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Sister Helena
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 21st century
Appearances: SJA: Eye of the Gorgon
Actor: Beth Goddard

Sister Helena was one of the nuns at St. Agnes Abbey. She and the other nuns looked after the Gorgon. She also went to Lavender Lawns looking for the Talisman. She then went to Sarah Jane Smith's house and tried to get hold of Luke and Clyde but failed. She later captured Luke and locked him up. (SJA: Eye of the Gorgon)

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Helena was a planet that was home to a Federation colony consisting of varied species in the mid 24th century. In 2370, it was turned over by the Federation to the Cardassian Union, and placed within the Demilitarized Zone between the two powers.

In 2371, a plague struck Helena, similar to one that had hit Archaria III and Bajor. The Cardassians threatened to sterilize the entire planet to prevent the disease from spreading. In an effort to alleiviate the illness, Maquis fighter intercepted a shuttle being piloted by Lieutenant Thomas Riker of the USS Gandhi carrying medical supplies from Outpost Sierra III. Riker was taken to Helena and, witnessing the situation there, decided to join the Maquis and use the medical supplies to help the colonists. (TNG novel: Double Helix: Quarantine; TNG eBook: Slings and Arrows: A Weary Life)

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Guild Wars

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Species: Human
Level(s): 20



A keeper in the The Zaishen Menagerie


Zaishen Menagerie Grounds

Pet Evolution cost

Tier Cost with coins Cost with Faction
1 -> 2 1 Silver Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 1000 Balthazar Faction
2 -> 3 1 Silver Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 1000 Balthazar Faction
3 -> 4 2 Silver Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 1500 Balthazar Faction
4 -> 5 2 Silver Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 1500 Balthazar Faction
5 -> 6 3 Silver Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 2000 Balthazar Faction
6 -> 7 3 Silver Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 2000 Balthazar Faction

Note: to fully evolve a single pet from level 5 to highest tier, you need (12 Silver Zaishen Coin + 600 Gold) or 9,000 Balthazar Faction.

Pet Unlock cost

Pet Cost with coins Cost with Faction
Rainbow Phoenix 15 Gold Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 80,000 Balthazar Faction
Black Widow,
Moss Spider
5 Gold Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 50,000 Balthazar Faction
Black Moa,
3 Gold Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 30,000 Balthazar Faction
Jingle Bear,
White Jingle Moa
2 Gold Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 20,000 Balthazar Faction
White Moa 1 Gold Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 10,000 Balthazar Faction
all other pets* 1 Silver Zaishen Coin + 100 Gold 1,000 Balthazar Faction

* This covers the 26 pets available in the Pet Unlock Pack.

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Helena Wankstein in Blueberry, San Andreas.

Helena Wankstein lives on a farm in Flint Range, Flint County and meets Carl Johnson beside the Ammu-Nation store in Blueberry, Red County, shooting some targets on a deck. She is a lawyer by trade but is enthusiastic about guns. She is normally home between 00:00-2:00, 8:00-12:00 and 14:00-0:00. Helena prefers Carl to have low muscle, low fat and high sex appeal. Helena was voiced by Bijou Phillips.

Her surname is a play on words - "Wank Stain".


Date Types

Food Date

Helena prefers to go to restaurants, the nearest being the World of Coq restaurant in Rodeo, Los Santos.

Club Date

Carl can take Helena to either the club in Idlewood, Los Santos (Alhambra) or Queens, San Fierro (Gaydar Station), but the Alhambra remains a better solution since it's closer, despite both clubs being fairly away from Helena's house.

Driving Date

Helena likes Carl to drive fairly slowly in rural areas (such as around her farm) or nice parts of town. Driving around her fields will suffice for this date.


Helena will ask Carl in for coffee when their relationship gets to 70%.


The rewards for dating Helena include access to her tool shed, which includes: a chainsaw, a flamethrower, Molotov Cocktail and a pistol. Carl can also access her Bandito. At 50% she gives Carl the keys to her Bandito, but even without having the keys, CJ can still steal it, since it has no doors. At 100% Carl gets the Rural Clothes, which are located in the special menu on the wardrobe.


  • If the player stands in front of Helena when she is at the shooting range, she will keep shooting the player as if he was not there.

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Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location Burgh de Rott
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? In Aid of the Myreque
Gender Female
Examine It's a village kid.
Notable features Small child of Burgh de Rott.

Helena is a resident of Burgh de Rott, a small town in southern Morytania.

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Helena Shan
Biographical information


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Chronological and political information

Old Republic era

«I swear, "Helena" must be your word for pit rancor.»
Maana Demknot to Revan and Bastila Shan regarding Helena

Helena Shan was the mother of the Jedi Bastila Shan.



When Bastila was a child and her father wanted to take her searching for treasure, as he regularly did, it was Helena who prevented him, insisting that it was too dangerous. Bastila thought her mother urged her father to go on hunts. As a result, Bastila grew up resentful of her mother, and the two of them had an uneasy relationship. When Helena sent Bastila to join the Jedi Order to provide her with a better life than that of the daughter of treasure hunters, Bastila took that as a sign that her mother did not want her around.

Over the following years, Helena and her husband continued their treasure hunting. Helena remembered her daughter with fondness, showing holograms of her to one of her husband's employees, a Twi'lek woman named Malare. At some point during this time, Helena developed a fatal disease. Her husband, in order to pay for treatments, desperately continued his search for treasure to raise the money. In the course of these hunts he traveled to Tatooine searching for krayt dragon pearls, and was killed by a canyon krayt dragon in the Eastern Dune Sea. When Helena spoke to Malare again, she was desperate to find her daughter.

As it happened, Malare would cross paths with Bastila and her companion, Revan, informing them that Helena was on Tatooine looking for Bastila. Helena's attitude had raised the ire of several patrons of the Anchorhead cantina, including the Duros Maana Demknot, who stormed out just as Bastila and the amnesiac Revan arrived, and was able to direct them to her. Bastila reluctantly met with Helena, but doubted that she was truly ill, and after a brief argument learned of her father's death. Helena asked Bastila to retrieve a holocron belonging to Bastila's father from the krayt dragon's lair. After slaying the dragon, the two Jedi retrieved it, but Bastila was reluctant to give it back to her mother. When she learned that Helena truly was dying and righted her misconceptions about her childhood, Bastila reconciled with Helena and gave her 500 credits to pay for treatment from a doctor on Coruscant. Before she left the Cantina, Helena asked Revan to protect and take care of Bastila. He told her that he would do his best. Helena's fate afterward is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Strangely enough, Helena herself is wearing Jedi robes. This could either be a mistake on the part of BioWare, or reflective of the simple nature of some forms of Jedi robes from that period in time. Her portrait is also a generic human female seen in many parts of the game. With the robes she resembles many Jedi females at the ceremony on Lehon, albeit she has an older face.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (First appearance)

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