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Hawkbat Battalion
General information

Major CT-12/12-0068 ("Twelve")

Notable members
Historical information

22 BBY

Other information

Rise of the Empire era


Galactic Republic

Hawkbat Battalion was a battalion in the Grand Army of the Republic commanded by Major CT-12/12-0068, and was one of four battalions under the 101st Regiment. It sorted under the 101st Regiment, 7th Legion, 327th Star Corps, 2nd Sector Army, and Systems Army Alpha.

One of the first clone trooper units to be deployed, Hawkbat Battalion saw action during the Battle of Geonosis. The battalion was given orders to march directly into the fire of a Separatist spider droid column, and decimated almost to the last man. Captain CT-65/91-6210, the leader of K Company, heroically stayed behind in a shallow bomb crater, risking his own life to tend to two critically injured soldiers. After defending their position for three hours, the casevac team finally arrived. His men rescued, CT-65/91-6210 was honored with a medal and given a new command.

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  • Star Wars: Clone Wars – "Chapter 1" (First appearance)


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