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A heavy blaster pistol was a more powerful version of the standard blaster pistol, utilizing a more highly powered gas chamber, firing larger, more damaging bolts with a wider beam. It had power comparable to a blaster rifle but a shorter range than the typical blaster pistol. The power pack was generally the same size as a standard pistol and was consumed at a considerably higher rate than a typical blaster pistol. Due to the weapon's formidable power it was in most systems heavily restricted if not entirely illegal, but was nevertheless very popular with soldiers and mercenaries of all sorts.

The Arkanians were the first to experiment with creating blaster pistols with the same energy output as blaster rifles around 5,000 BBY. It took some time for the concept to be widely adopted, and it wasn't until the time of the Jedi Civil War that power output of heavy blasters around the galaxy began to match Arkanian standards.


Notable models

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Behind the scenes

An illustration of a generic heavy blaster pistol

The Heavy Blaster heavily resembles the German Mauser C96, a widely used sidearm for the German army in World Wars I and II.




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