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This article is about the NPC found in the Cooks' Guild. For the NPC found on Tutorial Island, see Master Chef.
Head chef
Head chef
Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Cooks' Guild
Sells items? Cooking cape
Skill requirement? Level 32 Cooking to enter the guild
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Despite his name, rarely actually cooks heads.
Notable features Wears the Cooking cape.
A detailed image of the Head chef.

Lloyd the Head chef is a non-player character who heads the Cooks' Guild between Varrock and Barbarian Village[1].

As the master of Cooking, he sells the Cooking cape for 99,000 coins.

Postbag from the Hedge

When asked about why he does not cook when he is considered the master of cooking, he replies in a Postbag from the Hedge:

Since I've attained the rank of Master Chef, I no longer need to cook things myself but simply assign one of my grunts to cook it for me. I'm more of an...arbiter - oh, I like the sound of that - ruling my kitchen with a wooden spoon. I no longer have time for the mere trivialities such as actually cooking.

My time these days is absorbed by holding cooking competitions where I invite 'elite' chefs from around RuneScape to come to my spartan kitchen and cook for me. I then taste their food and critique them. If they manage to make something which I find reaches the laudable standard of 'barely edible by me', I'll hire them as a commis chef and train them in my arcane arts.

I still like to dabble in private, just to keep my hand in. If I ever went back to cooking you'd find my smallest hors d'oeuvres a guilty spark of pleasure, my relevés will transport you - in the taste sense rather than the culinaromancy one - to the relaxation of dipping your toes in the balmy seas off Karamja. My main courses will be the apex of the meal and will leave you satisfied for days, no longer needing normal food. Finally, my puddings are the perfect dénouement, providing you with cathartic release from the grip of rapturous abandon created by my food.

— Lloyd the Head chef, Postbag from the Hedge - Issue 33[1]


  • In his reply, he makes numerous references to the Halo series. These include references to grunts, elites, and the Arbiter. There are also mentions of a "Spartan" kitchen. The main protagonist in Halo is the Master Chief, who has a similar title to the Head chef who was previously known as the master chef.
  • Hors d'oeuvres (which literally means "apart from the main work") are appetisers served before the main courses of a meal.
  • Relevés' is a French word meaning "lifted". In cooking, the term refers to food which are "strongly seasoned or spicy".
  • Dénouement is another French word which is used metaphorically to mean the "conclusion or resolution of a plot".


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