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Release date 15 August 2002 (Update)
Race Mahjarrat
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? Yes - Hazeel Cult
Location Ardougne Sewers
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? Yes
Gender Male
Examine An evil being raised from the dead.
Notable features Mahjarrat and former overlord of Ardougne.
Hazeel is a Mahjarrat who originally dominated the region of present day Ardougne. He rebelled with Zamorak against Zaros and, though Zamorak describes Hazeel as "not the sharpest arrow in the quiver," Hazeel is like a brother to him. He was ultimately destroyed by the ancestors of Sir Ceril Carnillean at his own mansion in Ardougne, but death could not fully claim him, as he is a Mahjarrat who can resurrect himself.

During the Hazeel Cult quest, should the player side with the cultists, he is resurrected, saying he is travelling north to meet the other Mahjarrat. Should the player side with the Carnilleans, the player hunts their Headquarters down and reclaims the Carnillean armour from Alomone and seemingly preventing Hazeel's return. At the end of the quest, it is thought that Hazeel is resurrected, regardless, as mentioned in Zemouregal's notes (a-j).

He is level 296, but cannot be attacked.



Hazeel's History

  • He left Freneskae with the other Mahjarrat.
  • The desert god, Icthlarin, took them under his wing, but disliking his peacefulness the Mahjarrat, including Hazeel, leave to join Zaros.
  • He sided with Zamorak in the rebellion against their master, Zaros.
  • For his loyalty he is made warlord of the region surrounding present day Ardougne.
  • He fought the ancestor of Sir Ceril Carnillean,and his followers for control of a small farm village, and was slain by them. Ceril, then was awarded Hazeel's Mansion for leading his people to victory.
  • His body dissapears.

A millennia later...

  • If a young adventurer sides with the Cult of Hazeel, Hazeel is resurrected. He explains he must meet with the other Mahjarrat in The North, and will summon you some time in the future.
  • If a young adventurer sides with the Carnilleans, they attempt to thwart the Cult's attempts to resurrect Hazeel and reclaim the Carnillean armour stolen from them by slaying one of them. It is thought Hazeel is resurrected, regardless.

Other god's Opinion

Saradomin has a strong disliking for Hazeel and gives more insight into Hazeel's past in the 27th issue of the God Letters Saradomin Enlightens

"Hazeel was one of those accursed creatures of the Mahjarrat, cousins of the foul Zamorak, and was an evil warlord who dominated a region in the area now known as Ardougne with his unholy magics.
The valiant townsfolk of Ardougne managed to overthrow his oppression under the banner of the valiant ancestor of Cyril Carnillean, who was rewarded by the rest of the townsfolk with the property where the malignant Hazeel had once lived. Unfortunately, an evil such as Hazeel, and the rest of his Mahjarrat ilk, is not so easy to kill as the townsfolk had believed, and it seems that his demise was not permanent."-Saradomin

Hazeel's Servant Letter

This letter is in the Postbag 13 to a curious adventurer...

"Hail Lord ______, traveller of the depths,
I write to you from the north on behalf of my liege and master, Lord Hazeel.
My lord has called upon me to write to you and relay his assurances that all is going to plan; although you have waited long and have heard little, a solitary year is but nothing to the great Hazeel.
Lord Hazeel has spoken highly of you – an honour granted to few who serve him – and he believes you will soon be instrumental in the enterprises already underway.
I am afraid that I cannot disclose to you at this time the reason for our journey to the north or more details of my master's plans. Lord Hazeel's business is urgent and the success of his endeavours is paramount; secrecy is imperative. The danger that this missive will fall into the wrong hands is too great to take any risks. Rest assured, however, that he will call upon you when the time is ripe for action.
Lord Thgin, word of your exploits has travelled widely; your respect for Zamorak is to be commended and your efforts on my master's behalf are beyond praise. We will be honoured to count you as one of our number in the days ahead.
For now, let the blinded Saradominists bask in their false sense of security; the Age of Zamorak will be upon them before they have time to brush their pitiful teeth.
Yours in darkness,
A friend and fellow servant of Zamorak"

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