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Hellfire in Crisis Core.

Hellfire, also known as Hell Fire, Inferno, or Flames of Hell, is a recurring Fire-elemental ability in the Final Fantasy series. It is commonly the attack of Ifrit.




Final Fantasy III

Hellfire is used by Ifrit in Final Fantasy III. It deals Fire-elemental damage to a single target. An improved version, Inferno will target all members of the opposing party.

Final Fantasy IV

Ifrit uses Hellfire when summoned in to battle by Rydia. It inflicts Fire-elemental damage to all enemies. Ifrit does not use Hellfire in the battle against him, nor in his Lunar Ifrit form, but uses Flame as his most dangerous attack.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Hellfire returns as Ifrit's summon attack in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. It is also used by Ifrit in the boss battle against him when his HP is low, and deals high Fire-elemental damage to the party.

Final Fantasy V

If a character with the summon ability summons Ifrit after defeating him in the Library of the Ancients, he will unleash Hellfire, a Fire-elemental attack damaging all enemies. During the battle with Ifrit, he will use Blaze which has a similar effect, inflicting major Fire-elemental damage to all enemies.

Final Fantasy VI

It is the ability of Ifrit. It has a Spell Power of 51 and is unblockable. For the cost of 26 MP, Ifrit will perform Hellfire which deals moderate Fire damage to all enemies.

Final Fantasy VII

Hellfire is the ability of Ifrit. For the cost of 34 MP, Ifrit will inflict Fire-elemental damage to all members of the enemy party.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Hellfire is cast by Ifrit when selected by the DMW. The attack deals major Fire-elemental damage. Hellfire is also by used Ifrit in the battles against him, an attack unavoidable by the player. Hellfire is also used by Mako Ifrit and Experiment No. 113.

The Hellfire materia increases the chance of Ifrit appearing in the DMW.

Final Fantasy VIII

Ifrit casts Hell Fire in Final Fantasy VIII. An extremely damaging Fire-elemental attack that can be made stronger through Boost.

Final Fantasy IX

In this incarnation, Ifrit casts Flames of Hell when summoned.

Final Fantasy X

Hellfire is the overdrive of Ifrit, and inflicts Fire-elemental damage to all enemies. Hellfire is also used in all three battles with Ifrit, the battle with Grothia and the battle with Dark Ifrit.

Final Fantasy X-2

Hellfire is the enemy ability exclusive to Ifrit in Final Fantasy X-2. The animation is the same as in Final Fantasy X, but it is far weaker than the original version.

Final Fantasy XII

Hellfire is the ultimate attack of Belias, the Fire summon of Final Fantasy XII. It does Fire-elemental damage to all enemies.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Though Belias appears in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, he cannot use the Hellfire ability. However, Ifrit has Hellfire once more. Hellfire damages surrounding enemies and has a chance of inflicting Slow.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Belias' Scion's Wrath ability is Hellfire, which deals Fire damage to all foes on the map, regardless of location.


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