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The Head of State is the individual in a government who serves as the chief representative of that government's state, personifying the continuity and legitimacy of the state. A head of state sometimes has political power and is, in fact, the leader of his or her nation (the head of government); other heads of state are almost purely ceremonial.

Ceremonial heads of state in the modern era have included the posts of Emperor of the Klingon Empire (Kahless) and Emperor of the Romulan Star Empire (Shiarkiek). Some ceremonial head of state posts intentionally go unfilled, such as in the case of the Empty Throne of Andor. A historical head of state on Earth was the post of the Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain - which lasted into at least the 21st century.

Heads of state who double as heads of government include the posts of President of the United Federation of Planets (Nanietta Bacco), Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance (Rom), and Castellan of the Cardassian Union (Alon Ghemor). Heads of state of Federation Members include the posts of President of the Trill Union, First Minister of the Republic of Bajor, President of United Earth, President of the United States of America (subdivision of United Earth), and Governor of Cestus III.

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Head of State

The statue of Lincoln, circa 2077.
location: Temple of the Union, Lincoln Memorial, Museum of American History
given by: Hannibal Hamlin
reward: Schematics - Dart Gun
related: Lincoln's Profit Margins
base id: 00014E99
Head of State

requirements: Complete Head of State
gamerscore: 20
trophy type: Bronze

Head of State is a Fallout 3 quest. It is also a PS3 Trophy and Xbox 360 and PC achievement.


Objectives and Walkthrough

Talking with the Union

The quest is given to the player in the Temple of the Union by Hannibal Hamlin. Hannibal wants to relocate his slave haven from the Temple of the Union to the Lincoln Memorial and restore the Memorial as a sign of freedom, despite the fact that it would undoubtedly attract unwanted attention.

Hannibal requests that the player scout the Lincoln Memorial to see if it is still occupied by Super Mutants. Hannibal will also ask the player to assist ex-slave Caleb Smith. Caleb is a stone mason and will ask the player to obtain a picture of the Lincoln Memorial in the Museum of American History, so he will have reference materials to help him restore the Lincoln Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial Poster is at the Museum of History on the wall above a desk in the Museum Offices area, right across the staircase to the topmost level. The poster will not be there until the player talks with Caleb (even if the player has already been through the museum).

Kill the slavers

After scouting the Lincoln Memorial, the player is required (as an objective) to clear the Memorial of all enemies, specifically the slavers currently occupying the Memorial. If the player enters the Memorial, the slavers will immediately become hostile and shoot the player, regardless of whether the player has the "Head of State" quest. Once the Memorial has been cleared of all slavers, the player can return to the Temple of the Union.

Alternatively, if you have been to Old Olney and you have a high enough speech stat, the player can tell the slavers that the slaves are hiding out at Old Olney. Telling the slavers about the slaves near Old Olney does not lead the slavers into a nasty Deathclaw trap. In fact, it's telling the slavers that the slaves are at the Union Temple (the evil path).

Side with the slavers

The first time the player talks to Leroy Walker, he will ask the player to find items related to Lincoln. The second time the player talks to Walker or after the player trades the first Lincoln item, Walker will ask the player to locate Hannibal Hamlin. If the player sells out the location of Hannibal, Walker will tell the player that they will be waiting for the player's help there. Walker and his slavers will then leave the Lincoln Memorial.

Once you tell the slavers where the Temple is, a battle occurs there if the player has not completed Caleb's section of the quest (retrieving the poster). In this case the slavers will leave the memorial and run to the Temple. It helps to fast-travel and do other things in the meantime as it can take them over one in-game day to get there. Several slavers will also appear sneaking outside the Temple immediately after its location is revealed, but most of them will likely be killed by random encounters before Leroy arrives.

You can also double-cross the slavers by killing them after selling out the slaves. Once the slavers are dead, you can continue on the original quest, helping the slaves.

