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Real Name
Henry "Hank" McCoy
Current Alias





Base Of Operations




Unusual Features
covered with blue fur, fang-like teeth, pointed ears, claws


Marital Status

previously Xavier Institute student, currently United States Ambassador

Ph.D. Biophysics

was changed into the Beast after being affected by dark Cerebro

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

[[X2: X-Men United]]
X-Men Origins: Wolverine



Beast was set to appear in X-Men, but was taken out due to make-up problems. His doctor persona was transferred into Jean Grey's character. In the movie X2: X-Men United, Dr. Hank McCoy is seen in his normal human form in a small cameo played by Steve Bacic. He appears on the television in the bar scene as an authority on human mutation. A deleted scene during the sequence in which Dark Cerebro is set to kill all mutants shows Hank McCoy affected by the machine, causing him to take on the blue-furred simian appearance seen in the next movie, In the movie X-Men: The Last Stand, Kelsey Grammer portrays him. Beast is established as one of the earlier X-Men, and after graduating from the Institute, he became involved in politics, becoming secretary of mutant affairs. He is also confirmed to be a scientist with vast intelligence and insight into mutant genetics on the official website. This is never explicitly revealed in the film, though there are hints that Beast is a scientist, e.g. Beast has a doctorate (since he is referred to by the president as Dr. Hank McCoy), his reading of Scientific American, his mentioning of a "mutant antibody," and his interrupted correction to Storm's words, "Well, scientifically speaking ..." After the cure is released, he contacted Xavier and informs him of the situation, saying he could understand why some mutants would want to be free of persecution. Once the weaponization is made without his knowledge, Beast resigned from his position in the government and arrives at Xavier's mansion, where he feels he should be due to his principles. When the brotherhood makes a move upon Alcatraz Island (the location of the lab which created the cure), Beast joins the X-Men, donning his old uniform (commenting on how it felt smaller than before), and helps to hold the brotherhood back, he seemed to revert to a more primal state in the fight, often roaring as well as defeating his opponents with a savage fighting style. He ultimately injected Magneto with the cure. After the incident, he was made United States Ambassador to the United Nations.

Powers and Abilities



Seemingly those of Henry McCoy (Earth-616)#Powers.


Genius Level intellect, master combatant

Strength level

Can lift at least 30 tons


  • In the Novelization and a deleted scene he turned down the job of United States Ambassador and remained at the Xavier Institute as a teacher.
  • A deleted scene shows him breaking the neck of one of the Brotherhood mutant grunts invading Alcatraz Island.


  • Beast makes a cameo appearance in X-men Origins: Wolverine as a prisoner of William Stryker.


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