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The Hi-Potion (ハイポーション, Haipōshon), sometimes translated as Potion and Cure2, is a recurring item in various games in the series. It recovers HP, usually more than a Potion, but less than an X-Potion.




Final Fantasy

Hi-Potions did not originally appear in this game until the Dawn of Souls remake.

Effect Restores 150 HP
Location Gaia and onwards
Cost 150 gil

Final Fantasy II

Effect Restores a large amount of HP
Location All item shops in the game
Find Semitt Falls, Dreadnought, Castle Flynn, Tropical Island x2, Cave of Mysidia x2, Jade Passage
Won from Borghen, Malboro, Malboro Terra, Black Knight, Death Rider, Flan Princess, Lamia Matriarch, Catoblepas
Cost 500 G
150 gil

Final Fantasy III

Effect Restores 500 HP (restores up to 1000 HP in the Famicom release)
Location All item shops in the Surface World
Find Molten Cave, Falgabard, Lake Dohr (x3)
Steal from Many monsters
Won from Many monsters
Cost 150 gil

With the Scholar job class in the DS remake, Hi-Potions restore up to 1000 HP.

Final Fantasy IV

Effect Restores a larger amount of HP (500 HP in the DS remake)
Location Dwarven Castle and onwards
Find Waterway, Troia Castle (x4), Magnetic Cavern (x2), Eblan, Dwarf Castle, Tower of Babil - Lower, Cave of Eblan (x3), Tower of Babil - Upper (x2), Kokkol's Smithy, Sealed Cavern (x2), Sylvan Cave (x2), Land of Summons (x3), Baron Castle (x2), Giant of Babil
Steal from Mage, Stoneman
Won from Aqua Worm, Armadillo, Carapace, Cave Bat, Crawler, Cream, Crocodile, Gator, Giant Bat, Huge Cell, Ironback, Jelly, Larva, Mage, Pike, Piranha, Roc, Rock Larva, Sandpede, Sand Worm, Slime, Stoneman, Tofu, Tortoise, Were Bat, Zuu
Cost 150 gil

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Hi-Potions restore 500 HP, and can be bought in various stores for 150 Gil, as well as found or won from various enemies.

Final Fantasy V

Effect Restores 500 HP
Location All item shops in the Second World and Phantom Village
Find Tycoon Castle, Ronka Ruins, Island Shrine, Fork Tower
Steal from A Rage, Abductor (X-Death's Castle), Adamngolem, Adamngolem (Zefa Zone summon), Aquagel, Archeotoad, Armon, Auspices, Bald Money, Big Butterfly, Blizzard, Bludgeoner, Centipeelr, Cure Beast, Devourer, Freeziabat, Gloom Widow, Grand Mummy, Gravidead, Grenade, Grimalkin, Harpy, Hyudra, Imp, Kuzer, Landsquid, LilChariot, Magic Pot, Magic Dragon, Mamon, Maximus, Metamorpha, Mog Eater, Moss Fungus, Mummy, Page 256, Pao, Poltergeist, QuadrHarpy, Red Dragon, Red Harpy, Rock Statue, Ronka Knight, Sea Devil, Shell Bear, Sleepy, Slug, Soul Cannon, Stones, Trent, Twin Lizard, Unknown [1], Unknown [2], Unknown [3], Unknown [4], Garula, Launcher, Abductor (Val Castle), Gilgamesh - 1st Form (X-Death's Castle 2nd), Barrier
Won from Adamngolem, Armon, Baretta, Blizzard, Centipeelr, Corbett, DeemMaster, Ferry Walk, Freeziabat, Grand Mummy, Grenade, Imp, Level Tripper, Magnities, Mamon, Mercury Bat, Shell Fish, Stone Golem, Weresnake, Y-Burn, Garula, Titan, Gargoyle
Cost 360 gil

Hi-Potions are also a Mix result by mixing either 2 Hi-Potions or a Hi-Potion with Holy Water.

Final Fantasy VI

Effect restores 250 HP
Buy in Albrook, Blackjack (WoB only), Figaro Castle, Jidoor, Kohlingen, Phantom Train (WoB only), Mobliz (WoB only), Narshe (WoB only), Nikeah, Returner Hideout (WoB only), South Figaro (WoR only), Thamasa, Tzen
Find in Returner Hideout, Zozo, Albrook, Jidoor (Owzer's house)
Steal from Actinian, Death Warden, Anguiform, Provoker, Aepyornis, Bogy, Bomb, Glasya Labolas, Hunting Hound, Bug, Devourer, Murussu, Antares, Doberman, Dragon, Fidor, Figaro Lizard, Gloomwind, Lenergia, Gold Bear, Guard, Zokka, Cloud, Ipooh, Luna Wolf, Luridan, Magitek Armor, Mandrake, Mega Armor, Lukhavi, Nautiloid, Officer, Paraladia, Oversoul, Poplium, Cloudwraith, Proto Armor, Leap Frog, Chippirabbit, Crane, Sandhorse, Stunner, Veil Dancer, Bonnacon, Soldier, Stray Cat, Gorgias, Goetia, Megalodoth, Vulture, Angel Whisper, Zombie Dragon
Won from Briareus, Aepyornis, Bomb, Nettlehopper, Darkside, Doberman, Gold Bear, Magitek Armor, Guard Leader, Lukhavi, Desert Hare, Lesser Lopros, Don, Belmodar, Living Dead, Templar, Goetia, Megalodoth, Ymir's Head
Cost 300 Gil