Escort Hannibal

When the player reports back to Hannibal Hamlin that there are no Super Mutants in the Lincoln Memorial, Hannibal will gather up the runaway slaves and head for the memorial. He will tell the player to wait an hour and they will be ready. The player can then fast travel to the Mall Northwest Metro Station, where Hannibal will eventually arrive. If the player fast travels to the memorial without waiting for one hour, Hannibal and the runaway slaves will not arrive until you fast travel back and trigger their departure. Another method is for the player to tell Hannibal that Caleb is ready, then fast travel to the Mall Northwest Metro station and wait a full 24 hours for Hannibal to arrive.

If the player has a high enough Strength, the player can warn Hannibal Hamlin about the slavers. Hannibal will then tell the player to clear them out of the memorial.

If you escort the group, you can, along the way, tell Hannibal to "Wait here, while I scout ahead." He will wait for 6 game hours and then continue on his journey, with or without you. When you've cleared a path for them, you can tell Hannibal "It's safe now." and they will resume the trek.

Quest Text Error

The in-game quest text says your objective is to meet Hannibal at the memorial. This is wrong. When you select the quest and view the world map, your Pip-Boy will show that you need to meet Hannibal at the Mall Northwest Metro Station.

Battle at the Lincoln Memorial

In the event that the slavers still occupy the Lincoln Memorial when Hannibal Hamlin and the runaway slaves arrive, they will ask the player to help them kill the slavers. If the player does not tell Hannibal to wait while you check it out, then Hannibal will lead the runaway slaves in an assault on the Lincoln Memorial. Hannibal is usually killed, which will terminate the quest. However, if the player tells Hannibal he/she will "investigate" the Memorial, Hannibal will wait. This method will allow the player to go into the Memorial and kill the slavers occupying the Memorial. Then, when the player reports back to Hannibal, there will be no one to kill Hannibal when he leads the charge and the player can complete the quest

Selling Lincoln Artifacts

The eight Lincoln artifacts can be sold either to Hannibal Hamlin, Leroy Walker or Abraham Washington.

Selling at least one artifact to Leroy Walker will grant you access to the memorial without being shot. Just ask him if you can peek around the memorial.


  • Successfully completing this quest adds an extra video sequence during the end video with clips of the restored Lincoln Memorial.
  • If you kill all the slavers at Lincoln Memorial, all the items inside the Operations Office can be obtained without adding Bad Karma points, even though they will be marked red. This includes a bottle of Nuka Cola Quantum.
  • If you do not want to kill the slavers, be sure to follow Silas, and not go up the stairs towards the Monument. If you ascend the stairs, the slavers will become hostile and open fire.
  • When traveling with Fawkes to the Lincoln Memorial, the slavers behind Silas will fire on you regardless of whether or not you touch the stairs. The opposite will happen when traveling with Star Paladin Cross, she will attack the slavers on sight, whether you are friendly to them or not.
  • When you first enter the Temple of the Union, Hannibal will tell you that you aren't allowed to leave until you pledge yourself to the Temple of the Union. Despite that the player may just jump out of a window.
  • When you first meet the slavers at the Lincoln Memorial, if you are wearing the regulator duster you will not be given the ability to talk to Silas. As soon as he sees you he will start shooting.
  • Killing the slavers at Lincoln Memorial will not make the slavers at Paradise Falls hostile.
  • In Take it Back, if you are already at the point where Liberty Prime is attacking Enclave Soldiers, you cannot pass with Hannibal in the bridge near Jefferson Memorial.

Behind the scenes

  • Hannibal Hamlin (August 27, 1809 – July 4, 1891) was the 15th Vice President of the United States, serving under Abraham Lincoln from 1861-1865.
  • When entering the Temple of the Union, there is a dog right inside named Four Score, a reference to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
  • Leroy Walker is named after the Confederate Secretary of War who ordered the firing on Fort Sumter, starting the Civil War.
  • Many of the Slavers at the Monument are dressed in a way that resembles either Confederate Soldiers or Slavers from the Confederate States.
  • Many of the former slaves at the Temple are named after men who served in Lincoln's cabinet.
    • Bill Seward - William H. Seward, Secretary of State, 1861-9.
    • Caleb Smith - Caleb B. Smith, Secretary of the Interior, 1861-2.
    • Simone Cameron - Simon Cameron, Secretary of War, 1861-2.


