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Message displayed after winning 255 fights without the equipped character dying with a Cursed Shield, which turns into the Paladin's Shield in Final Fantasy VI.

The Hero's Shield, also known as the Paladin Shield, is a recurring Shield in the series. It is usually an high-rank armor that grants protection against status ailments and elemental damage or bonuses to stats.




Final Fantasy

The Hero's Shield is the best shield in the game, available only on the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions of the game. It grants protection against all status and elements to the wearer, and also provides +16 Defense and +40 Evasion. It is found in the Lifespring Grotto.

Final Fantasy III

The Heroic Shield is a mediocre shield that, like all shields, protects against certain status ailments and also grants a bonus of 1 to all stats.

Final Fantasy IV

The Hero's Shield is the best shield in the game and is only available on the Advance remake. It is dropped by the Superboss Brachioraidos and grants absorption of all elements and a bonus of 15 to all stats. It is also the only universal shield in the game, equippable by anyone.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Hero's Shield is only obtainable after defeating Omega in the Depths. It provides +10 Defense and Magic Defense, 10% Magic Evasion, 45% Evasion, and +5 to all other stats.

Final Fantasy VI

The Paladin Shield appears as the best shield in this game, with a Defense power only lower than the Tortoise Shield. It absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Holy-elemental damage and halves Poison, Wind, Earth, and Water-elemental damage. It also teaches Ultima at a rate of 1% per Ability Point. It can only be obtained by "uncursing" the Cursed Shield, which is done by equipping it for 256 battles.

Final Fantasy X

Any of Tidus' shields can be customized into the Paladin Shield if it has all the four elemental "Proof" abilities.

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