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High Wire
Armando Mendez telling Victor Vance about 'his' drug shipment being seized by the VCPD
Game: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
For: Armando Mendez and Diego Mendez
Location: Prawn Island, Vice City
Target: Container
Reward: $1,500
Unlocks: Burning Bridges

High Wire is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Armando Mendez and Diego Mendez from their home on Prawn Island, Vice City.



Victor Vance drops-by the Mendez mansion looking for more work. Armando Mendez is there and he's worrying about Victor. Armando explains that the cops have taken their coke and Diego tried suggesting to the police that the cocaine belonged to the Vance Crime Family and says he's got a paper showing Victor's involvement in it. Victor drives to the Junkyard in Little Haiti and takes a Maverick with a magnet. The first container of the cargo is around Viceport at the police impound, and after Victor lifts it up with the magnet, he drops it at the Escobar International Airport. The second and last container is being moved out to the police station in Little Havana by a big truck, Victor lifts it before it reaches the police station and drops it at the same place as the previous container. Suddenly when he drops the second container, Diego is in trouble and is being chased by the Bikers who are damaging his car and Victor has to save him before his car catches fire. Victor flies to Ocean Beach and picks up the car and as instructed, he drops it at the multi-storey car-park there.


Armando Mendez: Whoa, thank God you're here.

Victor Vance: What's going on?

Armando Mendez: I've got some bad news, friend. You're in terrible trouble.

Victor Vance: What?

Armando Mendez: Diego is beside himself with worry.

Victor Vance: Wait a minute, hold on. What are you talking about?

Armando Mendez: The police got some of our merchandise. But it's you we're worried about.

Victor Vance: Why?

Armando Mendez: You see, we're utilitarians - the greatest good for the greatest number. And there are two of us, but only one of you. So Diego suggested we explain to the police that the cocaine was yours.

Victor Vance: What... [sarcastically] Oh-ho-ho, oh, yeah, that's very thoughtful of you.

Armando Mendez: And unfortunately, I have this paperwork showing your involvement in the project. Unless we could resolve this little distraction.

Victor Vance: And how do you suggest we do that?

Armando Mendez: You steal the cocaine back for us. It's been impounded. You must steal it before they take it back to the police station. Thank you, Vic. I do so enjoy our conversations. I find you very inspiring.

Victor Vance: Thanks. Here we go again.

Armando Mendez: Have fun!

(Victor drives to the Junkyard in Little Haiti)

Diego: There are some cargo containers at the police impound. Our coke is hidden inside them, all mixed up amongst the other cargo.

Victor Vance: Don't worry. I'll get them out of there.

Diego: Muy Bien. I'll be in touch.

(Victor picks up the cargo container at the police impound)

Diego (on radio): Senor, take the containers to the drop-off point.

(Victor drops the container)

Diego (on radio): Caray! The cops are moving the last container. Get it back! Vamos!

(Victor lifts the last container.)

Diego (on radio): I can't believe you did it! Senor, it's been a pleasure watching your work. Adios.

(Victor drops the container at the drop off point)

Diego (on radio): Senor! Senor! Please, help me! The Bikers are after me! I can't get away! Oh, Madre dios!

(Victor reaches the east island)

Diego (on radio): Come quick! Help me! Please, senor!

(Victor lifts the car with the magnet)

Diego: Thank you, senor! You're incredible!

Victor Vance: No problem. Where do you want me to drop you off?

Diego: [laughs] Oh, please, don't drop me, senor! [laughs] Take me to the car park. Gracias!

(Victor drops off Diego's car at the car-park)

Diego: Gracias, senor! That was fantastic! Adios!


The reward for completing this mission is $1,500 and the unlocking of Burning Bridges.


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This article is about the Armada and Energon Mini-Con. For the Universe Mini-Con, see High Wire (Universe).
High Wire is a Mini-Con in the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
Have you seen me?

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High Wire is a Mini-con found by Rad White. High Wire's alt-mode is a bike, which he chose after scanning Rad's old bike. Motivational, intelligent, yet ego-free, he believes unwaveringly in the power of teamwork, and though he wouldn't admit it, he is great at leadership.

He combines with his fellow Street Action Team members to form Perceptor. On at least one occasion he has demonstrated a limited ability to manipulate time.

Japanese name (Micron Legend): Wheelie
Japanese name (Super Link): Hopper
Hungarian name: Vezet├ęk ("Wire")



You will be whole again. I promise.
I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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Cartoon continuity


Voice actor: SFX, Terry Klassen (US); SFX, ? (Japan)

A million years ago, a ceasefire was called between the Autobots and the Decepticons, during which it was decided to banish the Mini-Cons from Cybertron so they would never be used as tools of war again. High Wire was among the Mini-Cons who were placed in stasis inside Mini-Con storage panels on board the starship Exodus for the long journey into deep space.

However, during the launch of the Exodus, the Decepticon leader Megatron betrayed the ceasefire and attacked, hoping to take all the Mini-Cons for himself. The Autobots managed to hold off the Decepticons long enough for the Exodus to make it to a warp gate and leave Cybertron behind forever. After drifting through space for countless years, the Mini-Con ship collided with the moon of a primitive world that would become known as Earth and broke apart, half of it remaining on the moon while the rest crash-landed on the planet's surface.

Thousands of years later, a human schoolboy named Rad and his friend Carlos were exploring the caves under the local observatory when they discovered the remains of the Exodus. Rad was drawn to the glowing, green Mini-Con panel in the darkness, and when he touched it, the systems of the Exodus reactivated and sent a signal back to Cybertron. Now the Transformers knew what had become of the Mini-Cons. After Rad and Carlos exited the caves and met up with Alexis, they were confronted by Megatron himself. In his fear, Rad stumbled and dropped the Mini-Con panel, which activated and released High Wire. High Wire was shocked to see Megatron and scanned Rad's bicycle to enable the escape for his new friends and liberators. However, Megatron managed to stop them and demanded the humans turn over High Wire. Fortunately for all concerned, the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, arrived to confront the Decepticon leader. First Encounter



Dreamwave comics continuity



Fun Publications Cybertron comics



  • Street Action Mini-Con Team (Mini-Con Team, 2002)
  • Magna Convoy DX Set (Multi-pack, 2003)


  • Perceptor (Basic, 2004)
  • Energon Kicker with High Wire (Deluxe, 2005)


  • Perceptor (2005)


  • Blastcharge vs High Wire (Mini-Con 2-pack, 2006)

External links

  • High Wire at

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