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Up to date as of February 09, 2010

From Grand Theft Wiki

The heroin is a part of Grand Theft Auto IV's storyline including The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Like the diamonds, it also has a large part of the game that involves the protagonists Niko, Johnny and Luis. Below are scenarios that takes place involving different people that gain possession of the heroin and the heroin itself.



When the Platypus arrived in Liberty City, the heroin, which was loaded into a car by a couple of Triads, was smuggled into the city together with the diamonds and Niko Bellic. The Angels of Death stole their heroin and it was in their hands until Johnny and the Lost came to the AOD clubhouse and destroyed the clubhouse and stole the heroin. The Lost, along with Elizabeta Torres try to offload the heroin but the deal is a LCPD setup and Johhny escapes with the heroin. Then the Lost try to again make a deal to offload the heroin to the Triads who had it in the first place but the Triads took the heroin from the Lost without making a deal. After that the heroin is not heard of until the mission Truck Hustle where the Triads are going to ship the heroin when Niko Bellic hijacks the truck carrying it and takes it to a lock up in Alderney. Then later Phil Bell, Frankie, and Niko try to move the heroin but the FIB finds them but the trio evade the police. James Pegorino made a deal with Dimitri Rascalov, giving him the heroin. Dimitri was later ultimately killed by Niko. Dimitri's associate, Rodislav Bulgarin, then claimed the heroin and unloaded it from vans in Funland. However, Bulgarin had attacked Luis Lopez before, who finally destroyed all of the heroin after it was unloaded, and killed Bulgarin soon after.


Niko Bellic

After the Triads took back their Heroin, because of the police attention, they think it's cursed. So Niko under orders from Phil Bell steals the heroin and hides it in a abandoned house. When Niko and Phil went to go pick up the heroin, the FIB attempt to bust them, proving that the heroin is being watched, therefore cursed. After they escaped the FIB, the Pegorinos ally with the Russians and try to sell it to another Mafia Family. But Dimitri kills the buyers and steals the heroin for himself in either ending.

Johnny Klebitz

The heroin they steal from the Angels of Death Clubhouse actually has huge consequences that last to the end of the game. First off, when Johnny, Playboy X and Niko try to sell it to UC, the NOOSE ambush them. After that a man named Agent Jones calls Johnny and everyone in the club to give information about the club. This must of been where Billy agrees, tell the Triad Boss to rip off Johnny and Jim in This Shit's Cursed, Billy Grey gets himself arrested and told Brian Jeremy to frame Johnny. This is were Brian gathers alot of Lost bikers and The Lost start to implode. The civil war gets many many bikers killed and not many are in the club. And eventually leads to Billy to rat out his brothers.

Luis Lopez

After Dimitri was killed, Bulgarin claimed the heroin. As revenge, Luis destroyed all of the heroin, and killed Bulgarin soon after.

Mission Appearances

Note the following missions are sorted in chronological order of the timeline.

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From Lostpedia

Heroin is a highly addictive alkaloid-based narcotic. Its manufacture and use is illegal in most countries, including Australia, the UK and the United States. It is made from morphine.

In Lost

  • Charlie becomes addicted to heroin after he is introduced to it by his brother Liam. ("The Moth")
Liam with a bag of heroin
  • Liam is able to eventually kick the habit (after almost losing his family) but Charlie continues to use even after the Crash. ("The Moth")
  • Locke eventually convinces him to kick the habit, first giving Charlie three chances to ask him for his stash. He claims that on the third time of asking, the heroin stash will be his. ("The Moth")
  • Shortly after this, Locke and Boone discover a crashed Beechcraft containing lots of Virgin Mary statuettes with heroin hidden inside. ("Deus Ex Machina")
  • Charlie finds one while accompanying Sayid in pursuit of Rousseau after she kidnaps Aaron and begins carrying it around as a kind of talisman. ("Exodus, Part 2")
  • Mr. Eko was a notorius drug lord in Nigeria before crashing on the island. He kills two Moroccan drug dealers while trying to smuggle large amounts of heroin out of Nigeria. ("The 23rd Psalm")
  • The Beechcraft was originally used by Mr. Eko to smuggle heroin out of Nigeria but the plane somehow ended up crashing on the Island. ("The 23rd Psalm")
  • Mr. Eko shows Claire that the statuettes contain heroin and demands that Charlie take him to the plane. ("The 23rd Psalm")
  • After Charlie shows Mr. Eko the plane they set it on fire, but Charlie had previously taken six of the statuettes and hidden them. ("The 23rd Psalm")
  • Later, Locke reveals to Charlie that he knows about his stash and he takes them and puts them in the gun vault. ("Fire + Water")
  • Locke later moves the contents of the gun vault as a part of Sawyer's con, so the heroin was then in the possession of Sawyer. ("The Long Con")
  • Used by Jack to ease Libby's suffering, after she was shot by Michael. ("?")
  • Charlie apparently seals the kicking of his heroin addiction by throwing the last of the Virgin Mary statuettes into the sea. ("Three Minutes")


  • The taking of the drug itself is never seen, just implied, because of strict television network policy on how illicit drugs are presented.
  • During the heroin scenes, brown sugar is used.
  • The packaging of the heroin is always exactly the same in every scene of the series.

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