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Dialogue file
This is the transcript of a dialogue file, a file which contains ingame messages related to scripts and items or the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game.
{100}(){You see a burly old mutant.}
{101}(){You see Marcus the Mutant, sheriff of Broken Hills.}
{102}(){You see a burly old mutant with a weary cast to his face. He still looks vigorous and tough.}
# node 1
{103} {mcs1a} {Well, what the hell. I haven’t seen one of those outfits for a long, long time. Takes me back.}
{104} {mcs1b} {What do you want, human?}
{105} {mcs1c} {Something else you wanted?}
{107}(){Who are you?}
{108}(){What’s the story with this place?}
{109}(){Why aren’t you mutants attacking me?}
{110}(){What’s the news?}
{111}(){I have something I wanted to tell you.}
{112}(){You wanna travel with me?}
{114} {mcs3} {Yeah, I’m a ugly mutant. I also run this place. You got a problem with that?}
{117} {mcs4} {You wanna fight me?}
{120} {mcs5} {Take your best shot, human.}
{121} {mcs6a} {Good.}
{122} {mcs6b} {Keep your nose clean and you won’t get into trouble.}
{124} {mcs7} {I’m Marcus. Helped build the place. Now I’m sheriff.}
{125}(){You helped build this place? That must have been a long time ago…}
{126}(){Bullshit. How could you have been around that long?}
{128} {mcs8} {Long story. Want it short or the whole thing?}
{129}(){Give me the short version.}
{130}(){Hell, I’m not too busy. Let’s hear it all.}
{131}(){Neither. I have more questions.}
{132}(){Neither. See ya.}
{133} {mcs9} {Right. Me and a human named Jacob built this place around that old bank about 60 years ago. Anyone’s welcome here, long as they keep the peace.}
{134}(){Great. I have more questions.}
{135}(){Fair enough. Bye.}
{136} {mcs10} {Right...After the Master and the vats were destroyed, I wandered a bit. No place to go. One day got attacked by this fool wearin’ power armor.}
{138} {mcs11} {That was Jacob, from the Brotherhood of Steel. He’d sworn some oath to destroy muties. We tussled for a while – probably a day or two. After a while, we just started laughing. What was the point?}
{139}(){Then what?}
{140} {mcs12} {We became friends. Headed off together. Then other people started following us. Guess they figured if they weren’t safe with a mutie and a Steel Knight, safe just wasn’t going to happen. }
{141}(){So you set up here. Why?}
{142} {mcs13} {Uranium mine. I knew there was one around from old maps. Now anybody’s welcome here – ‘long as they act right. Others might not think much of us, but nobody’s more free than we are. There ya go.}
{143}(){Wait… you were friends with a guy from the Brotherhood?}
{144}(){What, you’re not killing humans anymore?}
{145}(){Thanks. There I go. Bye.}
{146} {mcs14} {Oh, what sinkhole are you from? Muties and normals made peace a long time ago.}
{147}(){I’m from a village founded by the original Vault Dweller.}
{148}(){From a village to the north west.}
{149}(){Oh. My mistake. Well, thanks. Bye.}
{150} {mcs15a} {What’s news… what’s news…}
{151} {mcs15b} {Well, gettin’ kind of worried about one of our caravan guys. Chad. He might be skimming. You up to checking him out for me?}
{152}(){What’s in it for me?}
{153}(){Sure. I’ll do it.}
{154}(){I’m a little busy.}
{155}(){You have anything else?}
{156} {mcs16} {My undying gratitude.  Right?}
{157}(){Good enough for me.}
{158}(){No good. I want something.}
{159}(){How ‘bout more questions while I think it over.}
{160}(){Let me think about it. Bye.}
{161} {mcs17} {That ain’t good enough for you? Then get out.}
{163} {mcs18} {Got a little trouble with the mine. If you’re interested in helping fix it, go talk to Zaius, the mine foreman.}
{164}(){Where can I find him?}
{165}(){You got anything else?}
{166}(){I have more questions.}
{167}(){Maybe later. Bye.}
{168} {mcs19} {Usually at the mine. Sometimes the saloon.}
{169}(){Got anything else?}
{170}(){I have more questions.}
{172} {mcs20} {Somebody busted two lunatics out of the jail in the Bank. Find ‘em. Tell me and I’ll stuff ‘em back in.}
{173}(){Got anything else?}
{174}(){I have more questions.}
{176} {mcs21} {What exactly do you want? Okay. We’ve got some folks missing. No idea what’s happened. Find ‘em, get $500.}
{177}(){I’ll do it for free.}
{178}(){$500? Sounds good.}
{179}(){I don’t have time.}
{180}(){I have more questions.}
{182} {mcs22} {Great. Let me know when you’ve found something, right?}
{183}(){Sure. I have more questions.}
{184}(){Will do. Bye.}
