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Lyta Hall

Real Name
Hippolyta Trevor-Hall
Current Alias





Derek Trevor (adopted father), Joan Trevor (adopted mother, Miss America), Hector Hall (Doctor Fate, husband, deceased), Daniel Hall, (Dream, son), Helena Kosmatos (Fury, mother; Post-Crisis)
Pre-Crisis: Princess Diana Trevor, the Earth-Two Wonder Woman (Mother); General Steve Trevor (Father)



5' 7"

145 lbs (66 kg)




Marital Status


Originally she was named by her mother Princess Diana Trevor, the Earth-Two Wonder Woman in tribute of her original Earth-Two grandmother Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons.

Place of Birth
(Pre-Crisis) Washington D.C. on Earth-Two; (Post-Crisis) Unspecified locale

Place of Death
Mountain Top in Hell dimension

First appearance
Last appearance





Originally born on Earth-Two as the daughter of Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) and her husband General Steve Trevor, Hippolyta Trevor was born with superhuman attributes based on her mother's Amazon nature. Named after her materal grandmother the Queen of the Amazons, Hippolyta grew up in relative peace and security under the tutelage of her mother who was a noted superhuman crime fighter and her father one of the most respected military leaders of the United States.

Hippolyta would remain mostly in the shadow of her famous parents until she attained early adulthood and sought to actively pursue an active crime-fighting career in her mother's historic group, the Justice Society of America. Despite her mother's support, Hippolyta was rejected along with other applicants for being essentially untested and some stated too young.

Undaunted, Hippolyta and the other rejected members along with the two other Justice Society reserve members the young Power Girl and the youthful named though then middle aged Star-Spangled Kid who together would form their own supergroup known as Infinity, Inc.

Infinity, Inc. consisted of many of the direct children and successors of the Justice Society members. Despite their youth the team proved their effectiveness when they defeated their elder heroes when the Justice Society was possessed by the Stream of Ruthlessness. While a member of Infinity, Inc., Lyta met and became romantically attached to Hector Hall, who was then going by the code name of Silver Scarab.


It was during this time that the Crisis on Infinite Earths occurred, resetting Lyta's history so that she was no longer the daughter of the Earth-Two Wonder Woman who was erased from ever existing but now the daughter of the All Star Squadron "Fury", Helena Kosmatos.

In a curious twist, Lyta would be visited and trained by the current incarnation of Hippolyta who was now the Wonder Woman of the World War 2 era.

As a citizen of the New Earth with no further links to Earth-Two which now never existed, Lyta's became emotionally dependent on Hector Hall and became pregnant with his child. She would leave Infinity Inc. to bear her child but Hector was killed before she could birth to the child. After Hector was killed, he was forced into becoming the Sandman, and began to visit her in her dreams. Despite being dead, Lyta and Hector were married and Lyta gave birth to a son, Daniel, who was soon taken to replace Dream as the Sandman.

But the emotional loss of her family was too much for Lyta when Helena Kosmatos became unbalanced with her own fixation of being an Amazon. Helena was placed under Hippolyta's care, leaving Lyta effectively alone after the death of her husband.

Lyta was placed into the Amulet of Anubis by Nabu when Hector became Doctor Fate. The two were reunited when Hector found her and the previous Doctor Fates in the amulet. Lyta returned to the normal world. However, as the Spectre began attacking magic users, Hector and Lyra were returned to the amulet.

After many trying exploits in the realm of Dreaming, Ltya returned to the physical world but was attacked by the Spectre in his recent desire to destroy all magick in the DC Universe during the Infinite Crisis. Apparently sent to a solitary mountain top, Lyta was approached by her son Daniel now ruler of the Dream reality. It is there that Daniel offers to transport the souls of Lyta and Hector to the Dream Dimension for all eternity, but they can never return to Earth. With Hector near-death, Lyta accepted her son's offer and takes the unconscious Hector into the Dream realm. Their bodies were seen remaining in the snow, presumably dead (JSA #80).

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Stamina

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced Durability

Animal Empathy

Regenerative Healing Factor

Invulnerability to Magic


Skilled Combatant: Trained in most forms of hand-to-hand combat.

Strength level



  • Despite being a successor to the original Hippolyta who was a brunette, Hippolyta Trevor was created based on the SILVER Age Hypolita who was depicted as a blonde.

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  • Sandman: The Kindly Ones (Trade Paperback)

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