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Head Games
Series: Doctor Who -
Virgin New Adventures
Release Number: 43
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companions: Benny, Roz, Chris
Enemy: Land of Fiction
Setting: Avalone, 2001
Detrios, 2001
Arcalis, 2001
Earth, London, Glebe, St James's Park, 2001
Earth, England, Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, 2001
Earth, England, Sheffield, 2001
Author: Steve Lyons
Publisher: Virgin Books
Publication: October, 1995
Format: Paperback Book, 258 Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0426204549
Previous Story: Toy Soldiers
Following Story: The Also People


Publisher's Summary

'This isn't Hell,' the Doctor assured her. 'It's only a sequel.'

Stand by for an exciting new adventure with Dr Who and his companion, Jason. Once again, our time-hopping friends set out to seek injustice, raise rebel armies, overthrow dictators and beat up green monsters.

But this time, Dr Who faces a deadly new threat: a genocidal rogue Time Lord and his army of combat-hardened, gun-slinging warrior women. To make matters worse, this foe is a twisted version of the good Doctor himself - and if Dr Who and Jason can't stop him, he'll end all life on Detrios and Earth.

Armed only with their wits and with the modest power of control over reality, our heroes must face Dr Who's evil double: the megalomaniac scientist who calls himself simply... 'The Doctor'.


  • The Doctor
    • The Doctor rarely sleeps, fearing his dreams.
  • Bernice Summerfield
    • Before Benny met the Doctor she had only been knocked unconscious once.
    • Enjoys verbally torturing Mel.
    • Benny laughs until her sides ache when she finds out that the Sixth Doctor regenerated because he hit his head on the console.
  • Chris Cwej
    • Chris wonders whether he and rebel Kat'lanna might end up sleeping together.
  • Melanie Bush
    • Left Sabalom Glitz after 6 months and tried to hitch hike to Earth, 6 months after that she was stuck on the planet Avalone.
    • The Doctor knew she was there and thought she'd settled down on the planet.
  • Ace
    • Ace's body count is 423.
    • Regards the Doctor as "a bastard, but our bastard".
  • Dr. Who
    • The Master of the Land of Fiction's construct of The Doctor.
  • Wolsey
    • Also known throughout some scenes as 'Power Puss', he also gets a cape and mask.


  • Benny kicks a soft drink can in London, 2001 which through a seemingly unrelated set of events leads to a slightly less eloquent speech writer witing a speech on the eve of the Draconian War, leading to many more deaths on both sides.


The cover of this novel was used often in many articles about The New Adventures as it showed a recognisable Doctor (in the question mark jumper), companion Mel screaming, and the Doctor holding a gun, supposedly all indicators of a New Adventures novel.


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Virgin New Adventures
Previous Release:
Toy Soldiers
Next Release:
The Also People

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