{185} {mcs23} {Yeah? What?}
{186}(){You wanted me to find those missing people. I’ve found some tunnels below the city. They might be there.}
{187}(){I’ve found those missing people. They’re in tunnels beneath the city.}
{188}(){Those two escaped convicts? They’re in cahoots with Jacob and Aileen. They're hiding out around Jacob's Drugstore.}
{189}(){Jacob and Aileen asked me to break two people out of jail. I think they’ve got a plan how to do it.}
{190}(){Jacob and Aileen want me to blow up the mine. Thought you might want to know.}
{191}(){A scientist from NCR wants to try an experimental drug that’ll wipe out mutants. Be careful of what you eat and drink.}
{192}(){Chad took $6000 from the rep in Gecko. The rep was complaining about the price… said it’d been going up.}
{193}(){Chad kept about $1000 from the last uranium shipment for himself. He's planning on bailing outta town.}
{194}(){Nothing. Forget it.}
{195} {mcs24} {Tunnels under the city? Guess it’s not that surprising with the mines around. You’ll keep looking around for those folks, right? }
{197} {mcs25a} {They’re dead? Damn… I’ll tell the families myself. }
{198} {mcs25b} {Here’s your reward. $500. Thanks for your time.}
{199} {mcs25c} {Oh, hey, I know you said you’d do this for free, but take this as our thanks.}
{201} {mcs26} {Right. Me and my deputies will take it from here...And, thanks. I don’t forget things like this.}
{202}(){No prob. Bye.}
{203} {mcs27} {What is it people got against mutants? We'll be on the lookout. Thanks. The town owes you. And I never forget things like this.}
{204}(){My pleasure. Bye.}
{205} {mcs28} {Keep your eye on him, will you? I want to catch him red-handed.}
{206}(){No problem.}
{207} {mcs29} {Well, in that case, we’d better be sure to stop him. Want to come along?}
{209}(){No, thanks.}
{210} {mcs30} {You want me to come along with you? Ah, what the hell, I’m too old to settle down. We goin’ now?}
{212}(){No, not right now.}
{213} {mcs31} {Ah, there’s too much going on right now. When things calm down, then I just might.}
{214}(){Sure. I got more questions.}
{216} {mcs32} {Damn right. Best friend I ever had.}
{217}(){Yeah, right, you would’ve dipped him just like everyone else.}
{219} {mcs33} {Hell, yes, I would've. What a great mutant he would’ve been.}
{220}(){I don't think he'd be happy to hear you say that.}
{222} {mcs34} {(laughs) We had this argument all the time. (sigh) I miss that hard-head.}
{223}(){What about the Master’s hatred for humans?}
{224}(){I still think it’s a rotten fate.}
{226} {mcs35} {You’re talking a long time ago. The world’s moved on. You want to hear ancient history?}
{228}(){Not right now. I’d like to ask some other questions, though.}
{229}(){Not right now. I’ll talk to you later.}
{230} {mcs36} {Right. Well, never really HATED humans. We just had a better way. These new governments, they think they've got all the answers.  Blah, blah. Been there, seen that, got the scars.}
{231}(){So what was the better way?}
{232} {mcs37} {The Master wanted to elevate everyone to his level, so we wouldn’t fight each other anymore. He was convinced we wouldn’t do it by ourselves – couldn’t. We had to be forced to evolve.}
{233}(){Do you agree?}
{234} {mcs38} {While Jacob was alive, I thought the Master was wrong. But it seems that while some men can heed the call and rise above it all, most just run away.}
{235}(){So you think the Master was right?}
{236} {mcs38a} {Jacob heard the call and embraced it. So did the Vault Dweller. But no matter how many rise above, the masses will always destroy them, right?}
{238} {mcs39} {The Master just wanted everyone to see clearly. The Vault Dweller ended that dream.}
{239}(){Sounds like you admired and hated the Vault Dweller at the same time.}
{240}(){You were a human. How can you justify what the Master did to you?}
{241}(){So you think the Master’s plan was right?}
{242}(){I’m descended from the original Vault Dweller, you know.}
{243} {mcs40} {You’re right. If all humans fought for what they believed in like that, we wouldn’t have needed the Master’s plan in the first place.}
{244}(){The Master wanted to enslave humanity!}
{245}(){Interesting spin. I gotta go.}
{246} {mcs41} {Don't forget, I knew the folks involved. They were the best humanity had to offer. Your people are going to tell the story a different way, right?}
{247}(){Err… maybe. Umm, I have more questions.}
{249} {mcs42} {The "original Vault Dweller"? You mean the one who killed the Master and destroyed the vats?}
{250}(){Ummm… yes.}
