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Final Fantasy II Enemy
Hill Gigas
Japanese ヒルギガース
Romaji Hirugigāsu
NES Name Hill Gigas
NES DSOP Name Giant
PS Name Hill Gigas
GBA Name Hill Gigas
PSP Name Hill Gigas

The Hill Gigas, also known as Giant, is an optional boss, and later, enemy in Final Fantasy II. It is first encountered on the Dreadnought inside a treasure chest, but later appears as a regular enemy.


The first battle with a Gigas can be a surprisingly difficult one, if you are not ready for it. Like most creatures of his type, he is a muscle-bound brute with a high Attack stat. He does not cast any spells, instead relying on a constant physical barrage. Depending on your characters' HP levels, he may be able to knock them out in one hit. He also boasts very high Defense and Magic Defense stats, making it difficult to land substantial hits on him. However, the Hill Gigas is easily put to sleep, and if you picked up the Sleep Blade early on in the Dreadnought, you can equip it and attack the giant to give him a nap while you hack away at him. Make sure to cast Blink and Protect on your party to reduce the damage the Hill Gigas will dish out.

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