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Healing Magic is is a type of White Magic in Final Fantasy XI that either restores Hit Points, removes negative status ailments, or revives KOed players.


Job Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 37 Cap at Level 75
White Mage A+ 6 114 276
Paladin C 5 105 225
Red Mage C- 5 105 220
Scholar* D (B+)* 4 (5)* 101 (109)* 210 (256)*
  • Scholar's Healing Magic skill increases to B+ rating under Light Arts.

List of Healing Magic Spells

Name Spell Effect
Blindna Removes Blindness.
Cure Restores HP to a single target. There are five levels of Cure, each of which restore a progressively greater amount of Hit Points.
See also: Cure II, Cure III, Cure IV, and Cure V.
Curaga Restores HP to all players within a small area of effect. There are four levels of Curaga, each of which restore a progressively greater amount of Hit Points.
See also: Curaga II, Curaga III, and Curaga IV.
Cursna Removes Curse and (sometimes) Doom.
Paralyna Removes Paralysis
Poisona Removes Poison.
Raise Revives a fallen character and restores 50% of his lost Experience. Raise II and Raise III restore even greater amounts of lost Experience.
Reraise Grants the status effect Reraise, which grants the corresponding Raise.
See also: Reraise II and Reraise III.
Silena Removes Silence.
Stona Removes Petrification.
Viruna Removes Plague or Disease status effect.

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