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Hired Help

"Talk... to... Ahzrukhal."
location: Underworld
given by: Ahzrukhal
other npcs: Greta
reward: Charon's Employment Contract (Charon as companion)

Hired Help is a minor unmarked quest in Fallout 3.


Accepting the Quest

If you speak to Ahzrukhal in The Ninth Circle in the ghoul town of Underworld, he will tell you that he holds the employment contract of a ghoul named Charon (also located in The Ninth Circle in the corner). Charon is bound to work for whomever holds his contract. Ahzrukhal also tells you that he dislikes having to compete with the other beverage outlet in Underworld, Carol's Place. He proposes that if you were to kill Greta, who works there, he would be willing to give you the contract to Charon.

No Karma Loss Method

  • To kill Greta without losing any karma you will need Dogmeat and a blunt object. Simply wait until she goes out in the lobby area on her break (details below) then strike her with the blunt object (or any melee weapon that will do less than 30% damage) causing her to become hostile towards you. At this point she will flee, Dogmeat will chase her down and finish her off. This way you don't have to pay for Charon, and you do not lose any karma. Just be sure to stash the body.

Killing Greta

  • Remember that if anyone sees you kill Greta, they will become hostile to you, so the best time to kill her is when she goes on her smoking break just outside of Underworld in the Museum of History lobby area. She appears here around 9:00PM daily. If you have Broken Steel and Griffon is selling his Aqua Cura, you will not be able to kill her on her break due to the ghouls outside becoming hostile to you.
  • If you have Mister Sandman perk you can easily kill her in sleep without getting any hostility from Underworld's ghouls.
  • Use the Mesmetron on her, causing her to go berserk and be killed by the other inhabitants of Underworld.

Or simply reverse pickpocket her with a live grenade, just don't let a NPC see you.

Alternate Way

Charon can also be acquired from Ahzrukhal by paying him either

  • 2000 caps


  • 1000 caps if you have a barter skill of 50 or higher


After you murder Greta, return to Ahzrukhal to report your success. He will stick to his word and give you Charon's Employment Contract. After you tell Charon that you now have his contract, he will walk over to Ahzrukhal, who will think he's coming to say goodbye. Instead, Charon pulls out his shotgun and blows Ahzrukhals head off then shoots his dead body one more time.

It should be noted here that looting Ahzrukhal yields a cooler key to a cooler full o' goodies and caps. You may also steal anything in the room with no bad karma and no angry citizens. However, if you try to lockpick the safe or hack the terminal they will become hostile. On the PC Version, Patch, picking the safe resulted in no hostility and no negative karma, while hacking the terminal caused the shooting to start. In the 360 version failing to hack the terminal won't make the residents hostile or give bad karma, but if you succeed they will attack.


  • Occasionally, when the player successfully receives Charon's contract and he is en route to 'bid Ahzrukhal adieu', Charon instead simply stands in one spot and cannot be talked to, nor can Ahzrukhal. After this happens, Charon cannot be recruited and both will stand there indefinitely. If you break the law and get the residents of underworld to attack you it will unfreeze Charon and Ahzrukhal. After you make your escape the next time you return to underworld Ahzrukhal will be dead and you can gain Charon as a follower.
  • Neither picking the safe or hacking the terminal results in hostile locals in the PS3 GoTY version; however, hacking the terminal in the regular PS3 version still makes them go hostile, which picking the lock does not.
  • If you are not carrying 2000 caps when you offer that sum to Ahzrukhal, he will decline as if he wouldn't agree (as opposed to telling you to get the money).
  • Killing Ahzrukhal yourself will grant you positive karma, but will still turn all the Ghouls against you for three days. Note that, for whatever reason, the contract for Charon is not actually on Ahzrukhal (or in his safe, or anywhere else) and so if you do this, you will not be able to recruit Charon ever.


  • Occasionally, if you kill Greta, when returning to the Ninth Circle you will be attacked by everyone in the room and will be unable to talk to Ahzrukhal. This can be remedied by exiting underworld and waiting three consecutive 24 hour periods.Then all hostility should be gone and you can talk to Ahzrukhal normally.
  • Sometimes once you kill Greta, Charon will try to kill his former master but does not and you will never be able to acquire Charon.
  • Also, as above, Ahzrukhal will not acknowledge that deed and no dialog options will appear so you cannot acquire Charon.(360, PC)
  • And if you kill Greta before accepting Ahzrukhal's offer, the plot options to ask about Charon's contract will not appear, making it impossible to recruit him.

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