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Hobson in the second series anime



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Daimon (Japanese translated)




Seto Kaiba's butler

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Yu-Gi-Oh! First Series - Episode 020

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Hobson, known as Daimon in the first series anime, and simply "Kaiba's Butler" in the manga and the English version of the Dungeon Dice Monsters video game, is Seto Kaiba's faithful retainer, rarely leaving his side. He differs greatly between the various adaptations of the series. In the manga, he is sadistic and cruel; in the first series anime he is shown to have faith in the hope that Kaiba will find his heart; he barely appears in the second series anime, his only appearance of importance being forcing Solomon Muto to duel his master.

In both the manga and 2nd series anime, he is the reincarnation of Gebelk.


In the manga

In the manga during Death-T

In the manga, he manages a trap at Death-T. He, Yugi, Jonouchi, Honda, Anzu have to sit in electric chairs while watching a scary projection. Anyone who screams is electrocuted. He knows how to not scream having already experienced the projections while Yugi and his friends are close to screaming. Johji wriggles free from Anzu's lap and defecates on him. He screams and is electrocuted, freeing Yugi and his friends from the chairs.

In the first series anime

First series

In the first series anime Daimon is one of Kaiba's Game Masters. He requires a life-support capsule to stay alive. He is able to leave the capsule for short periods, however. He and Seto were good friends when Seto was a child, with Seto bringing him snacks like oranges when Daimon first got sick.

Seto releases him from the capsule so he can be the fourth opponent to challenge Yugi. By staging an accident, Seto is able to lure Yugi to duel Daimon. If Yugi refuses, Anzu will be devoured by a mechanical dragon. During this duel, Daimon states that the reason that he duels for Seto is that he belives in Seto's good side to come out again. Seto provides Daimon with a device that will allow him to see Yugi's hand, but Daimon refuses to use it. After being defeated, Daimon takes Yugi aside and tells him to restore Seto's lost innocence.

In the second series anime

Second series flashbacks

He appears in the first episode of the second series anime to kidnap Solomon Muto. He also appears during various flashbacks of Seto Kaiba's past.


Daimon plays a Zombiemaster Deck, focusing on getting his weak monsters destroyed to power up his "Zombiemaster" card.

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