Final Fantasy VII

The first game to feature them as Hi-Potion from its original Potion name.

Effect restores 500 HP
Buy in Kalm, Junon, North Corel, Costa del Sol, Gold Saucer, Cosmo Canyon, Gongaga, Nibelheim, Mideel, Bone Village, Corel Prison
Find in Midgar (x2), Mythril Mines, Whirlwind Maze, Fort Condor
Steal from Devil Ride, Doorbull, Dragon Rider, Elfadunk, Hell Rider VR2, Ice Golem, Smogger, Wind Wing, Turks:Rude
Won from 2-Faced, Bagnadrana, Bandersnatch, Beachplug, Bloatfloat, Castanets, Crawler, Crown Lance, Cuahl, Death Claw, Doorbull, Dragon Rider, Formula, Golem, |Grand Horn, Grangalan, Harpy, Heavy Tank, Heg, Hell House, Ice Golem, Ironite, Joker, Jumping, Kimara Bug, Kyuvilduns, Levrikon, Madouge, Malldancer, Nibel Wolf, Razor Weed, Search Crown, Slaps, Sonic Speed, Spiral, Stinger, Thunderbird, Trickplay, Valron, Velcher Task
Morph from 2-Faced, Bandit, Bloatfloat, Cactuar, Death Claw, Devil Ride, Grand Horn, Hell Rider VR2, Kalm Fang, Kyuvilduns, Laser Cannon, Levrikon, Machine Gun, Madouge, Prowler, Rocket Launcher, Search Crown, Slalom, Special Combatant, Valron
Cost 500 Gil

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Hi-Potions restore 500 HP. They can be bought for 500 Rank Points.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Hi-Potions restore a moderate but unspecific amount of HP. They can only be bought from Research Dept. QMC+ for 500 gil or can be dropped or stolen from various enemies.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Hi-Potions restore a medium amount of HP.

Final Fantasy VIII

Effect Restores 1000 HP
Location All item shops in the game
Steal from Base Soldier, Esthar Soldier, G-Soldier, Slapper
Won from Command Leader (High [Common]), Elite Soldier (Moderate [Rare], High [Common]), Esthar Soldier (High [Common]), Esthar Soldier (Cyborg) (High [Common]), Paratrooper (Moderate & High [Very common]), Slapper
Refine From 3 Potion + into 1 Hi-Potion (Med LV Up)
1 Healing Mail into 6 Hi-Potion (Recov Med-RF)
1 Healing Water into 2 Hi-Potion (Recov Med-RF)
Cost 1000 gil

Hi-Potions can also be upgraded to a Hi-Potion+ with Med-Up ability from Alexander. They restore 2000 HP to a single party member. They can also be obtained, though only with a 1/18 chance, through the Angelo Search ability.

Final Fantasy IX

Effect Restores 450 HP in battle, or 300 HP in the field.
Location Black Mage Village and beyond
Find in South Gate, Lindblum, North Gate, Cleyra's Trunk, Iifa Tree
Steal from Abomination, Adamantoise, Amdusias, Antlion, Armodullahan, Armstrong, Axe Beak, Baku, Basilisk, Blazer Beetle, Bomb, Catoblepas, Core, Clipper, Crawler, Dracozombie, Fang, Feather Circle, Gargoyle, Garuda, Ghost, Gnoll, Grimlock Blue, Hecteyes, Hedgehog Pie, Ironite, Jabberwock, Ladybug, Land Worm, Mandragora, Mimic, Mistodon, Nymph, Ochu, Plant Spider, Python, Sahagin, Sand Golem, Shell Dragon, Skeleton, Tonberry, Type B, Veteran, Worm Hydra, Wraith, Yeti, Zemzelett, Zuu
Won from Adamantoise, Anemone, Ash, Basilisk, Black Waltz No. 1, Bomb, Cactuar, Catoblepas, Core, Dracozombie, Ghost, Griffin, Ironite, Jabberwock, Land Worm, Mimic, Ogre, Sand Scorpion, Seeker Bat, Soldier, Type C, Vepal (Green), Vepal (Red), Whale Zombie, Yan, Zemzelett, Zuu
Cost 200 gil

Garnet or Eiko can use the "Chemist" ability in order to restore 900 HP with a Hi-Potion.

