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Haste status in Final Fantasy V.
The Haste symbol as seen in Final Fantasy IV (DS).

Haste (ヘイスト, Heisuto), also known as Fast, refers to the status effect that is beneficial to a character in that it allows a character to take a greater amount of action in a given amount of "game time".

In some games, such as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX, equipping a character with the Running Shoes gives them the Auto Haste ability.




Final Fantasy

The Haste status, also known as FAST in the original NES release, doubles an ally's attack power.

Final Fantasy II

The Haste status increases a character's hit rate. The higher the level, the higher the chance that the spell will work and the the higher the hit rate.

Final Fantasy III

Haste increases a character's hit rate.

Final Fantasy IV

The status increases a character's ATB gauge's filling-up speed.

Final Fantasy V

Haste doubles the speed of a party member. The Hermes Sandals also provides Auto Haste, and the upgraded version of Haste, known as Hastega, casts Haste on the entire party in one go.

Final Fantasy VI

The status increases the speed of the player. Aside from the spell, it is also granted via Running Shoes, which grants Auto Haste.

Final Fantasy VII

Haste is a status which increases the speed of players. Interestingly enough, if a target is immune to Haste, the target will also be immune to Slow.

As well as the spell, Red XIII's Limit Break, Lunatic High, also grants the Haste status. The Enemy Skill Big Guard also grants Haste to the party, with the added benefits of Barrier and MBarrier. The item Speed Drink also casts Haste. The accessory Sprint Shoes also grants Auto Haste.

Final Fantasy VIII

Haste is a status which increases the speed of players. It is also granted through the Auto Haste junction ability. It lasts for 32 seconds.

Final Fantasy IX

Haste is a status which increases the speed of players. It is a White Magic spell exclusive to only Eiko. It can also be granted through the use of the auto-ability Auto Haste.

Final Fantasy X

Haste is a status which increases the speed of players. It is a spell learned on Tidus' section of the sphere grid, along with the upgraded Hastega. It can also be granted through the use of the Auto Haste ability, as well as the SOS Haste ability.

Final Fantasy X-2

Haste is a status which increases the speed of players. It is also granted through the use of SOS Haste (only after passing through all the gates on Highroad Winds garment grid) and Auto Haste (only after passing through all the gates on Mounted Assault garment grid). It is shown in battle as the ATB bar turning red for no-wait abilities.

Game Element Type Effect
Haste White Magic Increases speed of target.
Hastega White Magic Grants Haste to party.
Assault Warrior Command Grants Berserk, Shell, Haste, and Protect to the party.
Jitterbug Songstress Grants Haste to party as long as user is dancing.
Moogle Regen Mascot Grants Haste and Regen to one ally.
Moogle Regenja Mascot Grants Haste and Regen to party.
Floral Rush Floral Fallal Grants Haste to party.
Booster Machina Maw Grants Haste to party.
Pumice Feather Full Throttle Inflicts Haste to party.
Express Psychic Grants Haste to user as well as increasing Accuracy and Evasion by 10.
Haste Bangle Accessory Grants SOS Haste.
Speed Bracer Accessory Grants Haste at the start of battle.
Wring Accessory Grants Haste, but at a price.

Final Fantasy XI

The Haste status decreases weapon delay, spell casting time, and spell delay; however, it has no effect on ranged attacks.

Blue Mages have a spell known as Refueling which grants Haste to the Blue Mage. Bards can use March to give haste bonuses to all members within the area of effect. Finally, haste, in smaller amounts, can be found on items and has the same effect. All haste on items stacks, increasing the bonus, as do all bard songs, though a player can only be effected by one type of haste from a spell.

Final Fantasy XII

"The flow of time for the character is hastened, reducing time required to act. The effect is temporary".

Haste decreases the time it takes for an action to be performed

Final Fantasy Tactics

Haste increases the Charge Time (CT) recovery rate of a unit.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The haste status increases a unit's CT recovery rate.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Haste can only be cast by stacking Life and two Cure spells together.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Haste is a spell that can only be cast by stacking Clear and Thunder together.

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

Haste is a status effect that makes it so that the player affected by it goes first the next turn.

Cards that cause Haste

In Popular Culture

8-Bit Theater

  • In the Castle of Ordeals, Red Mage made it appear that he had hasted the zombie dragon into red shift, making him fossil fuel in seconds, earning Black Mage respect, before losing it when he revealed it was just an illusion, and that stacked haste spells only boost the time the spell lasts, not the potency.


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