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Heavy Units are a type of Decepticlone from the Transformers (PS2) video game.

This means trouble.

Heavy Units are by far the largest of the ground-based Decepticlones, rivalled only by the Spider Tank in sheer size. These massive war machines are fairly slow when traversing terrain, but are equipped with a powerful arsenal of weaponry. This includes homing-missile launchers, concealed within their large shoulders, and a plasma launcher which is incorporated into their right forearm. Both of these weapons have incredible range. Whilst they cannot move quickly, Heavy Units have remarkable jumping prowess for their size, able to cross large ravines with ease.

For closer combat purposes, Heavy Units can create massive shockwaves by stomping the ground, sending anything nearby flying (this can be sometimes avoided with a carefully timed jump, any Decepticlones nearby are also affected by the shockwave). Furthermore, their torsos are capable of rotating a full 360 degrees, making it all but impossible to get behind them. Heavy Units, being as large as they are, typically won't budge when hit with attacks that would send other Decepticlones flying.

Heavy Units are fitted with considerable armour plating, preventing even powerful weapons from felling them. However, whilst they cannot be stopped entirely, concentrated firepower can impede their progress and make them momentarily pause. This small time frame allows an Autobot to seek cover or try to flee.

A single Heavy Unit is a difficult foe to deal with (especially when accompanied by other Decepticlones) but multiple units are a proverbial nightmare. They are best handled behind some very good cover and taken down with heavy firepower. Alternatively, an Autobot could target their heads and try to slow them down long enough so that they can retreat.

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