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High Council Chamber
General information

Jedi Temple; rebuilt in the New Jedi Temple


Jedi Order; later the New Jedi Order

The High Council Chamber, or Jedi Council Chamber was a circular room at the top of the High Council Tower of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. It hosted meetings of the Jedi High Council during the rule of the Galactic Republic.



Jedi Council Chambers on Coruscant circa 3,960 BBY.

Chambers for the High Council had existed on Coruscant since before 4,000 BBY. As of 3,976 BBY, the chamber was located at the peak of a tower in the center of a broad plaza. This body was responsible for reassigning the Jedi of Taris to separate stations after the Padawan Massacre of Taris. It was also in this chamber, although several members missing, that the Jedi Exile came back to face trial after the Mandalorian Wars and the beginning of the Jedi Civil War.

In the year 1000 BBY, the council was relocated to the newly built High Council Tower, part of the Jedi Temple complex. The High Council held meetings in this chamber up until the fall of the Jedi Order following the culmination of the Clone Wars. Hundreds of masters would sit on the esteemed council over the millennia. A group of younglings attempted to hide from the forces of the 501st Legion in the Council Chamber, but they were hunted down and brutally executed by Darth Vader.

During the Dark Times Ferus Olin entered that tower's atrium through a rooftop breakfast room and entered into a lightsaber duel with the Sith Lord Darth Vader. Climbing the ancient stairs around the spire, Olin and the Sith entered the Chamber and proceeded to throw the chairs and floor tiles around the room. Later, they left the chamber and it lay dormant again.

During Starkiller's third mission to the Temple, the Sith assassin entered into the ruined Chamber, feeling compelled by the Force to seek it out. The malfunctioning Jedi Trials program activated and used the Council Chamber's holoprojectors to create a simulacrum of Kento Marek. Galen dueled and defeated the phantom Jedi, and left the ruined Chamber.

The Council floor, which had once been polished regularly, showed signs of poor upkeep and constant use during the Clone Wars.


The Temple was left in ruins, the Jedi Council Chambers leering over the surface of Coruscant for years before eventually being reduced to rubble during the Yuuzhan Vong War. Following that conflict, Luke Skywalker had the original Jedi Temple reconstructed at the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, an exact replica of the High Council Chamber rested atop the tower, now concealed within a large transparisteel pyramid, thus obstructing the once famous view. Mara Skywalker, filling the new rank of Council secretary, had a small desk near the door way in the new chambers; a design that would be removed when the Order adopted the Old Order's way of recording the meetings. During this time, the chamber was also known as the Masters' Chamber.

During the Second Galactic Civil War, Jacen Solo went into the empty Council Chambers and flow-walked back to the day that his grandfather stood before the Council and was denied the rank of Master. This event helped convince Jacen to become a Sith. Two years later, it was in these chambers that the new Grand Master Kenth Hamner announced his decision to subtly subvert the Galactic Alliance and increase support for the Jedi. During this meeting, several additional chairs were brought up to the chamber in order to accommodate all the Jedi Masters on Coruscant.

The Council Chambers were guarded by two apprentices while the Council was in session. During a very important meeting regarding the fate of two insane Jedi, the Council was guarded by a male Human, a female Mon Calamari, and Knight Jaden Korr.


The twelve Masters of the Council would meet in the Council Chamber at the peak of the High Council Spire, seating themselves in twelve specially-designed chairs arrayed around the circumference of the room. High windows provided an impressive panoramic view of Galactic City. A small and narrow corridor ran between the inner and outer windows, where a stairwell existed; granting access to the Temple Treasury Room. The dedicated turbolift that ran up the side of the Tower from the Galaxy Holomap Room deposited into a small larmalstone lobby that served as entry into the vaulted chambers.

During the time of the Jedi Civil War, a large stone stood in the center of the room. It is here that the Jedi Exile stabbed her lightsaber as she left the Order. The natural and circular motifs in the floor mosaic symbolized harmony and balance between the Jedi, the Council, and the Republic.

With the Tower rebuilt, the chamber's windows were adorned at first with opulent hangings, which were later deemed too much for the austere chamber and were removed.


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Appearances as the New Jedi Council Chamber


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