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Castle Hein
Castle Hein on the World Map

Castle Hein (ハインの城 Hain no Shiro), also known as Hein's Castle or Castle of Hyne, is a location in Final Fantasy III. It is actually the Elder Tree from the Living Woods, which Hein has enchanted and transformed it into his stronghold. The party must be in Mini status in order to proceed past the first area.

There is a pot that serves as a Wellspring in the last room of the first area.



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The evil wizard Hein, royal advisor to King Argus, has converted the Elder Tree of the Living Woods into a floating fortress. He enslaved the residents of Castle Argus, including the king himself, and brainwashed some of his knights, summoning demons to fight for him as well.

After visiting the Fire Crystal, the Light Warriors visit Tokkle, after a villager asked them for help with his last breath. There, they are ambushed by Hein's troops and taken to his castle. There they meet King Argus, and are able to escape the dungeons. At the castle, they search for Hein, eventually tracking him and fighting him. After he is defeated, the Elder Tree regains consciousness and flies back to its original home, allowing the people of Argus to return to their castle.


Item Location
Mini Knocked-out Soldier
20x Holy Arrow First Area
Phoenix Down First Area
Phoenix Down First Area
Phoenix Down Second Area
Antarctic Wind Third Area, Middle Room
3000 Gil Third Area, Middle Room
Zeus' Wrath Third Area, Left Room
3000 Gil Third Area, Left Room
Bomb Fragment Third Area, Right Room
3000 Gil Third Area, Right Room
Royal Sword Fourth Area
Phoenix Down Fifth Area
Elixir Sixth Area
Rune Bow Sixth Area


Battle Background



Castle Hein has a background music dedicated to itself, "Castle of Hein".


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