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Healen Lodge, also known as Healin Lodge, is a location in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It is located somewhere between Edge and the Chocobo Farm. It is a calm place set amongst trees and waterfalls, and was built as a medical center for people affected by Geostigma. It also serves as the base of operations for the Shinra Electric Power Company following the destruction of Midgar.

Rufus Shinra rests at the Lodge during the first part of the movie when he seems to be largely paralyzed due to the effects of the disease. He is guarded by the Turks, Reno and Rude. However he is dogged by the Remnants of Sephiroth, and so calls upon Cloud Strife to help. Cloud, suffering from his own internal demons, refuses. Shortly afterward, the Remnants attack and easily defeat the Turks. Kadaj then drags Rufus away in order to lead him to the location of their "mother", Jenova.

During Advent Children Complete, Reno and Rude speak in an added scene about Tseng. They also mention that many of Shin-Ra's employees have returned to work after all these years. They may be referring to the Turks from Before Crisis, but not much else is detailed on this.


  • It has been stated that Mideel was intended to be the place of refuge to Rufus, but the idea was rejected because of the distance between Mideel and Midgar.

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