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The Sprint Shoes from Final Fantasy VII.

The Hermes Sandals, also known as Hermes Shoes, Running Shoes, Sprint Shoes, or Dash Boots, are a recurring accessory from the series. They are named after the Greek God of messengers and thieves, Hermes. The Hermes Sandals often grant the wearer permanent Haste status.




Final Fantasy II

Hermes' Shoes are an item that grants Haste to the user.

Final Fantasy IV

Hermes Sandals are an item that can be found around the world and cast Haste on the user.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Hermes Sandals cast Haste upon one target.

The Hermes Sandals as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Final Fantasy V

The Hermes Sandals are an accessory that grants the character that equippped permanent Haste status.

Final Fantasy VI

The Hermes Sandals, also known as Running Shoes, are a relic that grants Haste to the wearer and can be equipped by any character. It can be found at the Imperial Base and Zozo in the World of Balance and can be purchased for 7,000 GP in South Figaro. Running Shoes can also be stolen from Behemoth.

Final Fantasy VII

The Sprint Shoes cause the wearer to be under the effect of Haste. They can't be bought; instead, they are a reward in the Gold Saucer, either for winning a full Battle Square game (The player must talk to the woman near the entrance of the square to obtain them) or as a prize in Chocobo Square at rank A.

Final Fantasy IX

Running Shoes allow you to walk with light steps. It teaches Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion, and Haste abilities. It also adds 2 Speed, 4 Evasion, and 4 Magic Evasion.

Final Fantasy X-2

The Speed Bracer accessory generates a constant Haste status and allow the wearer to cast Hastega.

Final Fantasy XI

Wearable by Warriors, Monks, Corsairs, and Puppetmasters, they increase Enmity by 3, HP +12, Evasion +5, and Movement speed by 12%. As such, the last trait is what makes it a true "Hermes Sandals".

Final Fantasy XII

Hermes Sandals require the Accessories 18 License for 50 LP. They can be bought in Barheim Passage for 20,000 gil, or from the Bazaar in the Wind Walkers package for 18,000 gil. They give Haste to whichever character has them equipped.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Hermes Shoes, also known as Sprint Shoes raise the wearer's speed.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Dash Boots adds 1 to Move.

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