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Political information
Type of government

Gas Giant

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The Rubble

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Hesiod was a gas giant located in the 23 Librae star system, orbiting farther out than the former UNSC Outer Colony, Madrigal.[1]

The planet was orbited by the moon Metisette[2] and trailed by Trojan Asteroids in the L5 position.[3] Metisette contained the Covenant installation Redoubt, run by the Kig-Yar Reth as a breeding ground for Unggoy. The Trojan Asteroids were used by the Insurrectionists as a hide-out, nicknamed the Rubble.[4]


  • The name of the planet is likely a reference to the early Greek poet and Rhapsode Hesiod, whose writings serve as a major source on Greek Mythology, farming techniques, archaic Greek astronomy and ancient time-keeping.[5]


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