Final Fantasy X

Effect Restores 1000 HP
Buy in From Macalania Woods onwards; available Spira-wide after obtaining the Airship
Find in Baaj (x2), Besaid (x4), Kilika, S.S. Winno, Luca (x2), Mi'ihen Highroad (x4), Mushroom Rock (x4), Djose (x3), Guadosalam (x2), Thunder Plains (x2), Macalania (x2), Bikanel (x14)
Steal from Bat Eye, Black Element, Buer, Bunyip, Dual Horn, Epaaj, Evil Eye, Garm, Grendel, Guado Guardian, Kusariqqu, Machea, Mafdet, Murussu, Mushussu, Negator, Nidhogg, Swamp Mafdet, Tonberry, Valaha, Warrior Monk, Wasp (Final Fantasy X), Wendigo, Xiphos
Won from Mech Guard, Mech Gunner, Mech Leader, Mech Scouter, Negator, Worker, YKT-11, YKT-63
Other None
Cost Varies (nominally 500 Gil)

Final Fantasy X-2

They are also available for free from the Alchemist Dressphere via the Stash skillset. They can also be accessed through the Mix ability.

Effect Restores 1000 HP.
Buy In All shops after Chapter 2.
Find In (Chapter 1) Mushroom-Rock, Macalania, Besaid/Islandpath, Zanarkand
(Chapter 2) Besaid/Islandpath, Mi´Hen-Highroad, Mushroom-Rock, Macalania, Zanarkand, Mt. Gagazet, Bevelle
(Chapter 3) Celsius, Mi´Hen-Highroad, Thunder Plains, Bevelle, Calm Land, Zanarkand, Besaid/Cave, Djose/Front area
(Chapter 4) Celsius
(Chapter 5) Mi´Hen-Highroad, Bevelle
Steal From Quadricorn, Flan Palido, Killer Hound, Wild Wolf, Flame Dragon, Wild Fang, Anole, League Raider, League Warrior, Peregrine, Skink, Yevon Defender, Yevon Guard, ???, Aquila, Anole (Thunder Plains, Zanarkand), Bascinet, Canis Major, Leucophylla, Lupus, Malboro, Balivarha, Gigas, Humbaba, Gug, Volcano, Tindalos, Phantom, Lich, Hexapod, Hug Bug, Creeper, Claret Dragon
Won From Coyote, Coeurl, Flan Palido, Killer Hound, Nashorn, Quadricorn, Wild Fang, Wild Wolf, Anole, Bolt Drake, Deep Haizhe, League Raider, League Soldier, League Warrior, Peregrine, Tonberry, League Scout, Fem-Goon, Battlesnake, Zurvan, Lupus, League Mage, Yevon's Finest, Yevon Striker, Adamantoise, Watcher-S, Watcher-R, Watcher-A, Dolmen, Sahagin Prince, Claret Dragon, Tindalos, League Veteran, League Slasher, Canis Major, Bascinet, Monolith, Humbaba
Bribe Killer-Hound, Wild Fang, Nashorn, Canis Major, Aquila, Leucophylla
Other N/A
Cost 500

Final Fantasy XI

Main: Hi-Potion in FFXIclopedia

Hi-Potions be obtained a variety of different ways, including crafting, purchase from an NPC vendor, or as rewards for special events like Assault or Burning Circle fights. There are four different varieties of Hi-Potions: Hi-Potions, Hi-Potions +1, Hi-potions +2, and Hi-potion +3. The plus amount signifies a higher quality, with +3 being the best version, though other potions exist that restore more HP.

Final Fantasy XII

Effect Restores 400 HP, its potency can be increased by learning Potion Lores in the License Board.
Location Rabanstre, Lowtown Merchants, Nalbina, Bhujerba, Jahara, Eruyt, Mt. Bur-Omisace, Mosphoran Highwaste, Old Archades, Archades, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Leviathan, Balfonheim, Phon Coast (Cannot be bought till you meet Dyce in the Sandseas)
Cost 210 gil

Final Fantasy Tactics

Effect Restores 70 HP
Location All shops in the game, after finishing the event at the Sand Rat Sietch
Won from Chocobo, Goblin, Black Goblin, Bone Snatch, Pisco Demon, Gust
Cost 200 gil

The ability required to use it can be learned from the Chemist job for 200 JP.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Effect Restores 50 HP
Location All shops in the game
Won from N/A
Cost 200 gil

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Effect Restores 100 HP
Location All shops in the game
Won from N/A
Cost 100 gil


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