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Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 21st century
Appearances: TW: Adrift
Actor: Lorna Gayle

Helen was a female Human who lived in Cardiff in 2009. She worked as a specially trained doctor at a small island which is used as a hospital for those torn through the rift and then returned. She is a generally nice person and has formed a flirtatious relationship with Jack Harkness, her employer. (TW: Adrift)

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Helen Zellweger

In Sesamstrasse season 32 (2004), Helen replaced Anke. In the following season she would eventually be replaced by Annette.

Helen were fun loving and often had very creative ideas.

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Helen Norwood
Helen Norwood
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Helen Norwood
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Helen is the name of two women from John Locke's flashbacks. For the unseen woman who Locke spoke to on a phone sex/chat line, see Helen (Walkabout).

Helen Norwood was Locke's girlfriend for a period during his life before the plane crash, who he had intended to marry. She was seen only in his flashbacks. After Locke returned to mainland in an attempt to bring back the Oceanic 6, Matthew Abaddon revealed that she died of a brain aneurysm in 2006.


Relationship with John Locke

John and Helen at dinner. ("Orientation")

Locke and Helen met at an anger-management support group they were both members of. After his outburst at the group about their whining, Helen approached Locke outside and told him that she appreciated his candor and shared his frustrations. She also flirted by telling him that she liked bald men - despite Locke not being bald she said that she was prepared to wait.

Their friendship moved to the bedroom fairly quickly and continued to blossom. During a meal at a restaurant, Helen gave Locke a key to her flat as a six-month anniversary present. She told him that she'd followed him and discovered that he was sneaking out at night to lurk outside his father's house. The gift of the key was given on the condition that he stopped going there, to which Locke agreed.

Despite his promise to stop, Locke continued to spend long periods in his car waiting outside Cooper's house. Helen followed him again and shunted her car into the back of his, stormed over to his window and snatched his keys from the ignition. She threw the keys over the security gates in the drive and implored him to give up on his obsession and take a "leap of faith" with her. Shortly after, Locke moved in with Helen. ("Orientation")

John Locke, proposing to Helen. ("Lockdown")

Locke eventually started making plans to propose to Helen over a romantic picnic. Unfortunately on the morning of the picnic Helen spotted Anthony Cooper's obituary in the newspaper and that the funeral was scheduled for that day. Helen accompanied Locke to the funeral to support him.

After the funeral, Cooper revealed to Locke that he was still alive and convinced him to participate in a criminal financial scheme in exchange for a share of the money. Locke's suspicious behavior and a run in with some crooks searching for Cooper led Helen to follow him again. She turned up at the motel where Locke was meeting Cooper to hand over the money. She demanded of Cooper: "Are you him?", slapped him and berated him for his treatment of Locke before leaving to go back to her car. Locke caught up with her in the parking lot outside and pleaded for forgiveness, went down on one knee and proposed. Helen shook her head and drove off. ("Lockdown")

After the relationship

Some time afterward, Locke began calling a phone operator he called Helen with whom he developed an obsession. ("Walkabout")

After having crashed on the Island, during a brief moment of confusion after being knocked over by a boar, Locke shouted out at Kate, calling her "Helen." ("Walkabout")


On April 8, 2006, Helen died of an apparent brain aneurysm. She was buried in Santa Monica, California.

After he returned from the Island, Locke used the assistance of his driver Matthew Abaddon to track down Helen's whereabouts. To Locke's dismay, he discovered that she had died and was buried in a Santa Monica cemetery. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham")


  • Helen is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "sun ray; shining light". Mythology: the abduction of Zeus's mortal daughter, Helen of Troy, resulted in the Trojan War. Hers was "the face that launched a thousand ships".
  • Helen was born exactly one year and one month after John Locke.
  • Helen died on 04/08/06. This date can form the numbers 4 and 8.
  • Helen was 48 years old when she died.
  • Even though Helen's last on-screen appearance to date was in "Lockdown", her last name wasn't revealed until three seasons later, in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".
  • In 1928, Richard Strauss wrote the German Opera Die ägyptische Helena, The Egyptian Helena, which is the story of Helen and Menelaus's troubles when they are marooned on a mythical island.

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Helen Goldenfield
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Helen Goldenfield was the wife of rancher Roric Goldenfield. They lived on Tatooine.


Sometime in 1 ABY, Helen and her husband had raised the ire of a local band of pirates who had established a hideout near their home. Roric had managed to capture and imprison some of the pirates in the basement of their home and had left to find an Imperial garrison to have them arrested. He left Helen to watch the pirates. While he was away, a spacer, who was on a quest for the Mark of Honor, arrived at their house. Being a gracious host, Helen let the spacer in. She asked if they would watch the prisoners for her while she took a break. The spacer agreed. During this time, the pirates pleaded with the spacer to let them out, but they refused and informed Helen of their intent to escape. At this time, Roric had finally returned with two Dark troopers. The troopers arrested the pirates and led them out of the house. Helen and her husband thanked the spacer for their assistance, and the spacer left.

Behind the scenes

One possible appearance for Helen

Helen Goldenfield is an non-playable character in Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided. She only appears if the player is on the Mark of Honor portion of the Hero of Tatooine questline. Due to the nature of the game, Helen's appearance changes every time she is encountered, so the provided picture is just one possibility of how she may have looked. She is consistently a human female, however.


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