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Hero is a title that you can display for prestige and an in-game benefit.

It is awarded per account for PvP achievements in Heroes' Ascent.

Hero title track

Rank Title Fame
1 Hero 25
2 Fierce Hero 75
3 Mighty Hero 180
4 Deadly Hero 360
5 Terrifying Hero 600
6 Conquering Hero 1,000
7 Subjugating Hero 1,680
8 Vanquishing Hero 2,800
9 Renowned Hero 4,665
10 Illustrious Hero 7,750
11 Eminent Hero 12,960
12 King's Hero 21,600
13 Emperor's Hero 36,000
14 Balthazar's Hero 60,000
15 Legendary Hero 100,000


  • You must be at least a Mighty Hero to display the title.
  • The Hero title, along with other PvP titles including the Commander, Gladiator, and the Champion title, provides an in-game benefit to players who earn them: Gaining ranks in these titles increases the maximum cap of unspent Balthazar’s faction. The cap increases by 2,000 faction points for each of the first five ranks of the Hero title and 5,000 faction points for each subsequent rank, and the cap increases by 5,000 faction points for each rank of the Gladiator, Commander, and Champion titles earned. It also gives users the ability to use a Heroes' Ascent exclusive emote.
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