart ticket could be bought from the Cart Conductor for 150 coins, allowing access to the mine cart transport system. When mine cart rides were made free on 9 September, 2009, minecart tickets were made unobtainable as well as untradable.
File:Roast Potatoes.png Roast potatoes Roast potatoes could be taken from the table in the Land of snow, upon completion of the 2009 Christmas event. They disappeared when the player left the Land of Snow.
File:Turkey drumstick.png Turkey drumstick Turkey drumsticks could be taken from the table in the Land of snow, upon completion of the 2009 Christmas event. They disappeared when the player left the Land of Snow.
File:Mulled wine.png Mulled wine Mulled wines could be taken from the table in the Land of snow, upon completion of the 2009 Christmas event. They disappeared when the player left the Land of Snow.
File:Runescape yule log.png Yule log Yule logs could be taken from the table in the Land of snow, upon completion of the 2009 Christmas event. They disappeared when the player left the Land of Snow.

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