{251}(){Damn right. Gonna do something about it, mutie?}
{252}(){Nooo… this is someone else. I don’t know what you’re talking about.}
{253} {mcs43} {Not a problem. Like I said, that was a long time ago.}
{254}(){I’m not afraid of you.}
{255}(){Why did you hate humans back then?}
{256} {mcs44} {No reason to be, unless you cross me or someone in my town. Be civilized, that’s all I ask.}
{257}(){I’ll keep it in mind. I have more questions.}
{258}(){I’ll keep it in mind. Bye.}
{259} {mcs45} {Lemme make this clear: Nothing’s going to happen here unless you start it. Just stay civilized while you’re in my town.}
{260}(){Yeah, right. I have more questions.}
{261}(){Yeah, right. Bye.}
{262} {mcs46} {My memories of being a human aren't as clear as they once were, but I remember pettiness, hatred, jealousy... I prefer being a mutant.}
{263}(){So you think the Master’s plan was right?}
{264}(){Huh. You’re a lot uglier this way. Bye.}
{265}(){Then you’re fine. Bye.}
{266} {mcs47} {It was flawed. We should have only taken the best. Look around. Most mutants didn't have the mind or will to withstand the strain. (sigh) If only we had chosen better…}
{267}(){So you would have dipped Jacob? Or the Vault Dweller?}
{268}(){Yeah, that’s a tragedy. Well, see ya later!}
{269} {mcs48} {You ever get back there, tell them the war’s over. It's been over a long time.}
{270}(){Ummm. Okay. I have more questions.}
{271}(){Sure thing. Bye.}
{272} {mcs49alt} {Thanks for your help. Could’ve been trouble. We took their weapons cache and disabled their bombs.}
{273}(){Great! I have some questions...}
# Not using
{274}(){Hey, I found something out.}
# Not using
{275}(){Didn’t learn anything.}
# I'm leaving you responses
{276} {mcs103a} {Too many people. I’ve done my traveling with a horde.}
{277} {mcs103b} {I thought you were one of the good ones. I ain’t coming with you.}
{278} {mcs103c} {I’m not coming with you right now. Sorry. [He looks you up and down distastefully.]}
{279}(){All right. }
 # 104. Fear/Defeat Floats, are we using?
{280}(){That scares the living crap outta me.}
{281}(){Ain’t much in the wasteland frightens me… that does.}
# 105. Victory Floats, are we using?
{282}(){You must be as stupid as you look if you’re gonna fight me.}
{283}(){Kickin’ some ass… again.}
{284}(){It’s almost too easy.}
# 106. Combat Taunt Floats, are we using?
{285}(){Don’t you have some friends who can help ya even this out?}
{286}(){Had enough?}
# 107. Skill use Success Confirm Float, are we using?
{287}(){Got it. Just so you know.}
# 108. Skill use Failure Confirm Float, are we using?
{288}(){Humph. Something wasn’t right.}
# 109. Rejoin Party, NEEDED. Waiting for Voc file.
{289} {mcs109} {You want me back now?}
{291}(){Not  just yet. Goodbye.}
# 110. NPC in party
{292} {mcs110} {What do you want?}
{293}(){How are you feeling?}
{294}(){Heal yourself.}
{295}(){I need you to wait here until I come back.}
{296}(){That’s it for now.}
# 111. Heal Yourself
{297} {mcs111a} {I’m all set.}
{298} {mcs111b} {Got nothing that’ll slow us down.}
{299} {mcs111c} {You got anything to help?}
{300} {mcs111d} {Maybe you should have a look at this.}
{301}(){Use your skills to heal yourself.}
{302}(){Never mind.}
# 112. Wait here
{304} {mcs160} {I'll just stay here and tighten the vises on my shoulder.}
{305}(){Never mind.}
# Prases, Not using any but 2 and those are duplicated at the bottom
# Lines 317 is now 20,000 and 315 is 20,001
# Lines 307 through 348
{315}(){Don’t ask me. I don’t know. }
{319}(){Why’re you talking to me like this?}
{320}(){Not very nice.}
{321}(){Thanks. }
{322}(){This is good.}
{323}(){This ain’t good.}
{324}(){I like this. A lot. }
{325}(){I have a bad feeling about this.}
{326}(){These people are nuts.}
{327}(){Didn’t learn anything.}
{328}(){Learned something.}
{329}(){Is anyone here sane?}
{330}(){Gotta be another way.}
{331}(){Follow me.}
{332}(){Try this.}
{333}(){Come here.}
{334}(){Found something you might want to see.}
{335}(){Far as I can tell, it’s safe to camp here.}
{336}(){Ain’t safe to camp here.}
{337}(){We can rest here.}
{338}(){I got lucky.}
{339}(){Fix this, would you?}
{340}(){Turn this on.}
{341}(){This thing needs to be unlocked.}
{342}(){You gonna open this?}
{343}(){Might want to come back here later.}
{344}(){I don’t understand.}
{345}(){I dunno.}
{347}(){That really hurts.}
{348}(){That can’t feel good…}
# Player responces leading to pregnancy
{349}(){Uh... when you said 'I hope she doesn't get pregnant' in the Cat's Paw in New Reno,
