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Specifics: Fiction, toy
Headstrong is a Decepticon Predacon in the Generation One continuity family.
Marching to the beat of his own drummer. Whom he stomped on.

You can tell Headstrong that a three-foot-thick steel tank is full of dangerously radioactive waste, but it won't do a lick of good if he thinks you've hidden the energon goodies in it. He'll attack it with his unbreakable ramming head and acid-dripping horn until he's conclusively proven wrong, then retreat with his well-earned wounds to suck his thumb, still convinced deep in his tiny brain that somebody had tricked him.

Despite such mishaps, Headstrong still plugs away. He believes that tenacity can compensate those minor qualities in which he's lacking, such as strength, intelligence, or courage. To his credit, not a few of his allies seem to subscribe to this philosophy, and Headstrong isn't dead yet.

Best and brightest he may not be, but he's always ready to grab his diffraction sword and start waving it around. It affects his opponent's optics, so that where they see Headstrong, that's where he ain't. It's unfortunate that his own eyesight isn't much better. A distant foe must beware Headstrong's glowing plasma spheres, which explode on contact. Woe to the one who touches Headstrong's balls!

Headstrong and his fellow Predacons can combine to form Predaking, but he'll only do it when he wants to do it.

I'll get there when I'm good and ready!

—Headstrong, on when he'll help form Predaking, Call of the Primitives

French name (Canada): Tête Forte
Italian name: Rinox




Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

As Megatron's paranoia reached its peak, Soundwave suggested that they enlist the help of the Predacons to flush out Optimus Prime, allowing Megatron to finally defeat him. However, Shockwave called them from Cybertron, and gave the Predacon leader Razorclaw secret orders to turn on Megatron at a crucial moment. The Predacons successfully hunted down Optimus, and when Megatron arrived, as Shockwave ordered, they turned on him. After learning of Shockwave and the Predacons' betrayal, Megatron summoned a space bridge to Cybertron to escape, but Prime flung them both through the bridge before it had fully materialized. Prey! The Harder They Die!

Fortunately for Headstrong and the other Predacons, Megatron lost his memory of this incident when Straxus attempted to take over his body. Resurrection!

Headstrong, along with the other Predacons, hunted Megatron on orders from Shockwave. Gone But Not Forgotten!

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Headstrong was one of Shockwave's minions when the Decepticon army split into two factions led by ol' one-eye and Megatron. When their fight for power and control grew too critical, they called an Enclave to discuss reuniting against the Autobots. Headstrong hardly cared about the politics -- he was just so happy to see the hor d'oeuvres table! The happy little rhino spent most of the night stuffing his face and getting blitzed on the punch. The Autobots came by to ruin his party, however, as they couldn't allow a unified Decepticon army to stand against them. So...Jazz cold-conked the already tipsy Headstrong and dragged him away into the shadows. Then, the Autobots staged "sniper fire" against Megatron and, when he and his Decepticons fired back, they tossed the unconscious Headstrong and his weapon down as if he'd been hit. Thinking Shockwave had sent the Predacon as an assassin, Megatron called a quick and violent end to the truce, and the two factions returned to open warfare with each other. Primus only knows how Headstrong explained himself when he came to. The Bad Guy's Ball!

Some time later, Headstrong was briefly seen charging the Autobot Earthbase with his fellow Decepticons during a siege. Divide and Conquer!

Generation 2

Headstrong appeared during the Autobot/Decepticon alliance, battling the Cybertronian Empire. He, Weirdwolf, and the Dinobots had lots of fun counting kills and munching metal. Total War

Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: Ron Feinberg (US), ? (Japan)

Headstrong was dispatched to Io with the other Predacons to steal Metroplex's transformation cog. During the battle, the Predacons combined into Predaking, only to be defeated by Sky Lynx. Razorclaw retreated, despite Headstrong's objections. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 5

Headstrong and the Predacons were next seen guarding Galvatron's death crystal cannon on the planet Dredd. When the Autobots arrived, Headstrong and Tantrum almost managed to shut Blurr up permanently by knocking him into quickmud, but Sky Lynx pulled him to safety. Chaos

On a mission to drain the planet Paradron of its rich energy resources, the Decepticons managed to conquer its peaceful population with ease. One Paradronian named Sandstorm got away and brought back an Autobot strike force, however. Once they were spotted, Galvatron ordered Headstrong and Brawl to man the molecular cannon and blow them away. Both warriors were probably real eager to fire, but once Brawl said it was time to take the shot, Headstrong just had to be difficult and stall a few moments more until he was "good and ready". Decepticons and their personality problems... Fight or Flee

OMG!! Headstrong is adorable!

