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The Heroic Icon.
The Halo 3: ODST stylisation.
"Your enemies are as numerous as they are ferocious; their attacks are devastating. Survival is not guaranteed."
—Description from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2.
"Fight against formidable foes that will truly test your skill and wits; this is the way Halo is meant to be played."
—Description from Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST.

Heroic is the second hardest difficulty in the Halo series campaign mode.


The symbol for the Heroic difficulty setting is represented with a shield that has the Marathon Logo encrusted into the center; over the shield are two UNSC Standard Issue Combat Knives crossed over each other.

Heroic pits you against the Covenant, who are now slightly smarter, and their weapons inflict more damage per hit than their Normal-level counterparts. Even the weakest of infantry, the Grunts, take quite a few bullets until they go down. It is otherwise considered "Hard", in other games.

The following are a list of changes in the Heroic difficulty:

  • Health meter is smaller. Hits do more damage.
  • Shields are only 75% their "Normal" capacity.
  • Increased Shields and/or armor for enemies.
  • Many Minor Elites are replaced by Major Elites. Major Grunts are more frequent as well, along with other opponents.
  • Enemies are smarter in tactical actions, thus harder to kill (ex. starting to hide behind barriers when their shields are down).
  • Marines have reduced effectiveness and are weaker; their tactical intelligence has also been reduced.
  • Ultra Elites and Ultra Grunts appear ever so often and for the Elites, they normally dual wield. Zealots also begin to take the place of Ultras.
  • Many more Jackal snipers are placed throughout levels, and in Halo 3, some of them have Beam Rifles instead of Carbines.

All of these wrap up into a nice gameplay option for more experienced players, who find Normal less exciting, and Legendary too hard. This difficulty may be deemed the most realistic by some players; however, this is not to be stated as a fact, as each player has their own comfort zone, regarding difficulty.

In Halo 3, Heroic was intended for those who have played the prior games, and multiplayer, resulting in an increased skill amount. This increase means that those who found Normal comfortable in Halo 2, will find Heroic just right for Halo 3, according to Frankie. Martin O'Donnell stated that, 'Normal is for beginners who are embarrassed to pick Easy. Heroic is what we intended.'


  • Every difficulty shield icon has the Marathon symbol on it.
  • Heroic difficulty is considered the "True Halo Universe" by most of the Bungie employees and creators, seeing that it mirrors reality of the Halo world in many ways.
  • Unlike other difficulties, the combat is more realistic. The enemy AI is better on higher difficulties.
  • Most of the time, enemy ranks are usually higher.
  • Heroic is a more popular difficulty level than others, because Easy and Normal are considered to be too easy, and Legendary is often considered too hard.
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved, Hunters can take up to two rockets each, and two Scorpion tank shells.
  • Zealots can take up to three plasma pistol overcharges before dying.
  • In Halo 3: ODST the Combat Knives on the difficulty shield icon are replaced by silenced SMGs.
  • The French players of Halo often call it the Erotic mode or Crest mode . Crest because in french, crest means érétique and its similar to Heroic.

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The old village has grown into a township
Ship activity in Aurilia
Aurilian sentinels at work
Strange pyramids
A shuttle to the heroic encounters

Chapter 7 saw the re-emergence from the mist of the village of Aurilia. It is now a township following the village's liberation from the Shadows of the Sith. It serves as a hub for missions allowing access to five Heroic instance encounters and several collections. It is still located SE of the Dathomir Science Outpost but is very different to the village as known before the NGE.

/way dathomir 5302 -4151 Aurilia Township;

Aurilia is locked by a wall of mist and only players CL70+ and ace pilots can go through it. After having reached Aurilia by ground vehicle, remember to talk to Maximilian at the shuttle, so you can talk to the Aurilian Contacts in the Mos Eisley, Theed and Coronet starports to take you directly to the township for 2500 credits. Pre-quests to the six Heroic Encounters starts here:

NPC's that Inhabit this village:

  • Kakirk (Nexus Collector) (5356 -4138)
  • Sivarra Mecheaux (Pre-NGE) (5354 -4161)
  • 2-1B (Medical Droid) (5357 -4164)
  • Shaneeka (Chief Engineer of Aurilia) (5305 -4213)
  • Paemos (Mayor of Aurilia) (5304 -4151)
  • Dageerin (Aurilia Village Rewards Vendor) (5255 -4149)
  • Vansic (A Junk Dealer) (5255 -4126)
  • Tusken Fanatic (5182 -4172) - Gives Tusken Scholar quest.
  • Nym's Envoy (5181 -4159) - Gives Nym's Slicer quest.
  • Major Appleton (An Imperial Investigator) (5197 -4153) - Gives Lost Star Destroyer quest for Imperials.
  • Hirael Chindiaye (An Independent Investigator) (5185, -4162) Gives Lost Star Destroyer quest for Civilians.
  • Lieutenant Thulough (A Rebel Intelligence Officer) (5205, -4148) Gives Lost Star Destroyer quest for Rebels.
  • Captain Sarguillo (5379 -4072)
  • Torvin (5418 -4187)
  • Maximillian (Aurillian Travel Consultant) (5439 -4172)
  • Mellichae (5263 -4049)
  • A Corellia University Teaching Assistant (5197, -4175) - Gives Controlling Spirit quest.
  • Rohak gives the Rohak's Figurines quest for the heroic suitcase

Misc Locations

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