Since many bugs have been reported for this quest (see discussion page), save often.

Bug Solution #1

Due to bugs being commonly reported on this quest (involving Hannibal Hamlin's final speech should the player help him), here is a step-by-step walkthrough to ensure the player does not experience any issues:

  1. Start the quest by talking to Hannibal Hamlin at Temple of the Union.
  2. Talk to Caleb Smith in Temple of the Union about obtaining the Lincoln Memorial Poster.
  3. Fast Travel to the Museum of History and obtain the Lincoln Memorial Poster (NOTE: you have to walk about a hundred feet from the Temple of the Union before you can fast travel)
  4. Exit the Museum and walk to the Lincoln Memorial on the way you will also discover the Mall Northwest station.
  5. Kill all the slavers at the Lincoln Memorial.
  6. Fast travel back to Temple of the Union.
  7. Speak with Hannibal Hamlin and tell him that you have killed the slavers.
  8. Speak with Caleb Smith and give him the Lincoln Memorial Poster
  9. Speak with Hannibal Hamlin who will tell you that he will depart shortly for the Lincoln Memorial.
  10. Exit the Temple of the Union and wait for 1-2 hours just outside the door.
  11. You will notice a caravan of former slaves has formed, make sure they start walking.
  12. Fast travel to the Mall Northwest metro station.
  13. Wait 24. hours (if the caravan has not arrived keep waiting until they do); you could also sleep for 24 hours in the Memorial itself
  14. Hannibal Hamlin will thank you for your help, you will complete the quest and receive the achievement/trophy as well as Dart Gun schematics

If you follow the guide above and it still doesn't work, try swapping steps 7 and 8.

Bug Solution #2

  1. Do the Quest until you have to meet up with them in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
  2. If they do not come, summon Hannibal Hamlin by typing "prid 000239DD" then "moveto player" in the console.
  3. Talk to the recently summoned Hannibal and you're finally done.

Bug Solution #3

Sometimes when you complete the quest the slaves will just stand outside of the memorial wandering and not doing anything. To fix this issue simply enter the Memorial Maintenance Room (Where you met Leroy) and then exit. The slaves should have set up tents and the memorial should be fixed. (If it doesn't work try waiting 24 hours inside the maintenance room)

Bug Solution #4

When entering and exiting the Temple of The Union, close the gate door behind you. This will prevent either men or any slave from leaving and getting killed by either tradiors, radscorpions, ect in the wasteland

Index of Characters in Quest


If you need to resurrect or bring any of the slavers to yourself using the console, use this list of IDs:

No. Name ID
1 Leroy Walker 00027fba
2 Silas 00027fbb
3. Slaver (#1) 00027fbc
4 Slaver (#2) 00027fbd
5 Slaver (#3) 00046508
6 Slaver (#4) 00048128


If you need to resurrect or bring any of the slaves to yourself using the console, use this list of IDs:

No. Name ID
1 Hannibal Hamlin 000239DD
2 Alejandro Torres 000239DA
3. Four Score 00027FA8
4 Caleb Smith 000278E0
5 Bill Seward 000239DC
6 Brahmin 0008B5FF
7 Simone Cameron 000239DB
Quests in Fallout 3
Temple of the Union

This article uses material from the "Head of State" article on the Fallout wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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Head of State was a title used to describe the formal leader of an independent government. Examples of head of state included:

Many Heads of Government, such as Supreme Chancellor, were considered head of state by virtue of being the highest ranking office.

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This article uses material from the "Head of State" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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