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Production information

Baktoid Armor Workshop


Heavy Artillery Gun



Technical specifications

Heavy energy projectile cannon (1)


Integrated droid brain


Self-propelled artillery


Rise of the Empire era


The Heavy Artillery Gun (HAG), or mortar tank, was a mobile repulsorlift artillery piece used by the Trade Federation and, later, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In its early stages it superficially resembled the Trade Federation's Multi-Troop Transports, though later configurations would instead echo the appearance of the Armored Assault Tank.



The HAG's artillery cannon had tremendous range, and was lethal to the Galactic Republic's Republic Troop Transports and walkers. It had heavy armor, but very poor speed and maneuverability, which allowed it to be destroyed fairly easily by faster and nimbler Republic vehicles. During the Clone Wars, it was used as a lighter equivalent to the Republic Self-Propelled Heavy Artillery units.


The HAG in its first version, a long repulsorlift vehicle bearing resemblance to the Trade Federation's Multi-Troop Transports, saw its first major engagement at the Battle of Naboo. They were a key component of a plan to send a flanking army to destroy a Naboo resistance camp before moving to attack the Gungan Grand Army.

An HAG-M (top) and an HHAG-M (bottom).

Though the HAGs held the potential to devastate the turrets protecting the encampment, their heavy armor did not protect them from the powerful explosives of Havoc, Nym's personal craft, as he helped defend the encampment.

Another version of the HAG, this time resembling an Armored Assault Tank but with large, yellow photoreceptors on its front "foot", saw use throughout the Clone Wars, where necessity pushed the invention of the more advanced HAG-M and HHAG-M.

The CIS also created a modified version of the tank equiped with an experimental weapon, that could destroy organic matter and leave machines unharmed.

Throughout the war, the various versions of the HAG served in conditions that would render other CIS artillery, such as the IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank, extremely vulnerable. They became essential for stopping larger walkers like the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, as they could hit these armored behemoths before being struck. However, they had to work with anti-air units, as Republic air units could easily destroy them.

Following the execution of the Separatist Council by Darth Vader, these units were de-activated.


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