what did you mean?}
# 113. Waiting for Vocs.
{350} {mcs113} {Didn't your parents explain this to you?}
{351}(){No, I mean, I thought all you mutants were sterile.}
{352}(){Never mind.}
# 114. Waiting for Vocs.
{353} {mcs114} {What? Where the hell did you hear that?}
{354}(){So... you AREN'T sterile?}
# 116. Waiting for Vocs.
{356} {mcs116} {Nope. Well, not now. It takes a few years after bein' dipped to get the juices flowing again. Why?}
{357}(){Oh. Uh. Never mind.}
# Exp description
{360}(){You have exposed the conspiracy against the mutants of Broken Hills.}
{361}(){Marcus agreed to join your party.}
# Additional Player responses
{400}(){About the missing people...}
{410}(){About Jacob and Aileen...}
{420}(){About Chad...}
{430}(){About the escaped convicts...}
{440}(){About a scientist from NCR...}
# Float, Pissed
{500}(){You've got a lot of nerve showing your face here again.}
# Player additional responses
{501}(){Never mind. Could I ask you something?}
{502}(){Never mind. Bye.}
# Marcus floats
{600}(){I don't feel so good, boss.}
{601}(){Don't do that.}
{602}(){Don't you think this place is a little creepy?}
{603}(){Hope you got hip waders... we're about walk into some heavy shit.}
{604}(){I don't much like the looks of this place.}
{605}(){This broken bone can only grind so much before I pass out, boss.}
{606}(){Ahh, humanity.}
{607}(){Now this is a fine example of why the Master was right.}
{608}(){And you thought mutants were diseased.}
{609}(){Careful here, boss. These guys look tough.}
{610}(){Man... you humans never cease to amaze me.}
{611}(){Hope you know where we're going...}
{612}(){Let's kick their asses, boss.}
{613}(){It's assholes like these that make me mad.}
{614}(){Ahh, home again.}
{615}(){Don't forget... I helped build this place. Be good.}
{616}(){Nice to see the 'ol homestead again.}
{617}(){I always hated this place.}
{618}(){When do we leave?}
{619}(){Let's get out of here.}
{620}(){Don't think I'm wanted here, chief.}
{621}(){So this is where it all started, eh?}
{622}(){Let's have some healing over here, huh?}
{623}(){Wanna play fetch, dog?}
{624}(){Roll over, dog! Play dead!}
{625}(){Hey dog! Sic 'em!}
{626}(){Hey Lenny! You ever go to Broken Hills?}
{627}(){Lenny! Let's get somethin' to drink!}
{628}(){Nice to have another evolved human in the group, Lenny.}
{629}(){Hey Myron! Wanna wreslte?}
{630}(){Don't worry, little Myron. I'll watch out for you.}
{631}(){Check out the big brain on Myron!}
{632}(){Phwheew!!! Did someone just cut a muffin?}
{633}(){[whistle] Daisy, daisy... [sing]}
{634}(){Man, I've got one hell of a wedgie.}
{635}(){At my age, it's nice to slow down every once in a while.}
{636}(){Just watching the clouds...}
{638}(){Thanks, boss.}
{639}(){Uh... thanks, friend.}
{640}(){Err... thanks. I guess.}
{641}(){Thanks. I was thirsty.}
{642}(){Whoa...I feel a little funny.}
{643}(){I guess Francis was right about Jacob. That murderous bastard won't cause any more trouble in this town.}
{644}(){You have received a scoped hunting rifle.}
# End of Floats
# Marcus Dialog, in party response
{1100} {mcs43alt} {Not a problem.}
# Player responses
{3000}(){Let's head out.}
{3100}(){Forget I asked then, asshole.}
{3200}(){Never mind then. Your loss.}
{3300}(){Darn. Maybe later then.}
# Player responses, that should have been replaced by new party format. Keeping just to be safe
{9999}(){I wanted to ask you some questions...}
{10001}(){Take some more stims and heal yourself.}
{10002}(){Marcus, I need you to wait here until I come back.}
{10003}(){Put your weapon away.}
{10004}(){Stay close to me.}
{10005}(){Don't get too far away.}
{10006}(){We should spread out a bit.}
{10100}(){C'mon, Marcus. Time to head out.}
{10007}(){Let's head out then.}
# New Marcus dialog for new party structure, waiting for Vocs, from Phrases 81 and 79
{20000} {mcs81b} {Right.}
{20001}(){Heh. I can use just about any big gun, like rocket launchers or miniguns,
and the big energy weapons. I ain't bad with my fists, and I'm a hell of a shot with grenades. I don't
wear armor. They just don't make it my size.}

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