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Herb seeds refer to any seed used to grow herbs with the Farming skill. They can only be grown in herb patches.

Unlike allotment seeds, there is no way to protect herbs from disease. Players need to check on the herbs regularly and apply plant cure as required if the player wants to assure that his or her plant grows successfully. Seeing as this is somewhat impractical most players plant all their herbs, wait until they are grown and then go and harvest them. Herbs do not die often if you use supercompost. There is a herb patch that cannot become diseased on top of the Troll Stronghold which can be used upon completion of the quest My Arm's Big Adventure. It is highly recommended to use supercompost on every herb planted, as it will greatly reduce the death risk and you will always get at least 5 herbs per seed provided it doesn't die.

Level Seed Protection Growth time* Plant XP Harvest XP GE seed price GE herb price Profit* Notes
9 Guam seed
Guam seed
--- 4x20 mins 11 H:12.5 24 659 Coins  2,942 Clean guam is used for making Attack potions, Guam tar, and in Summoning for a Macaw.
14 Marrentill seed
Marrentill seed
--- 4x20 mins 13.5 H:15 10 563 Coins  2,524 Clean marrentill is used for making Antipoison and for incense.
19 Tarromin seed
Tarromin seed
--- 4x20 mins 16 H:18 28 809 Coins  3,613 Clean tarromin is used for making Strength potions, Serum 207, and Tarromin tar.
26 Harralander seed
Harralander seed
--- 4x20 mins 21.5 H:24 98 1,233 Coins  5,451 Clean harralander is used for making Restore potions, Energy potions, Combat potions, and Harralander tar.
29 Gout tuber
Gout tuber
--- 4x20 mins 105 H:45 255,900 Goutweed can be exchanged for other herbs, and is used in the Karamja Diary.
32 Ranarr seed
Ranarr seed
--- 4x20 mins 27 H:30.5 40,300 10,700 Coins  7,850 Clean ranarr is used for making Defence potions and Prayer potions.
36 Spirit weed seed
Spirit weed seed
--- 4x20 mins 32 H:36 514 3,426 Coins  14,903 Clean spirit weed is used for making Summoning potions.
38 Toadflax seed
Toadflax seed
--- 4x20 mins 34 H:38.5 2,021 4,632 Coins  18,823 Clean toadflax is used for Agility potions and Saradomin brews.
44 Irit seed
Irit seed
--- 4x20 mins 43 H:48.5 1,056 3,574 Coins  15,027 Clean irit is used for making Super attack potions and Super antipoison.
46 Wergali seed
Wergali seed
--- 4x20 mins 52.8 H:52.8 3,070 4,655 Coins  16,293 Grimy wergali is used for making Crafting potions and Fletching potions.
Avantoe seed
--- 4x20 mins 54.5 H:61.5 2,453 5,425 Coins  21,960 Clean avantoe is used for making Fishing potions, Super energy potions, and Hunting potions.
56 Kwuarm seed
Kwuarm seed
--- 4x20 mins 69 H:78 10,700 6,544 Coins  18,748 Clean kwuarm is used for making Super strength potions and Weapon poison.
62 Snapdragon seed
Snapdragon seed
--- 4x20 mins 87.5 H:98.5 96,200 19,772 Coins  -7,226 Clean snapdragon is used for making Super restore potions.
67 Cadantine seed
Cadantine seed
--- 4x20 mins 106.5 H:120 3,002 3,636 Coins  13,360 Clean cadantine is used for making Super defence potions.
73 Lantadyme seed
Lantadyme seed
--- 4x20 mins 134.5 H:151.5 25,500 7,746 Coins  9,357 Clean lantadyme is used for making Antifire potions and Magic potions.
79 Dwarf weed seed
Dwarf weed seed
--- 4x20 mins 170.5 H:192 36,000 8,252 Coins  1,134 Clean dwarf weed is used for making Ranging potions.
85 Torstol seed
Torstol seed
--- 4x20 mins 199.5 H:224.5 86,100 17,500 Coins  -7,350 Clean torstol is used for making Zamorak brews.


  • 4x20 mins: the crop grows a little every 20 minutes. This happens 4 times until it is fully grown. Note that herbs do not need to be watered.
  • Profit assumes that the player is successful 75% of the time with a yield of 6 plants.

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