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Heretic Elite Major
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Covenant, later Heretics


Heretic Elite Majors are denoted by their golden armor. They serve as commanders to the Minors and the Heretic Grunts. They also guard places as designated by the Heretics leader, Sesa 'Refumee.

They are fearless warriors that ensure that their jobs are done well. They were enemies in the levels The Arbiter and The Oracle. However, the Prophets sent in squads of Special Operations Elites and Grunts, accompanied by the Arbiter, to quell the heresy and the group infiltrated the mine and completed their objective. Most of, if not all, the Majors were killed when the gas mine fell into the depths of Threshold, after the Arbiter cut the cables holding the mine up.


  • They are one of the least used Bipeds in the Halo trilogy, as they only appear on two levels; The Arbiter and The Oracle in Halo 2.
  • Their shields are about as strong as an Elite Major.
  • Heretic Elite Majors might have been the rank of Elite Minor considering how frequently they appear compared to the Heretic Elite Minor.
Heretic Ranks
Ranks Heretic Elite MinorHeretic Elite MajorLeaderHeretic Grunt

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