When the Predacons later attempted to ambush Rodimus Prime and his soldiers on Cybertron, their battle was interrupted by a Quintesson dream machine that surrounded the Transformers with a fog-filled landscape and subjected them to nightmarish torments plucked from the subconscious of Daniel Witwicky. After Springer and Razorclaw were carried off by a dragon, the Predacons reluctantly stopped fighting the Autobots long enough to deal with their lost leader. Headstrong was particularly edgy around the Autobots, and warned Rodimus Prime to stay out of his way. Headstrong thought the worst was over when "Galvatron" showed up in a House of Mirrors, not recognizing the unusual size and behavior of his commander. Even after "Galvatron" spontaneously grew several stories taller and began to crush Rodimus and Headstrong in his hands, Headstrong was still pulling the "It's me, Galvatron! Don't you recognize me?!" routine. Pure instinct; no brains. Headstrong's leg was seriously injured by the crushing vise of the false Galvatron's grip, and his damage prevented the Predacons from forming Predaking and continuing the fight with the Autobots after the Quintesson machine was destroyed. Nightmare Planet

Later, Headstrong was among the Primitives who were summoned to fight Tornedron. During the trip to meet Primacron's Assistant, Headstrong, being a wise and intelligent construct, picked a fight with the Dinobots, saying "Grimlock don't know nothing." Snarl objected to the opinion of the "stupid Decepticon rhino," and a brawl among the Primitives ensued. It was ended when Trypticon shook himself to throw the Primitives around. After Sky Lynx and Trypticon had their energy drained, the Primitives split up, fleeing for their lives. Detesting their cowardice, Headstrong declared that he should die fighting, and Razorclaw ordered the Predacons to form Predaking. However, their energy was sucked away, only to be restored when Grimlock destroyed Tornedron. Call of the Primitives

Dreamwave comics continuity

Headstrong and the Predacons were warlords on ancient Cybertron, exiled from the planet under circumstances unknown. It is believed that Starscream named his Dark Ages faction in their honor. Landing on the planet Beest, the Predacons devolved into feral beasts over the years, until Megatron arrived on the planet in recent times and tamed them. He repaired their damaged circuitry, gave the Predacons the combined form of Predaking and, most importantly, programmed them to be loyal only to him. Welcome to the Jungle He then used Headstrong and the others to help him reclaim control of the Decepticons, first by overthrowing Shockwave on Cybertron Lost and Found, and later putting the beat down on Starscream and his brigade on Earth. The Route of All Evil

Devil's Due G.I.Joe Vs. Transformers continuity

IDW comics continuity

Forth, Eorlingas!

Before the war began, the Predacons, including Headstrong, were respondents to Megatron's open casting call for gladiatorial combatants. Although the Predacons were contemptuous of some of the amateurs, they appeared to change their minds after seeing Grimlock. Megatron Origin, Part 3

After the first defeat of Thunderwing in a cataclysm during the war that followed, Headstrong and the other Predacons led the attack against the beleaguered Autobot positions soon after the Autobot morale-booster Blaster was taken out by his assassin. Spotlight: Blaster

I'll go to robot mode when I feel like it!

In the modern era, Headstrong, in a bizarrely horned tank mode, was among the Decepticon forces that helped the Autobots assault the reborn Thunderwing. That is, until he ran away. A few starblitz torpedoes, and he suddenly chickened out. WUSS! Stormbringer issue 4

Beast Wars


After the end of the Great War, the Predacons (or those of them surviving) founded the new Predacon faction. Years later, now in a reformatted technorganic body, Headstrong was once again plotting with his old team mates. Dawn of Future's Past

IDW Beast Wars comic

I'm horny, horny horny horny

On Cybertron, a group of five symbols appeared on the walls of a room containing a transwarp shunt device. The five symbols seemed to represent a lion, a bird, a bull, a rhinoceros, and a tiger. The Gathering, Part 2


Generation One

  • Headstrong (1986)
    • Team ID number: 3
    • Japanese ID number: D-77
    • Accessories: plasma sphere shooter(x2), diffraction sword, beast-mode cannons/Predaking foot

Headstrong transforms into a yellow, red and black mechanical rhinoceros. In this mode he is able to use Predaking's foot as a back-mounted cannon. In robot mode, Headstrong is armed with his diffraction sword, which is pretty much the same golden sword all of the Predacons use, and can wield two plasma sphere shooters. Headstrong may also form either leg of the gestalt Predaking, though his usual placement is as the left leg.

The Predacons were released in both plastic and metal versions. Japan only recieved the plastic versions during the original run of the Generation One toyline.

  • Predaking (1986)
    • Japanese ID number: D-78

Headstrong was also available as part of a Predaking giftset in Japan.

Titanium Series

  • Predaking (3" Robot Masters, 2006)
    • Accessories: Display stand, sword
Predaking's left leg is technically Headstrong.

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